Chapter 1

Mr. Smith partially hid his face behind the locker door and pretended to be gathering up his textbooks. He smiled to himself, knowing that nobody would notice that he was too old to be in high school. He had made sure of that. Glancing down the hall, he could see the next client he would soon represent. Alicia Chang. Even though she wore no makeup and looked a bit like a tomboy, Smith thought that Alicia looked a little cute with her sleek black hair in a ponytail and glasses that gave her a scholar's look.
"Look who needs a new hairstyle." Smith frowned as he watched another girl gang up on Alicia. She looked like the beautiful, snobby and shallow type. "Typical." He mumbled to himself.
Alicia smirked and pretended to laugh alongside the girl. "Look who needs to get a brain." She shot back.
Smith felt himself slip back into his invisible form. It was time. Everything slowed down as screams slowly echoed through the hall. Smith saw everything in slow motion. He saw a handful of people running away to reveal a scrawny looking boy waving a handgun, tears streaming down his face. Screaming something incomprehensible in slow motion, two shots were fired. More people screamed. Another young boy slowly crumpled to the floor, holding a gunshot wound to his leg. Alicia reeled over backwards and landed like a lead heap onto the floor. That was the incentive for the bully girl to take off running. A cry of pain escaped the scrawny boy as he raised his gun once again. Two more shots escaped, but this time they were more carefully aimed. One bullet whizzed through Smith's chest and shattered the glass casting to the fire extinguisher behind him. The second bullet found its target, hitting the bully girl square in the back, making her fall flat on her face. A brave male teacher tackled the boy from behind and knocked the gun out of his hand.
Smith took a few deep breaths as time sped up once again. Somehow he found his way through a growing crowd. Tears came to his eyes as he knelt down beside Alicia. She had died instantly from a gunshot wound to the forehead. Mr. Smith turned and looked towards the sky, tears streaming down his face. "Why did you do this? Why her?"