Day 1

Stole Conjuring Blade that turns any human it cuts into a demon. Go me! Kurama, that filthy traitor, ran off with the Mirror of Darkness. Was extremely peeved. Goki tried to stop him but was interrupted by some annoying black-haired kid. Left because he was unworthy.

Went clubbin' to celebrate my superiority. Bouncer wouldn't let me in because he thought I was too young. Had a great time and even brushed up on my dance moves. Released Bouncer from ketchup bottle after I left.

Day 2

Annoying black-haired kid beat Goki. Wasn't surprised. Went clubbin' again. No problems with the Bouncer this time.

Day 3

Woke up with a sore back. Must remember to sleep in a softer tree next time. Still superior.

Day 4

Decided to confront Kurama on his betrayal. He wasn't in his room, though he left his Will on his desk.

Kurama's leaving me the pinball table and his copy of Anne of Green Gables. Woot! Accidentally impaled my copy when I got a paper cut turning the page.

Spent rest of the day trying to find a tree big enough to fit my new pinball table in. The only tree large enough already had a tree house in it. Pushed it off. There might have been somebody inside when I did it, though.

Day 5

Annoying black-haired kid saved Kurama's life! Now I shall never know if Anne forgives Gilbert Blythe...And worse, I lost the pinball table. Must plot revenge on annoying kid. I'll see if I can find any ketchup bottles...

Day 6

Super market was out of ketchup. Was forced to find alternative means to employ my revenge. Decided to use my wicked awesome sword to turn the annoying kid's annoying girlfriend into a demon. Now I have an evil army of minions. I rock so hard.

However, annoying kid beat me and took my sword away. Found dark corner in warehouse to sulk.

Day 9

Realized that annoying kid cheated in his fight with me. Still superior.

Day 23

Kurama found me and told me that we had to do some strange mission with the annoying kid. Wasn't going to accept but Kurama promised me he'd give me his entire Anne of Green Gables series!

Day 25

Met annoying kid's annoying friend. If possible, he's more annoying than annoying kid. Was disappointed to discover I was without ketchup bottle.

Was given opportunity to squish the annoying kid, his friend, and Kurama. Almost did it too. (Then I could've gotten the pinball table.) But realized doing so would block the only exit. Blast.

Day 26

Annoying kid's more annoying friend faced the second Saint Beast. He lived though. However, it'd be very easy to make his death look like an accident around all this lava...

Day 27

Showed everyone my superiority and finished off the third Saint Beast with sixteen strikes with my sword in a fraction of a second! Go me! Much better than the others did, anyhow. More annoying friend didn't even kill the second Saint Beast.

Mental note: must remember to gloat later on.

Didn't do much for the remainder of the trip. Annoying kid wanted to beat the last Saint Beast himself. Something about saving his girlfriend... Whatever.

Fortunately brought my portable checkers game. Set fire to it after Kurama beat me. It's a stupid game anyhow.

Still superior.