Heyaz peeps! While I'm trying to finish up the last 2 chaps of Ancient Lust I had always wanted to write a fic of where Seto gets or ALMOST get assassinated/murdered and here we are. Now this fic will be in first person of the killer, my OC, but it will also be in third person at some parts. This fic will contain blood, gore and some bad stuff. There might be one or two lemons as well. Hope yaz enjoy!

The sun was beginning to finally set, the blue sky turning into colours of purple, red and orange. The voices of happy people could be heard from the main streets of Domino. Cars could be heard going back and forth along the long winding roads. The atmosphere seemed so pleasant to all those, or mostly all, innocent people out there. Heh... if only they knew...

I took another drag from my cigarette I had lighted only moments before, puffing out the thick black smoke. I don't smoke often. Actually I've been trying to get off the habit for a while but it so far hasn't been working. But I wasn't a drug addict. I knew when to stop, only now, on one of these peaceful moments, I chose not to.

Everyone is always talking about World Peace or some other noble crap. But there will never be peace on this damned cursed world... never.

They don't know the horrors of what happen to people who get kidnapped... raped... murdered... they don't know of the people who commit these horrors... people like me...

I'll admit it, I don't like killing people. I've never liked it. But ever since what happened to my family eons ago... ever since the elite gang members of Shadow took me... I've gotten use to it. Not liked it maybe, but have gotten use to it.

I've been sent to murder men, women, children, politicians, generals, admirals, CEOs and never once did I hesitate. I did what was required and as long a I keep doing that, I keep my boss happy and keep my own emotions neutral.

Those people out there think they're so smart... but they know nothing. They'll only know when they have truly felt pain.. darkness... the empty void that fills their soul so swiftly that no ray of hope can shine through.. I've experienced it... I am now of it... and I have no regrets.

Well once I did. I once wished I could know what it is to be carefree like these other stupid idiots feel. I wished it for a while but I knew I'd never get it. Never, ever get it. But once I realised this I've been able to perfect my other skills to become the ultimate killer... the ultimate assassin...

Familiar footsteps could be heard as I took another drag of my cigarette. Familiar, bouncy footsteps.

"Hey Alice" I muttered though I didn't bother glancing in her direction.

"My god Asha... I can't seem to ever sneak up on you, huh?" came her amused, somewhat happyish reply. I smirked and glanced at her.

"Being an experienced killer means you can sense also everything Al... unless you forgot that" I said, teasing her. She glowered at me.

"Very funny Cobra" she said, calling me by my designated codename.

"I seem to be, eh Fox?" I replied, calling her by her own codename.

And believe me, she is like a fox. Alice has mid shoulder length blond hair with orange bangs. Her eyes were wide, playful green hues. Today she was wearing a tight, see through red halter top, showing a black bra underneath. She had faded black jeans and her usual spiked purple sneakers. Hmm... seems she came back from her usual fuck with Davis. She only wears an outfit like this when that happens... or if she plans to seduce her next victim.

Alice then glanced up at the sky, dusk nearly practically gone as night was wafting through. Wind brushed against our hair and swept around us lightly before she returned her gaze to mine.

"Well the reason I came out was that the boss has a new assignment for you" she said. I smirked.

"Another one eh? Seems like my usual number is five per week".

"Only because you can finish the mission in like ten minutes flat" she said and I could tell by her tone she was jealous by this.

Now don't get me wrong, Alice is an excellent killer... but she is more of the flirtyish type... and sometimes she can't get out of super tough situations. She usually goes on the missions where its seduce, fuck then kill. She always envied my talent and expresses it in many ways, as if she was a child begging for candy.

Taking a last long drag from my smoke I let it fall to the ground, crushing it under my heel before we both headed back inside the dark, vast abandoned warehouse.

Walking along the dim litted corridors we passed other members of Shadow. Some were chatting, other were sparring but most of them were just leaning around, looking bored. A few nodded to me in respect and winked at Alice. I was at one of the highest ranks of Shadow's killers and they paid me respect. Alice... well alice was the gang's slut... and hell, she didn't seem to mind at all.

We soon came to vast room where at the far end stood a large oak desk covered with various folders, guns and other unimportant stuff. A lamp was also on it, right now abright as it showed a figure scribbling on some paper. The figure then raised its head to peer at us.

"Ah Fox... seems you've found Cobra" he said as we came closer and both saluted.

"Yes sir... wasn't that hard" she said with a slight boast in her voice as the figure saluted back.

The figure was of course the leader of Shadow. His real name was Drake Blamieuth, but his codename was Shadow Dragon or, of course, boss.

As for his looks he had spiky, flaming red hair. He had gold eyes and usually wore black leather and silver chains. I believe he's in his thirties now, but still quite attractive. Alice was technically one of his 'prostitutes' and believe me, Alice enjoyed every minute of it.

"I bet it was Fox" Drake replied before his gaze turned to me.

"You said you had a mission for me sir?" I said in a neutral tone. Drake nodded, shuffling through some folders.

"Yes... though I want to tell you I'm quite impressed with your previous missions that you have succeeded so quickly and efficiently. And we're such a hit in the news as well, making all those fools tremble when hearing our name" he said. I smirked.

"That's for sure. Soon we might have Domino bowing to your feet sir" I said. Drae raised his head at this, grinning at me.

"Oh believe me, we will, after we have a few... ahem... problems exterminated". I nodded, waiting for him to continue as Alice, after getting a nod from Drake, sat on his desk, posing in her trademark sexy/sluty pose.

"We have five main big threats left in Domino to exterminate. The minor ones can wait for a while. One is the head of Domino Police. Now I know you think they're minor but believe me, they are one hell of a problem. But don't worry, Vulture is handling it, but he will next week. We don't need the police disrupted yet... though they pretty much are anyway. Our second big threat is, of course, the Mayor of Domino. The big, fat pompous windbag has been such a nuisance lately... but, unfortunately you won't be kiling him. I'm leaving it toPyro, but he's gonna be doing it on Tuesday".

"Aw shucks" I said. "The lucky bastard..." Drake laughed as he picked up a folder and scanned through it.

"I know Cobra I know. Now our third huge threat is Yuki Tamanito... you know the head of the Nuclear Plant? We're gonna need it. Nightwalker is gonna take care of it tomorrow... she's been wanting a piece of Yuki anyway. Now our fourth big threat is Makito Zavaloth... ya know that bitch in charge of the Environment?" I nodded, through raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah... but why do we need her gone?"

"Cause she's always bugged me... and besides, she ain't doing her job right". I chuckled.

"Gee boss... I didn't know you liked Mother Nature".

"Very funny Cobra... well hey, she's actually stinking it up! Besides she seems really keen on exterminating us and has been giving the cops help on trying to catch us ever since. DarkFairy is on it, but not until next Thursday. Now for our final threat and this Cobra is where you come in" he said, his voice now dead serious.

I remained silent as he picked up a red folder and flicked a few pages before pulling out a sheet of paper, looking at it. I could see through the faint light from his lamp that it had my victim's picture and probably their profile on it.

He then placed the paper down on the table and pushed it to me. Upon picking it up and seeing the face, I glowered slightly.

"Yes Cobra... Seto Kaiba is the one you have to assassinate. Kaiba Corp is actually the biggest nuisance ever and I know you're good at exterminating nuisances" he said.

I was quiet for a while... we all were. Alice and Drake knew how much I despised Seto Kaiba... due to what he did to the rest of my living family a few good years back. thanks to him they're gone and my life was nearly ruined.

"Asha" Drake said, using my name since a few months. I raised my head to look at him. "I know of your past experiences how much you hate this guy... but listen to me... don't let your emotions get in the way of the mission. I need you to succeed in this. This mission above all others cannot be screwed up, ok?" I nodded, giving him a confirmed look.

"Don't worry sir. I won't" I said, handing him back the paper, which he took and placed it back in the folder.

"Good. Alice will accompany you to guard the entrance and to let you know if, during your time there, the police or a S.W.A.T. team arrives, at which you must leave the premises immediately. If you can get him dead before you leave, that's even better" he continued. I nodded again, glancing at Alice, who seemed quite pleased that she was actually helping in a big mission.

"But be careful Cobra, he's not an idiot. I believe we all know that. And he's not a weakling either. You have to stay sharp and get the job done, got it?"

"Yes sir" I confirmed again.

"Good" was his pleased reply as he placed the red folder back down on his table before returning his gaze to mine.

"When do I start?" I asked.