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A week had passed since Drake's death and the end of Shadow. Some of the members from my old gang managed to escape. I guess Davis and Alice warned some of their closest friends. The rest that were caught were sent to jail for at least twenty years, more for those who murdered ruthlessly and slightly less for others who had nothing to do with the killings. The HQ of Shadow itself was taken over by the police, making sure they removed every weapon and trap before selling it off to a merchant or company owner who could use it to store supplies.

During that week I insisted fiercly to the cops that on no such terms were they going to put Drake under an otopsy. Finally in the end, with a little help from Kaiba, they agreed and allowed me to do the preparations for his funeral.

Drake had once told me he never liked the idea of being buried into the ground, seeing as one it was gross, especially when all the worms, bugs and maggots would eat his dead flesh and two, it was rather unhealthy for the soil and earth to plug dead bodies in it. So I had him cremated.

The people at the funeral home cleaned Drake up pretty good, removing all the blood and sewing up the pieces of fabric from his clothes that had holes in them. Besides still looking rather pale, it looked like he was alive once again.

The funeral people left me alone with his body so they could prepare the enormous oven to burn him in. As they left I rested my head against his chest like I had done in the warehouse. And at least this time I wasn't pried off his body from the cops, even though they weren't here.

I stroked his pale, cold face, wishing that he would open his eyes and look at me and then everything would be back to normal. However that wasn't going to happen at all. He's dead... dead from the bullet I had shot at him...

I didn't know why I had shot him... was it to protect Kaiba? I'm not sure now... but I remember how my heart started urging me to take action and to shoot Drake... I regret it though... hell... I would have shot myself instead so they'd stop... but I doubt that would have stopped them from killing each other.

The funeral people returned just as I lifted my head from Drake's chest. They said the oven was ready for his cremation. I nodded and let take his body out into the main cremation room, I following them.

They then placed his body on a long metal tray to which they pushed it and him into the opened doors of the oven. They then closed the great metallic doors behind him and locked it before one of them went to some switches and flicked a few on. The sounds of fire could be heard as I could tell he was slowly being burned.

There were windows in the door and the people said I could go up to see him being cremated if I wished. At first I didn't want too but then felt I should in respect and stood in front of the windows, peering into the vast area of the oven.

Flames were curling beneath the tray and then rising, wrapping themselves around his corpse. It started to lick at his clothes, the black leather jacket and pants slowly starting to burn away off of him. Soon his shirt was next to burn away slowly.

As the flames curled around his hair I couldn't really see that being burned since the redness of his hair was like the redness of the flames.

The people said it would take a few hours till the body was completely burned but I stayed and watched all of it, no matter how many times I winced and just wished to turn away from the gruesome sight. I watched as his skin was peeling off and curling to the flames. I watched as his eyeballs from beneath the now burned away eyelids melt away. I watched as whatever blood was left in him dried up and turned crispy. I watched as everything left of him was bones and I watched as those too disintegrated to the great flames.

As the last hour came to an end, one of the funeral home people turned off the oven and I could see the flames stop altogether before vanishing. All that was left of Drake were ashes and a few good chunks of bones from which smoke curled and rose from. I watched as it took shape and formed a lithe dragon. At this I smiled slightly. Drake's codename was Shadow Dragon after all.

I finally turned away from the windows and looked at the funeral home people. They said they'd have his ashes ready in a jar in the next three to five days. I wasn't too happy about the time, seeing as I would have my trial before that'd happen but I couldn't complain. I nodded and thanked them all before leaving.

I wished Davis, Alice and some of the other members of Shadow were here with me to see Drake being cremated but I knew that it would land them in serious trouble. But still... wishful thinking...

Outside stood Kaiba's limo with the CEO himself leaning against the vehicle, watching me as I approached it. I didn't look at him at all when I finally came up to him. He had left me alone during this past week. He didn't even come into my room either, to which I was glad. I needed to be alone. And I'm sure he did too seeing as he was probably hurt of how he witnessed me and Drake having a last touching moment.

He opened the door for me, to which I got in, nodding my thanks before he got in too, shutting the door and then the limo driver took us back to the Kaiba Estate.

(Symbols not working...)

Two days after Drake's funeral I had to go to my trial in the heart of Domino City. I was kinda glad that I was finally having the damn trial since it had postponed for over a month due to certain circumstances being with my near death at the dock area and with the ambush on Shadow.

At first I thought I should dress up respectively for my trial but I had none of my spare clothes here seeing as they were all left at Shadow. I didn't care for them anyway since they weren't important clothes.

Some of the maids had gotten me a few new pairs of clothes during the time Kaiba was raping me, since the majority of my clothes got ripped and shredded by him during his lust fest. I had thanked them after they given me the clothes that I usually like wearing.

Slipping on a pair of crisp blue jeans, a black tanktop, a blue jean jacket and some white sneakers, I looked modestly ok. Besides I wasn't into wearing suits and all that other crap.

The drive to the trial was fairly quiet, seeing as that's how I wished for it to be. Kaiba had told me that he got a really good lawyer for me and said he'd probably most likely get me out of going to jail. He even added that he dropped his charges, due to the circumstances. I was slightly touched by this and could see by the way he was looking at me that he truly cared and loved me... yet... I couldn't give my heart to him... still not now after all that had happened.

Mokuba had really wanted to come to the trial but it was actually I who insisted that he shouldn't. He thought I was only saying that cause I believed he was too young to go to a trial, which was not true since he was old enough to go. But I said I wouldn't want to see his expression if I'd lose and go to jail. He reluctantly agreed but wished me best.

When we finally reached the great court of Domino and headed inside, one of the guards told me I could wait in the hallway outside of the courtroom. So far a trial was going on right now and there would be one more before mine. Kaiba meanwhile had to meet with the lawyer to go over a few things and he said he'd return momentarily.

As I headed down the hallway I could see someone ahead. The person was a guy who was bald, very muscular with many tatoos and scars on him... he looks oddly familiar... wait a second, is that-

"Hank!" I called out as I soon realised it was him, jogging over to him. He turned towards me and smiled as we both hugged.

"Asha! Fancy meeting you here!" he said as he released me. "Got a trial today?"

"Yep. What about you?" I asked. He nodded, grininning slyly.

"Sure do babe. About time too... I wanted this damn trial for ages... it gets boring waiting in that damn cell for days on end". I nodded as well.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Got a lawyer?" I asked. He shook his head no.

"Nope. Nobody wants to stand up for a guy who raped and nearly killed the mayor's wife" he said, grinning.

"Guess so".

"Anyways, back at jail we heard from various cops that Shadow was finally brought down. Is that true?" I looked away quietly and nodded.

"Yeah... it is... most of the members got arrested but some escaped".

"What about your boss?"

"He's dead... he had his funeral two days ago". Hank placed a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently.

"Sorry to hear that... who shot him?" I remained quiet at this and Hank got the hint. "Oh so it was you?" I nodded solemnly.

"Yeah... it was me... I must've been a real idiot huh?" To my surprise, Hank shook his head.

"Heh, it happens babe. Most head honchos meet that fate one way or another. So what got you to shoot him?"

I then told him the whole story of what I found out from the cops that Shadow had been murdering a lot of people then to the information I learned about Drake from Davis and Alice to when I confronted Drake and learned of his feeling for me and then watching him fight Kaiba and finally to when I shot Drake in the end. Hank was silent during all of this, leaning against the wall, thinking it well over after before speaking.

"Well babe, whether you like it or not, what happened has happened... but you know... I think you made the right choice". I raised my eyes at him sceptically.

"You sure about that? I use to be one of the greatest assassins before my mission with Kaiba came along and everything went haywire and downhill. I screwed everything up Hank and it ended with killing my boss who actually loved me to save another guy who... well... loves me too... I don't think I'm much of an assassin anymore, let alone much of anything" I muttered unhappily. But once again Hank shook his head and was actually laughing.

"Heh, you know babe, you actually are one of the greatest assassins and that is by assassinating yourself. When you finally realise that everything you do, every person you kill and every feeling you receive, when you realise that what you thought you were doing for so long isn't actually the greatest idea and that you must take a different path, leaving behind and destroying your previous self and, in a way, destroying those who were part of that life, then you truly are a great assassin".

I stared at him, wide eyed. But his words did make sense. I did realise after my killing of Drake that being an assassin was not what I truly wanted, even though it felt right. And Drake himself was the only one in my way, the only one holding me back and making me remain the person I use to be. I regret killing him, oh hell yes... but in a way, a very SLIGHT way I am glad that I did... so I'd be free from what I use to be... I looked at Hank and smiled.

"Wow... didn't know you could get all of that from me when I just said that I don't think I'm much of an assassin... hey wait a sec... then what about you?" I demanded, hands on hips. "Have you realised your ways aren't so good?"

"Of course I did! Even though it took a while to sink into this thick, bald head of mind. It is too late to go back on it though. But I realised it enough" he replied, grinning back at me. I sighed, agreeing with him again silently. Even if its too late to go back now and change all the mistakes I did, at least I realised what I was doing was wrong.

"You know, even though Drake did feel hurt by your actions, I'm sure he's proud for you too... proud that you're free" Hank added a few minutes later. I looked at him for a moment the nodded.

"Yeah... guess so" I admitted after.

"And you know, I think that Kaiba loves you a lot too, even more then Drake did" Hank said again, looking past me to which I turned, seeing that he was looking at the CEO himself who had returned with the lawyer, both still talking. He glanced at me, smiling lightly though casting a glare at Hank.

"And oh boy... that look he's giving me... let's see what he'd do if I did this" Hank said before playfully wrapping an arm around my shoulders. The glare from Kaiba intensified ten fold and he looked like the one thing he'd want to do is rip off Hank's arm before tearing him to shreds right after.

"Yep... that look clearly says 'Get your hands off my woman before I kill you... hell I'll kill you anyway'" Hank laughed before releasing me, turning to me again. "He does love you Asha... maybe in the beginning he was a major ass... but now... well he's still an ass... but he does love you... I can see it in his eyes... and well... its up to you if you want to accept it... though in my opinion you should... you need someone babe... and that someone is him..."

I looked back at Kaiba again, who's attention was back towards the layer as he was satisfied that Hank released me. Maybe Hank was right... maybe I DO need someone... but still... should I? I don't know if even Drake would approve of it... even if he's dead... but still... the thought is tempting... but I dunno... I still need time to think this over.

The doors to the court room as some people filed out. Myself and Hank moved to the side as the people passed up before the hallway was rather empty again. A guard came up to us.

"Well Hank, your trial is up". Hank nodded to him.

"Ok, just a sec" he said before turning to me again. "Well Asha, I really doubt I'll win this trial. Its obvious I won't against the mayor and I'm more than likely going to get a life sentence. But will you come visit me? You and that cousin babe of yours too?"

"Who, Alice? Oh sure definetly. We'd be pleased to do so... and who knows, if I lose my trial I'll more then likely be in the same prison with you!" I grinned to which he returned before giving a wink.

"I highly doubt that babe... well here I go! Wish me luck!" he said before entering the courtroom with the guard.

"Good luck!" I called as they went inside.

I then went up to one of the other guards and asked if I could sit in on the trial and watch, to which he nodded and I did so, finding a seat in the back of the room.

Hank's trial went by rather quickly, seeing as, right he was, the mayor was against him and stated everything that happened, which was obviously the truth. Hank didn't deny it but did talk back to the mayor when he was being an ass. Damn... wish we assassinated him earlier...

After about fifteen to twenty minutes it was over and the judge sentenced Hank to prison for a forty year sentence, though he said that might shorten over the time depending on his behavior. Man... forty years... Hank will well be in his seventies by the time he's let out...

However he wasn't perturbed at all by it and took it well. As he passed by me, he gave me a smile and a nod goodbye before heading through the court doors with two guards and finally the mayor, his wife and whoever else they had with them left too. And then it was my trial.

Mostly Kaiba and his laywer did most of the talking and explaining to the judge, saying stuff about it wasn't truly my fault for what I did and that I was still very young and didn't know any better. And Kaiba even explained of what happened during that time when I was thirteen that made me want to kill him.

When the judge, who was a middle aged black man and who seemed really reasonable asked me to state how I feel about all the families I had hurt and torn apart, I was rather truthful. I said in the beginning I felt remorse for it then later on I felt nothing, just doing what I was suppose to do. I didn't really know better. But now I regret for what I did and if I could start over again and choose between going with Drake and being an assassin or to sticking to the streets and dying, I'd take the streets and death. Saying sorry a million times will not take back of what damage I caused and any punishment that was delivered to me I'd rightfully accept. I didn't even look at Kaiba when I said this seeing as he probably would look like I ruined my chances for staying free. But I didn't care. If I go to jail... well I go to jail.

The judge and the jury themselves were thinking this over for a while. They were rather sympathetic for my own loss with my whole family being murdered by that japanese mofia. They all knew of that story rather well. Yet I could tell that they couldn't forgive my actions afterwards and hell, I couldn't forgive myself either.

After what seemed like ages, one of the jury went up to the judge and handed him a slip of paper. Probably their ruling. The judge looked at it momentarily, nodding in agreement before slamming down his mallet to quiet the other viewers in the courtroom.

"Ms. Asha Cirax, you hereby are not sentenced to go to jail for a lifetime seeing as you were and still are rather young and foolish in the actions you took. Yet however, due to the actions you had taken, you shall serve five hundred hours of community service to replenish what you had done. Mr. Kaiba has already seen to what duty you have to do. You will be working five days a week and fifteen hours each of those five days. You can discuss with Mr. Kaiba which days you shall have off. You will remain in Mr. Kaiba's custody till the hours are met and then after, whether you remain to stay or not that is up to what you decide Ms. Cirax and if he doesn't mind if you remain. Otherwise, case closed" and with another slam of his mallet on his desk, the case was indeed closed.

Well that didn't go so bad I guess. Fifteen hours per day is seventy-five hours in total per week so altogether... it'll be under two months when I finish the five hundred hours. That's not bad. However I do wish I could have asked if I could work every day but I guess Kaiba already planned this. I'm glad I didn't go to jail... but in a way I wish I did... seeing as I do really deserve it after all those people I killed...

And speaking of Kaiba, he seemed rather pleased when I wasn't going to be sent to jail. If his pride would have let him, I wouldn't be surprised if he jumped for joy and danced around. Instead he beamed at me before shaking hands with the lawyer, thanking him as well.

But I guess the real bright side of this is that I do get to spread Drake's ashes for sure. And I don't think he would trust anyone else with them except me probably.

(Symbols still not working...)

When we had returned back to the Kaiba Estate and told Mokuba of the news, I swear that kid was so ecstatic that by the way he was hugging me so tightly I bet I was going to lose a few ribs. He urged Kaiba that we'd have some sort of celebration even though I tried to persuade them out of it. However Kaiba agreed and a party we had which I had to agree was quite a lot of fun.

After the party later that night I had thanked them both for what they had done for me and they both said, even Kaiba, that it was nothing. Kaiba still didn't come into my room when I went to bed since I bet he guessed I'd still like some time alone. And I was still glad about that since I felt like being alone anyway.

The next few days went by rather ok for community service hours. I was helping Kaiba at his company with alot of technological stuff that he thought would work out for his new gaming system. I helped as much as I could, even though being near him by that much was kind of iffy. And his employees sure were keeping clear out of my way since I was still kinda a threat, even if I was an ex-assassin.

We pretty much had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the company during my fifteen hours each day. From 7 am till 9 pm we'd work. That left us with eight hours of sleep, whcih was what the average person needed. Sometimes Kaiba would try to stay later, seeing as this was the usual case, including the time I tried to kill him. But for Mokuba's sake I managed to get the guy to go home when I had too.

At the end of each workload for fifteen hours Kaiba signed something in a booklet the courtroom had given him to keep tract of the hours I was doing and then they'd check it once it was filled up to five hundred hours. This so reminds me of the community service hours I had to do when I was in High School to graduate. Ah the good ol days.

When we arrived home on the third night of our working, Mokuba greeted us and said that he received a phone call from the funeral home saying that the ashes would be ready for tomorrow. Kaiba said that I could take the day off tomorrow to go spread Drake's ashes. He said he'd lend me one of his limos to drive me anywhere I wanted. I thanked Kaiba for that even though I could tell it was a slight tense subject talking about Drake.

The following day I took Kaiba's limo to the funeral home to pick up Drake's ashes, which were in a stone, beige coloured jar. It was fairly heavy due to the amount of ashes that were in it but I didn't mind. I thanked the people who had gotten the ashes before I went back in the limo and told him to take me to the park near the ocean, to which he did.

Once I arrived there I told the driver I wouldn't be too long before stepping out and walking through the park with its huge luscious trees that rose very high over the lush green grass below that I walked on.

I traveled up a hill that overlooked the ocean and I sighed, taking in the air. It felt so clean and fresh up here.

I remember coming here with Drake once or twice and him telling me how he always loved it up here. I remember him even mentioning that he wouldn't mind having his ashes spread along the ocean here if he died, and thus that's how I remembered to come here.

I opened up the jar and placed the lid on the ground near my feet. The colour of Drake's ashes were a light brown/gray colour. I scooped up a handful of the ashes before throwing it into the sky and the wind, being rather powerful today, took it down across the ocean and even further before it let the ashes settle into the water.

It took nearly twenty minutes to empty the whole jar and I made sure I did, not wanting any of his ashes to be left behind in this jar. I wanted to make sure his whole soul was free.

As I watched the remanents of the ashes float across the ocean as far as I could see, I felt some warmth go around my body even though it was still fairly chilly. I jerked around to see if anybody was touching me, but nobody was. I was the only one here in this park, on this hill overlooking the ocean. What was going on?

I then felt something or someone speak in my head. I heard no words but I could feel it was telling me to look upwards. Boy does it remind me of that movie in North America called DragonHeart where the dead dragon named Draco, who started to turn into embers of energy, had told the knight Bowen to look to the stars to whcih he could see him. This is what this moment feels like and I looked skyward.

Obviously since it was daytime I'd see no stars but I did see clouds which took on a particular shape. The shape of a dragon. I looked at the clouds in awe as the dragon shaped cloud moved in wisps of white smoke. The head of the dragon looked towards me and I swore it smiled at me. I continued looking at it before it faded away, morphing back into the normal shapes of clouds. And as it did I could feel Hank's words fill my head.

"You know, even though Drake did feel hurt by your actions, I'm sure he's proud for you too... proud that you're free".

I started to cry at this, but they were tears of joy and happiness. Yes I was free, I was finally free. And from the moment I saw that dragon shaped cloud in the sky, so was Drake. We were all finally free and I was glad.

As I walked back to the limo, the tenseness and pressure that had once been around my heart and soul was gone. I felt alive and free once again. Laughing I ran towards the limo, feeling like the happiest person on the planet.

(Not working yet...)

A little over a month had passed since I threw Drake's ashes over the ocean and I was in much brighter spirits then I was ever before. Also more than half of my community service hours were finished, leaving me roughly under two weeks left of work.

Mokuba and Kaiba must have obviously noticed my new found cheerfulness for they seemed to be able to talk with me with much more ease then they were able to before.

However, unfortunately for Kaiba, this didn't get us any closer in the relationship he obviously wanted to persue. The ill feelings that I had for him, and I do admit that they were pretty much gone, were still there. Even though its obvious that the japanese mofia murdered my family, he was somewhat of the cause for he didn't help my parents when they needed it. But yet, in the back of my head I reminded myself that anyone who was in charge of a great corporation had to be cautious when employees were asking for extra money.

We'd get into arguements much more frequently then we would have liked. I tried not to argue with him, honestly. The reason was mostly for Mokuba's sake since I knew it hurt the kid when we fought. And yes, I didn't want to fight with Kaiba for I knew it hurt him too. But yet we fought anyway.

The worst fight was the day I had finally finished my community service hours. Being the last day I only had to work five hours as that was how much was left. Kaiba signed off the last hours then sent it in the mail to the courthouse so the judge, whenever he was in, could see it through.

When he and I got back to the Kaiba Mansion, Mokuba also greeting our return and congratulating my well done job of getting my hours done and Kaba brought up a subject that startled me slightly.

He was invited to this big ball thing where various CEOs and other employees of companies, including his own, were all going to this rather large mansion that was owned by the Lorenchics, the owners of Lorenchic Enterprise. They owned one of the most powerfulest companies ever. They were even greater than KaibaCorp. But unlike Kaiba himself, they were far more considerate people and much more wiser as well. Also they had no interest in Kaiba's technologies but more of the fact to just be acquaintances.

Anyways, many people from various companies were invited to their mansion to comingle with one another, eat, drink, have fun, dance and obviously talk of stocks and all the crap that go on in the companies. Point blank, real big expensive party with rich people. And this was all taking place tomorrow night too.

Now this didn't bother me. Normally Kaiba told me lots of things that go on, including what meetings he had and various parties that he usually declines. Now I don't know why he didn't decline this one but meh, its his own life. What had bothered me... ok more as in startled the living daylights out of me is that he wanted me to come with him!

He started already explaining that he got me some rather gorgeous dress, well gorgeous in his opinion, some jewelry and how he'd like to introduce me as his fiancé/girlfriend and other crap. My mind just whirled at this. What was I, a bloody trophy wife?

Obviously I start telling him that I'm not a piece of his bloody property and that I'm not going to have myself shown around like a puffed up poodle at some dog show. And the fact that he hadn't even asked me in the first place if I wanted to go. He just decided I would come anyway!

Also its obvious these people would have read the newspapers or watch the news to recognise that I was the bloody assassin who nearly killed Kaiba and also killed many other people. Kaiba however replied to this that he wouldn't let them say what they want to me and that he'd protect me. This got me even more enraged. As if I, an ex-assassin of Shadow NEEDED protection! Who did he think I was? The tooth fairy? Pamela Anderson? Or some other weak nut?

Boy, the words that were coming out of my mouth were the most offensivest things I've ever said in my life. And I wished that Mokuba wasn't in the room when I was saying this. And hell, I wish I wasn't saying it to Kaiba other cause the hurt that was showing in his eyes, even though I know he was trying as hell to stop it showing, started to crack at the barrier around my heart.

He started yelling back at me now too at this time and hell, I knew I probably deserved it. He started calling me an ungreatful bitch and that he wanted me to come along for he wanted someone he loved, other than Mokuba, at his side. Bullshit. I start yelling back that he doesn't give a damn for me and only wants to use me for sex but he denies this and even though I wish I could say he was lying, something inside of me nagged me saying that he wasn't. But hell, I'm pretty stubborn sometimes.

And then, finally, I went over the edge. I said something I shouldn't have. And I regret it the moment it slipped out of my lips.

"Why should I go with the person who's the cause of my parents being murdered! Because of you I have no parents you bastard! Because of you I have no bloody fucking family left! I HATE YOU!"

Oh gods... if I could kill myself right now, I would. I was panting heavily as I watched Kaiba's expression closely. Man... the way he was looking at me... the pain that crossed his face... oh man... Asha you are the most cold hearted bitch in the universe... more cold hearted then Kaiba himself...

If he wasn't so good at keeping his emotions on the inside, I wouldn't be surprised if he started crying now by the way he was looking at me. Instead of crying however, he muttered sorry to me before turning and swiftly leaving the room.

Mokuba had remained silent during the whole arguement though he did look rather hurt when I let out that last outburst on Kaiba. He turned to me yet no anger showed in his eyes, just sadness.

"Asha," he said, and I could tell he was choosing his words carefully, "I know you're still mad at Seto and I don't blame you, especially for when he raped you during that horrible week. But he is trying to make everything better... and he does love you with all his heart... I know he does... but must you keep treating him this way? I don't know how much more he can take. I'm scared he might go back to what he use to be after he took over KaibaCorp from our stepfather... just please think this over Asha... and I'm sure, just like him, you don't want to be alone for the rest of your life, do you?" And with that he turned and left, probably to go comfort Kaiba.

I sat down heavily on one of the couches in the room, holding my face in my hands. How could I be that cruel to him? I didn't even mean to say those words to him... it just came all out...

And now I'm worried after what Mokuba said if Kaiba will go back to his dark naturistic ways... and if he does, it will be thanks to me... gods, why the hell do I screw everything up? And besides, it really wasn't his fault that my family is dead... it was that bloody mofia's fault...

I raised my head at the thought, my eyes glinting dangerously. Yes... that fucking mofia... they are the ones who ruined my life... they are the ones who should pay... not Kaiba...

I then knew what to do. What I should have done long ago. Kaiba had been my wrong victim all along. It wasn't him I should go after... oh no... it was them that were my true enemies. Not Kaiba. Them.

(Bloody symbols...)

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, I sneaked out of Kaiba Mansion and managed to get off of the property without any of Kaiba's security cameras or his guards spotting me as I did so.

When I was pretty much in the heart of Domino City, I flagged down and took a taxi to Tokyo and paid the driver extra to get me there as fast as possible and then to wait for me to take me back. He didn't seem to care about the waiting. Hell, he was getting money so he should be greatful.

We arrived there in roughly two hours, the time being a little after midnight. Meh, doesn't matter. Everyone at Kaiba Mansion was pretty much asleep and I locked my door and put a dresser against it just in case so no one could get in.

Telling the driver to stop down some very gangsterish street and saying that I wouldn't be too long, I got out and walked down the cracked up sidewalk, pulling a piece of paper out of my pocket with an address I looked up on one of the computers in the mansion right after my fight with Kaiba.

I paused momentarily, letting the fight that had been issued so many hours ago wash over me. I shook my head roughly, keeping the matter at task in my mind for the moment. After this is finished I swear I'll make it up to Kaiba.

Coming up to what seemed to be some old apartment, I twisted the grimy knob to see if the door was unlocked. It was.

Stepping inside I closed the door behind me and gazed around. The wallpaper on the walls seemed to be peeling and a horrible stench of filth and alcohol filled the entire hallway and beyond as well. Ahead of me by a few meters light seemed to come from the main living room where music, laughter and guffaws issued from.

Moving a little forward cautiously I could see all the occupants of the room. All males and all very familiar. It was the mofia that murdered my entire family.

They looked somewhat different now. Not really by age seeing as only three years have passed since I last seen them. But some of them seemed more fatter and much more filthier. Some were slobbering over expensive looking cigars and others were chugging down alcohol. Their clothes looked like they use to be nice clean suits but now they were torn and dead on filthy. But it was the same mofia, no doubt about it. I listened carefully, shutting out the music and their talking as best as I could to see if anyone else was upstairs or in any nearby rooms. Nothing. Good, just the way I wanted it. I then stepped into the room and made myself noticed.

All of the mofia stopped talking, drinking or whatever and turned to look at me with an intense gaze full of hunger. None of them even went for a gun. Only one moved, but that was to turn down the music playing from an old looking radio.

"Well well... its about time Washiro sent you down here... we were almost getting bored... where are the rest of your slutty friends?" one of the fat slobs asked, stretching his neck up to see if anyone was behind me. Ahhh... so they were expecting some prostitutes. Well works for me.

"Oh they'll be here later... you could say I'm just the appetizer" I drawled in a sexyish voice as I winked at them, earning some cat calls.

"Well babe, you're more of an appetizer to us! Come over here and sit down on my lap so I can get a first taste of you" one of them drawled, patting his lap for me to come over and sit. I smirked and winked.

"In a minute hun... I just want to see I got the right mofia to seduce and pleasure..."

"Oh you know you got them babe!" one of the hooted, slapping his beer gut and laughing heartily. Gods are these guys disgusting.

"Well I want to make sure... rumours say you guys killed the enitre family because this guy didn't pay you back the respectful money for doing this deed... they said you murdered everyone and burned down their houses... everyone was dead except one young girl. Is this rumour the truth?" I asked. To my question, all of them beamed.

"Oh yes we did! We killed that motherfucker's family for sure! Everyone died except for a young girl. Thirteen I believe, right guys?" one said.

"Yeah, about. Heh, bet she's still living on the streets or maybe she got killed by a random rapist... got a lot of those lately... even though we're not complaining since we like raping too!" another chortled, earning laughs from the others in agreement. I almost felt sick at the sight as I watched their drool run down their slimy faces. But at least I got my answer.

"So babe, that helps you prove we're the true mofia?" one of them asked leeringly. I grinned darkly.

"Oh yes it does. And thank you very much too. Now I know who to kill to reclaim the revenge I so longed to deliver" I said and out of my jacket I pulled out a gun with a silencer on it. All of them stared at me with wide eyes. I don't know if it was for the fact that they are faced to face with the girl they left alive or for the fact that they won't get a good fucking each. I guess I'll say both.

Before any of them could reach their guns I started firing the bullets at them and since I had the silencer on the gun, no sound could be made. One by one they slumped over dead. Some yelled in pain and others didn't. I shot each of them a good few times to ensure they were dead and even checked their pulses too.

I closed my eyes briefly after my inspection, letting out a sigh of relief. I have avenged my whole family and killed the bastards who murdered them and who knows how many other families.

After opening my eyes I tossed my gun, which I had actually stolen from one of Kaiba's guards, and it landed beside one of the fat men. Good thing I was wearing gloves so my fingerprints wouldn't be on it. After checking around the area and checking every other room just in case someone was hiding, which they weren't, I left the apartment and closed the door behind me.

Heading back to the taxi, a huge smile was upon my face as I stepped inside and told the driver to head back to Domino City.

"What are you happy about if you don't mind me asking miss? Were you able to get whatever business you had done?" he asked.

"Oh why yes, thank you. Lets just say that my unfinished business is now... well, finished".


I arrived back in Domino around 2:30 in the morning and after thanking the driver and giving him some extra cash, I quickly headed back into the Kaiba Mansion area unnoticed and back into my room. Feeling very exhausted yet happy I got some good shut eye.

Several hours later I awoke. The time was roughly 11:35 am so Kaiba was obviously gone to work and then later on... well... the party...

I got dressed in some fresh new clothes since my other ones I wore to Tokyo were quite smelly thanks to that damn apartment and being around those drunk slobbering idiots. I then moved the dresser back to its original location before unlocking the door and heading downstairs to breakfast... well lunch now I guess.

I met Mokuba down there and he asked if I had a good sleep since I was asleep longer then I usually was. I said I did and then, after a moment's hesitation, asked how Kaiba was. Mokuba just said in what I could tell to be a false happy voice that the elder brother was fine and headed off to Kaiba Corp to check something before heading to the party later on this evening, which started around six. After telling me that, we both remained silent as I felt my guilt deepen even more.

The rest of the afternoon I spent in my room either just lying on the bed to catch some extra zees or reading through one of the various magazines that were on one of the tables in my room. Mokuba during this time was playing somewhere else in the mansion.

Seeing as the silence was starting to annoy me, I turned on the radio that Kaiba had placed in the room for me. I set it to one of my favourite music channels before sitting back in my chair and looking at the ceiling absentmindely.

"... and that was Blue by Eiffel 65. Our next song is I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace..." the speaker from the radio said.

Ahh... one of my favourite bands... its lucky this music channel can get stations from North America, seeing as Three Days Grace is a Canadian band. I loved their music and this was one of my personal favourites.

"Every time we lie awake

After every hit we take

Every feeling that I get

But I haven't missed you yet..."

You know that verse kinda reminds me of me and Kaiba... all the times we just lie awake, just lying there after all the damage we received... whether physically or mentally... but hell... its not like I long to feel those emotions again.

"Every roommate kept awake

By every sigh and scream we make

All the feelings that I get

But I still don't miss you yet..."

Hell even that verse is true. We sure kept everyone awake in this mansion or at least give them headaches by all our fights... and especially from when Kaiba was raping me... the screams... the yells... the crying... the pain... I definetly don't want to remember that.

"Only when I stop to think about it..."

Then again Kaiba did say he only did that for he was afraid that I'd leave him or that I'd reject him if he told me his feelings... well hell, I still would have... what the- I mean I definetly have rejected him! What the hell am I talking about by if I would reject him? Gods... my mind is getting confused.

"I hate everything about you

Why do I love you

I hate everything about you

Why do I love you..."

I mean come on, after all I've been through with that bastard does he think I'll just accept him? He may love me but I sure as hell don't love him...

"Every time we lie awake

After every hit we take

Every feeling that I get

But I haven't missed you yet..."

Like if he did love me he sure had a very nice way of showing it... but then again he did already explain that to me... oh who gives a damn. Its not like I miss him or anything...

"Only when I stop to think about it..."

Ok... that was a lie... even if I try to deny it... somewhere inside me I do miss Kaiba and long to see him... but why? Maybe its the guilt after that arguement I had with him... yeah... that must be it... it has to be... but something tells me its more then that.

"I hate everything about you

Why do I love you

I hate everything about you

Why do I love you..."

The guy isn't so bad... he's had a pretty tough life... being in an orphanage with Mokuba and then adopted by some bastard named Gozaburo. I don't know a lot about his past but I know enough that he had a rough life and this is what he came to be. All he needs is someone to care for and to be cared in return... and he has his eyes set on that certain someone... someone other than Mokuba... that someone being me...

"Only when I stop to think

About you, I know

Only when you stop to think

About me, do you know..."

But I'm not the right person for him... first of all I tried to kill the guy... second of all I threatened to kill his brother... third he saw me kiss his... well I guess you could say 'rival in love'... that being Drake obviously, even though I don't love Shadow Dragon that way... and four... I... well... oh gods...

"I hate everything about you

Why do I love you

You hate everything about me

Why do you love me..."

Why am I starting to feel this now? This can't be possible... after all I put him through... why do I start feeling this way? I don't deserve anyone... look at me! I'm not one who deserves anyone... but even Hank said I need someone... everyone does... Kaiba does... and I do...

"I hate

You hate

I hate

You love me..."

He loves me... he actually loves me... oh yes in the beginning he hated me as well... but now he loves me... as he had told me countless of times before... after all this hatred he came out to love me... but does he still love me now after what happened yesterday? More importantly... do I even love him?

"I hate everything about you

Why do I love you..."

I was silent after the song came to a final end. I shut the radio off absentmindely, my mind being in a whirl. But the truth that I've been trying to shut out all this time has finally forced its way through. I was in love with Seto Kaiba... after all this time I finally realise this. A little too late... but finally proven...

Oh gods Kai- no... I think I should be calling him by his first name now. Seto... oh gods am I so sorry... I'm sorry for being such the stubborn bitch I was and hurting you... but if you'll let me... I'll make it up to you... my past may have held me back into not admitting these feelings but for my future I'll prove them...

I was smiling as I stepped out of my room and called out Mokuba's name. After a few minutes he soon appeared out of his room.

"Yes Asha?" he asked.

"Where is the dress and the jewelry Seto had left out for me?" I asked.

"Oh its in the parl- woah! Did you just say my brother by his first name! And are you planning to go to the party!" he asked in disbelief though his eyes were shining in hope. I gave him a reassuring smile.

"Yes I did call him by his first name Mokuba. And yes I am going".

(I think ffnet hates me...)

I arrived via one of Seto's limos to the Lorenchic Estate, which I may add is three times larger than Kaiba Mansion, a little after 7:30. Mokuba had assured me that Seto was still in there since he phoned him before I went over.

The last few hours before arriving here I took a good long shower to get myself cleaned up properly. I then put on the dress Seto had got me... and I swear... it was so breath-taking the moment I saw it...

It was a long flowing strapless dress. From the top of the dress it was a lovely snowy white colour and it darkened slightly to a nice periwinkle blue that reached to the bottom of the dress. I also wore long white/blue gloves and a white/blue shawl that was now draped along my shoulders. Seto had also bought some silver shoes to match the dress.

As for the jewelry it was a set of diamond and sapphire chandelier earrings and a snug heart shaped diamond necklace. In the middle of the diamond heart was a small blue sapphire design of a dragon... coincidentally ressembling like the Blue Eyes White Dragon. I swear that man has too much money on his hands...

I had put my long hair up, which was somewhat of a task seeing as I never had it up in anything else but a ponytail. Well placed pins kept the hair up in place however but I let some bangs of my hair remain framed around my face and neck. I then finished it off with a slight amount of light blue eyeshadow on my eyelids, faint blush on my cheeks and finally topped off with some red lipstick.

I felt nervous as hell as I approached the front door to the estate. Well I had a good reason to be nervous. What if Kaiba doesn't accept me now? Well I can't say I blame the poor guy... being after all the crap I put him through... but I hope... there's always hope...

Summoning enough courage I finally rang the doorbell. I didn't have to wait too long as a middle aged butler answered the door and gave me a warm looking smile.

"Why hello miss. Are you with one of the CEOs or employess from any of the companies?" he asked. I nodded, handing him a slip of paper that Mokuba gave me earlier so he'd know I was one of the guests.

"Yes I am... I'm actually Mr. Kaiba's... girlfriend". The butler examined the paper for a few seconds before nodding.

"Very well. Please come in" he then said as he stepped aside to let me in, closing the door behind me. "Shall I notify Mr. Kaiba that you are here?"

"Oh no that's fine. I want to surprise him... um... where is he?" The butler pointed at a large vast room that was beyond the main hall, which we were standing in at the moment. Music and loud talking came from the large room. I supposed that was the ballroom by the great size.

"Just in there miss".

"Thank you very much" I said, to which the butler bowed again before going off somewhere, leaving me alone in the hall. Taking another deep breath and urging the butterflies that seemed to flutter within me to be still, I walked into the ballroom.

Many, many people were in here. They were either sitting at various mahogany round tables or standing near the quaint food bar where various butlers and maids served them. All of them, men and women, were elegantly dressed in outfits of fine silk or other expensive, colourful material. But they were not important. Only finding Seto was.

Gazing around the room I finally spotted him. He was sitting alone at one of the round tables taking a sip of some sort of drink from his glass now and then. Probably some alcohol no doubt seeing as he was of age. But what he was wearing took my breath away.

His outfit was completely white. The way it shone gave him the impression that he was some type of angel. His pants were crisp with hardly any creases and his shoes were shining. The white shirt he was wearing was fairly snug against his skin and showed off his build only slightly. Over that he wore a white long trenchcoat, figured as much, but it wasn't his Battle City outfit. This one had sleeves and it suited him nicely. It looked also fairly long as well, even if he was sitting. The card shaped locket that he pretty much always or at least most of the time wore around his neck was the last thing that complimented his outfit. By gods... did he look handsome...

But his expression that he was wearing tore at my heart more. He seemed to have his trademark cold mask on but I could see by the way he was sitting, by the way he was drinking, hell even by the way he was breathing that he was in tremendous pain. It was mostly sadness I presumed but I wouldn't be surprised if there was rage and anger as well.

Oh gods... what do I do? Should I go over there and talk to him? Or should I maybe leave before its too late? No... I came here to see him specifically. I'd be going back on him and Mokuba if I left. I had to talk to him... even if I was scared to do so.

Now my plan originally was after I found him I'd go up to him and sit down across or next to him, whichever, and then apologize and explain that I didn't really mean to hurt him and that I do love him. Yet, however, as always, that plan of action didn't go out too well. You see, after a few minutes I stepped into the ballroom, pretty much everyone looked over at me, curious on who I was. And since they were all looking in my general direction they had gone quiet too. It was as silent as ever! And because there was so much silence, well except for the light music in the background, Seto turned his head to see what had gotten everyone's attention.

Oh man... I swear the minute he saw me I was frozen in place. He looked surprised as hell but in is eyes I could see there was slight happiness. He slowly got up from his chair and came towards me, his trenchcoat flowing out from behind him. I was right in saying when it was long and the way it flowed... it looked like he was some mythical creature.

Everyone, seeing that Seto was approaching me presumed I was one of his employees or something and turned their attention away from me, resuming to their talking and whatever else. Now that I was glad. I didn't need them watching while I was talking to Seto... it'd be more more embarassing to speak.

When he was was finally face to face with me, the proximity of our bodies almost touching, I swear I was trembling in fear. I was scared, I will admit it. He obviously noticed it too for he regarded me with a curious expression which seemed more of an intense gaze to me. Blushing I adverted my gaze and bowed my head slightly in submission.

However this must have startled him for by the way I could see his body lean slightly forward I could tell he was taken aback. With one of his large slender hands he cupped my face and turned it upwards towards him, observing me intently.

"Are you alright Asha? Is something wrong?" he asked and I was relieved to hear there was no resent in his voice. Well at least not yet anyway.

"I'm f-fine Seto... I w-wanted to talk to you" I stammered slightly, feeling rather anxious at the moment. His eyes widened slightly at the fact I used his name but nodded all the same, removing the hand from my face to wrap it around my shoulders to lead me back to the table he was at. He pulled a chair back for me and I sat down in it as he sat across from me. He took another sip from his drink before diverting his whole attention to me.

"Look... I know it may be too late for this but I'll say it anyway... I'm very, very sorry for how I treated you yesterday.. I didn't mean to say the things I said... and even as I did I knew I felt otherwise..." I started quietly. He made a motion to speak but I made a movement with my hand to let me continue and he did.

"I had no right saying those things... its just the fact that I miss my family... I long to be with them but I can't... I just feel rather alone and that I have nothing to hold onto anymore..."

At this Seto took one of my hands in his and held it firmly as he gazed at me with a warm look upon his face.

"You have Mokuba and me Asha... I felt rather alone too, even when I knew I had my brother by my side... but then you came into my life and after a while I soon came to realise that I found someone I truly cared for... truly loved..." he said and I swear at that moment I felt like crying. The butterflies with my gut were fluttering again and I looked away as I spoke.

"It took me a long while to come to the fact that I... I..." I swallowed hard, closing my eyes before speaking the words. "I love you Seto... I honestly do... just somethings were holding me back from that truth... and if you don't feel the same way for me now... I understand... hell after all I put you through I don't think I deserve anyone..."

Seto was silent for a moment and I felt that maybe I should take my leave. But as I started to move to get up his grip on my hand tightened and he used his other hand to press against my shoulder to push me back down into the chair. And with the same hand he reached out to cup my face and turn it back towards him.

"Asha I know you didn't really mean the things you said yesterday. Even though it hurt me immensely I later on realised that you were still in pain for the fact that you had no family left. I was really hoping that somehow, by some miracle you'd come today and you did. I love you Asha. I still do and will always. I want to be with you for life" he told me and I was now crying but in happiness.

"I love you too Seto... and I want to be with you forever..." I said as I squeezed his hand affectionately.

Smiling he pulled me to my feet and after wiping away the tears with one of his hands, he hugged me to him tightly and leaned down to kiss me. It was still dominant, seeing as this WAS Seto Kaiba, but I could feel the passion behind it and accepted the kiss wholeheartedly.

And I swear, I felt like the happiest girl alive on the planet.

(Last place...)

The rest of the evening was wonderful. I stayed by Seto's side the whole time and we chatted about things and sometimes he'd talk to one of the other CEOs of some other company. We even talked to the Lorenchics who didn't seem to care that I was an ex-assassin. Of course Seto didn't mention it but I knew the way they were looking at me they knew but were still friendly nevertheless, believing that I had gotten over my original ways.

Myself and Seto also ate, drank and danced. And man was he such a good dancer. He definetly had me swept off my feet! And I was really glad to see he was enjoying himself too, growing really accustomed to his more happier face.

We got back at Kaiba Mansion at around midnight so Mokuba was asleep. Seto then carried me to his bedroom and laid me down on his huge canopy style blue bed which was, coincidentally, blue.

He asked me if he was allowed to show his love to me in another form. To take away the pain he inflicted upon me during the whole raping scenario. I nodded and let him, not being afraid of what was to come.

We undressed one another and Seto got on top of me, being gentle by the way he was touching and carressing me. When he gazed upon the scars he had made he came very close to crying I swear but I whispered kinda words to him and reassured him that I had forgiven him for it. Nodding he continued his loving touches.

When he took me this time, it wasn't as painful as last time. And it was far more enjoyable and more passionate. Oh gods did I love him...

Once it was over he pulled out and layed on top of me, still stroking my hair and giving me gentle kisses and whispering over and overof his love for me. He soon dozed off, his head resting between my breasts and his arms wraped tightly around me as if afraid that he might lose me. But no... he won't... I won't leave him...

I turned my head to look outside into the nightfilled sky. I then sighed happily. This is what true joy, happiness and love was. This was what probably my parents and family wanted me to have... I bet even Drake wanted it as well...

I ran my hand through Seto's soft hair lightly before I too felt sleep wanting to take me. But before I did, I ran the thoughts through my head of what I use to be and what I am now. I may not be an assassin anymore and I may have lost those that I loved the most, but I have gained something in return. I've gained the feeling of loving someone again and to be loved. I have Seto, the one I needed to survive in this world... I have him and he has me... and I love him with all my heart as does me. I have him... and that's all I need.

My precious blue eyes...