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As Tomoyo strode past the living room, she suddenly came to a stop. She shut her eyes, trying to drink in what she was hearing. It almost made her feel weak in the knees. Nevertheless, she held a tight grip on the huge cardboard box that she was holding.

'It can't be...' she thought.

She scrunched her eyes together, hoping the sound would go away. It didn't. She felt as if someone had taken her heart and had given it a good squeeze. It hurt that bad. Taking a quiet deep breath, Tomoyo set down the box in the hallway and tiptoed back towards the entrance of the living room; she didn't want to be heard.

Tomoyo peeked around into the living room.

'It's true...' Tomoyo thought, her fears confirmed. She tried to resist screaming. She almost couldn't believe it. But it was happening right before her face. Right in front of her. She couldn't believe Eriol would even have the nerve...after all they've been through.

Tomoyo tiptoed around the littered boxes, some already open, some still filled with goodies for the living room. She quietly edge her way around the couch.

'I cannot believe it...' Tomoyo thought. She almost started crying.

Tomoyo stood tall. Instead of crying–

"GUILTY!" bellowed Tomoyo. She pounced onto Eriol, knocking him sideways.

"Ahh! It's not what you think!!" Eriol cried, trying to shield himself.

Tomoyo knocked the controller out of his hands and pinned Eriol to the ground.

"I simply cannot believe you," Tomoyo said in a dangerous tone. "You promised. You promised, dammit all!"

Eriol tried to smile. "But Tomoyo dearest–"

"Oh no you don't!" Tomoyo growled. "You promised you wouldn't touch the PS2 until everything in the kitchen was unpacked!"

Eriol pouted. "I couldn't help myself..."

"Is that so? And what about me? You don't see me trying to break the team battle record!"

Eriol sighed. "Okay okay. Gomen ne, Tomoyo."

"You think sorry's gonna cut it?!" Tomoyo cried. Her grip on Eriol's arms didn't slack. She had his arms pinned to the ground and at his sides.

Sighing again, Eriol rolled his eyes. "C'mon Tomoyo. Don't be this way."

"How did you expect me to react?! It's a little hard to walk by and hear you pounding on the controller buttons without stopping! You think putting the TV on mute's gonna help?!"

Somehow, Eriol managed to slip one of his arms out of Tomoyo's grasp. He brushed away strands of Tomoyo's hair and tucked it behind her ear.

"Are you just jealous, Tomoyo?" Eriol's azure eyes sparkled.

"Don't try that cute act on me, Eriol. It worked once but it won't fall through again."

"Don't deny it, Tomoyo," Eriol whispered. "You're just jealous that I more of my time attached to the PS2..."

Tomoyo just glared at Eriol, trying to make him feel guilty.

"I'll admit to hooking up the console without your permission. And yes, I broke our promise as to not to play until things got cleaned up." Eriol gave an exaggerated sigh before continuing. "But you know how I am, Tomoyo. Don't you? Hmm?"

"Tell me," Tomoyo almost hissed back.

"I just can't drag myself away from my beloved. And you know it."

"You promised, Eriol. And don't even think about trying to break that record again. You've already broken the survival and death match records. It's not fair."

Eriol smiled. "Don't pout that way, Tomoyo. It makes you too irresistible."

"Don't try it..." Tomoyo threatened. A crime such as this would not pass easily. A promise was a promise. Catching Eriol play Soul Calibur was just like finding out he was having an affair.

"Oh? Shouldn't I?" Eriol asked playfully. In turn, he grabbed Tomoyo's arm and tugged at it, making her locked elbows give way.

"Eriol!" Tomoyo cried, exasperated. "I still have to unpack the upstairs bathroom!"

"So take a break..." Eriol whispered in her ear.

"I can't..."

"Why not?" Eriol's lips brushed against the side of Tomoyo's ear. She tried to stay in control of herself.

"Because...just because."

"Hmm. I think spending some quality time with your beloved is more important than setting up the shower."

"Hmph." Tomoyo rested her head on Eriol's chest, hearing his heart beat at a slow pace. "And what makes you think you're my dearly beloved?" Tomoyo asked in a challenging (yet playful) tone.

Absentmindedly combing his fingers through Tomoyo's hair, Eriol thought for a moment.

"Because I'm just so damn handsome that you can't keep your hands off me?" Eriol asked hopefully.

"You must be talking about the controller," Tomoyo laughed. True, she couldn't keep her hands off of that new DualShock 2 Controller but...

Eriol couldn't help but chuckle. Tomoyo found Eriol's free hand and wove her fingers through his.

"What's it been now? Four months? Five?" Tomoyo whispered.

"Since what?" Eriol whispered back. "And why are we whispering?"

Tomoyo lifted her head and gave Eriol a small kiss on the tip of his chin. "Because we feel like it?" she whispered back.

"Sounds good to me."

"Since that time at the airport."

"Four months."

"You're right..."

The two lay in silence, Tomoyo resting on Eriol, listening to his steady heartbeat. Eriol continued to run his fingers through Tomoyo's hair, tucking a few strands behind her ear every now and then.

Tomoyo sighed and closed her eyes, taking in Eriol's smell. He smelled like oranges, as usual. It lingered all over his clothes and hers, as a matter of fact. She loved that detergent smell. It was better than any cologne could possibly do.

Exactly four months had passed since that rainy day at the airport. Four months since Tomoyo and Eriol confessed their love to each other.

'It almost feels like it was yesterday...' Tomoyo thought.

Her mind went blank for a second as she focused on Eriol's breathing. His chest went up and down steadily, just like his heart.

After that day, Tomoyo had forced Eriol to go to Australia. She had called up the company and apologized for Eriol, declaring that he would be late to the convention but would make it nonetheless. Of course, Eriol had had no idea about this. Not until Tomoyo had quite simply kidnaped Eriol and sent him to the airport, luggage and all. And of course, Eriol had protested but Tomoyo had confidently said there was nothing to worry about. They were in love. It was signed and sealed. As Eriol left to board his plane, he had turned around and looked at Tomoyo with longing eyes; Tomoyo knew what he was thinking. She knew he was thinking that leaving could be a mistake. Like he was taking what he could have had away with him to Australia.

Tomoyo had smiled and called out, "I PROMISE TO STAY SINGLE IF YOU WILL!"

Eriol had a shocked look on his face when he heard this. He hadn't expected Tomoyo to cause another scene in the airport if she had pulled that off the day before. Sure enough, people had turned their heads in their direction and stared.


Tomoyo grinned. "MAKE THAT TWO!"

And with that, Eriol had left, feeling reassured and more confident than ever.

The month Eriol was gone left Tomoyo lonely. She had Sakura and Syaoran, no less, but to all lovers, there was nothing better than being with the one you loved most. But regardless, the month passed by quicker than expected.

With Eriol's return, he announced that he successfully advertised their company very well and many company's were eager to have them design some building plans.

To top off the night in celebration with the four good friends, Eriol had proposed to Tomoyo. After Sakura and Syaoran left, Tomoyo and Eriol went for walk to Clow Park and sat on Spinel Sun Bridge, talking like they had never been apart.

There, he presented the ring to Tomoyo and she burst into a fit of tears. The ring was simple, but beautiful. A diamond with two amethyst stones on its sides. It was also on this night that Eriol had also admitted to hearing her sing, on the very same bridge. Tomoyo nearly died of embarrassment. (Eriol wasn't too sure why her face had gotten so red. He was pretty sure that she herself knew that she was excellent at singing but this was how Tomoyo was. Never boasting and very modest.)

Soon afterward, Eriol and Tomoyo decided to move in with each other. There was some controversy over where the two should live (Eriol's or Tomoyo's) and some other little whose PS2 console got to be set up with the big screen TV and whose had to be left upstairs in the bedroom and such.

With the two living happily, the two found a charming house, perfect for the two and couldn't resist buying it. And that was to this point. The two had just started moving in and were moving around boxes. They decided to worry about the wedding later. Sure enough, it was approaching but less stress was the best way to go. (Neither could deny that they were extremely excited.)

And to this point, Tomoyo had caught Eriol playing Soul Calibur before all the boxes were unpacked.

"Ne, Eriol?"


Tomoyo sighed and traced random hearts onto Eriol's shirt.

"Is something wrong?" Eriol asked, concern in his voice.

Tomoyo almost laughed. "Nuh-uh. Geez, you're so paranoid."

Poking Tomoyo in the side, Eriol growled, "Not as much as you."

"Oi! Don't do that!" Tomoyo giggled. She hated when he did that. The ups and downs of being ticklish.

"Don't do what?" Eriol cried, tickling Tomoyo.

"No! No!" Tomoyo cried laughing. "Onegai! Have mercy!" She squirmed and almost burst into tears from laughing so hard.

This time, Eriol pinned Tomoyo to the ground. Tomoyo was still laughing and her laughter started to reside into giggles.

"Definitely not fair," Tomoyo giggled, gasping for breath. "Definitely not."

Eriol smiled down at her.

"You're right. It's not fair. So what's wrong?"

Tomoyo gazed thoughtfully into Eriol's eyes. Eriol's own searched Tomoyo's eyes and suddenly he felt his stomach drop.

"Oh no...Tomoyo..." he whined.

Pouting and giving him a set of puppy eyes, Tomoyo pleaded. "Eriol...c'mon. Onegai..."

"Nope. Not this time of day. I'm not in the mood."

One of Tomoyo's arms slid from Eriol's grip. Tomoyo reached up and her hand ran through Eriol's hair.

"For me?" Tomoyo asked sweetly. "Y'know you want too..."

Her hand smoothed over the nape of Eriol's neck and he could feel the hairs there stand up.

"Don't use that voice with me, Tomoyo," Eriol warned. "Don't make me–"

"Onegai?" Tomoyo tilted her head slightly.

Blowing up his bangs from his face, Eriol gave in.

"Fine." Eriol used his 'why do you always do this to me' and 'it's not fair' voice.

Tomoyo's face broke out into a grin.

"Aren't you just sweet!" Tomoyo gave Eriol a quick peck on the lips. "Now you know I like extra chips, right?"

"Yeah yeah. Whatever."

Eriol stood up and run his own hand through his hair.

"We've got the ingredient, don't we?"

"Sure do!" Tomoyo cried energetically, jumping up. "The flour and chocolate chips should be on the counter and the mixing bowl should be in the island cupboard–"

"Yeah yeah." Eriol waved his hand and wore a bored face. "Whatever you say." He turned around to leave for the kitchen when Tomoyo leapt onto his back.

"Awww. C'mon Eriol. Don't be this way..."

"Why does this conversation sound familiar?" Eriol responded, using a teasing voice.

"That's because it is! Now hurry up. I'm hungry!" Tomoyo released Eriol and landed lightly onto the floor.

"Psh. Who eats pancakes during this time of day anyway?" Eriol mumbled as he trudged towards the kitchen.

Tomoyo folded her arms and smiled to herself as she saw Eriol's retreating back. Eriol disappeared into the kitchen and Tomoyo could hear him rummaging in the cupboards. Tomoyo closed her eyes for a second and leaned her head back, still smiling.

Opening her eyes, a sneaky grin crossed her face. Tomoyo peeked open an eye and listened. Now Eriol was pouring chocolate chips into the bowl and he was mumbling to himself about how no sane person could eat pancakes for breakfast and lunch.

Tomoyo tiptoed back into the living room and sat quietly in front of the TV screen. She picked up the controller and quietly pressed the 'start' button. She chose her character and started to play as quietly as she could when–


Tomoyo couldn't help but throw her head back and laugh; some things never change.

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