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CHAPTER ONE: Never Ending Arguments

Tomoyo walked into Ji-Chan's Coffee Shop, gruffly pushing in the door. At 22, Tomoyo was tall and had a slender body. Her unusual, dark purple hair and bright lavender eyes caused many to turn their heads and wonder, 'Who is this pretty girl?' But today, Tomoyo wore a face that caused everyone to nearly look away. Her eyes were narrowed as if she were glaring at everyone though her vision wasn't particularly focused on anyone. She was dressed in an oversized grey hoodie and comfortable, loose-fitted jeans. Her waist-length hair was swept back in an extremely messy ponytail. This look automatically told people not to mess with this certain girl.

As Tomoyo made her way to the register, she angrily thought back to her argument with her mother. Lately, the two seemed to have many disagreements, causing Tomoyo to become stressed and extremely cranky.


"Here you go, Mom," Tomoyo said as she handed Sonomi, her mother, a couple of sketches. A few minutes passed as Sonomi riffled through dress designs that Tomoyo herself had come up with.

"I'm sorry Tomoyo-chan," Sonomi said, not looking up from the pages, "Compared to your other designs, I'm not really sure I like these as much."

Tomoyo sweatdropped, knowing what was to come. Despite that, anger started boil inside her as she recalled a conversation just like this one that had also taken place not too long ago.

"That's what you said last time," Tomoyo said through clenched teeth. "How are these so different from my previous designs?"

"I don't know," replied Sonomi, handing back the sketches. "It has...a different feel."

"'A different feel?' What the hell are you talking about?!"

Tomoyo found herself engaged in yet another argument with her mother. Her mother, Sonomi Daidouji, the famous dress seamstress who used Tomoyo's designs to create dresses that awed and amazed all. The famous Sonomi Daidouji, owner of the nationwide popular Midnight Star store. Her mother who was currently on her way to pissing Tomoyo off even more.

"Fine!" Tomoyo shouted, letting her anger completely explode. "You apparently don't need me and my designs so I'll just let you go at it by yourself!" With that, Tomoyo stormed towards the door.

"Tomoyo-chan-"her mother started.

"I don't wanna hear it!" screeched Tomoyo, turning her head slightly to glare at her mother. As she swiftly turned her head back front, she ran straight into the door, banging her head off the glass. Sonomi started towards her daughter but Tomoyo, clutching her head and groaning in pain, left.

End Flashback

'Dammit, this has been way too much for me,' Tomoyo thought as she rubbed her forehead where a huge red mark lingered. She ignored some snickering that come from some lounging customers. Tomoyo continued her trek and walked right into the tall man in front of her.

"Gomen," she muttered and moved aside to the next register.

After placing her order and moving to the side, not to mention bumping into the tall man again, Tomoyo continued to rub her forehead. The bump that had been there was starting to shrink.

'This can't get any worse, this can't get any worse,' Tomoyo thought, trying to reassure herself. 'This week will be over, it'll be over. Things can't get any worse...'

When both her and the tall man's drinks were placed on the side counter, Tomoyo quickly grabbed her latte and followed the man out the door. She wanted to get back home as soon as possible. As she made her way to her sky blue Jetta, Tomoyo gratefully took a large gulp of her drink.

Her lavender eyes widened as she started to gulp down her warm caffeinated drink.

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