Title: Silver Wings

Synopsis: Schala finds herself lost and alone in the year 590AD, amidst the war of Humans and Mystics. As her journey unfolds, it becomes clear that something did not go quite right with Crono's encounter with Lavos...

Spoilers: Massive. Don't read unless you've finished the game. There are hints of Chrono Cross, but nothing to spoil if you haven't played.

Warnings: A lot of violence. A LOT. It's been toned down from it's original form. However, if you can handle it, head over to adultfanfiction dot net and read it in the Chrono Trigger section, underneath the same title. There are more chapters up over there, but they will be coming down very soon as I rewrite them.

Disclaimer: I don't own Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, or any of these characters (with the exception of Everstein Bekkler). They are the sole property of SquareEnix, and live only as demented illusions in my head.

Note: "Blah" is someone speaking, and 'Blah' is Schala thinking, unless I specify a different POV at the beginning of a chapter.



"No, Janus!" she cried. "Stay back!"

"B-But!" Her brother looked frantic, but then froze at the sight of the huge blue portal materializing in front of them. They were being drawn towards the gate with amazing force.

"No! Janus!" Schala tried to reach out to her brother, her arms stretching as far as they could. His trembling hands reached for her as well, but it was in vain. He was too far away.

"S, Schalaaaa!"

"Janus!" She lurched towards him as he was pulled in, but she could not reach him in time. She landed on the floor painfully, the power of Lavos coursing through the room like lightening. It was loud, so terribly loud… His roar was deafening to her ears.

Unable to crawl away, Schala was pulled into the gate as well.

Then there was silence. Complete, total silence. She felt herself being pulled toward an unknown destination, drifting through an endless black void. It felt as if she would drift forever in that terrible void.

But 'forever' didn't last nearly as long as it felt it would. A light appeared at the end of the distant void and enveloped her almost as soon as she'd seen it.

The next thing she remembered was falling…and landing, with a sickening thud. She cried out in pain, having landed in a terrible position on her left leg. She tried to sit up, but waves of pain shot through her, causing her to desist rather quickly.

'Not good,' she reflected silently. This time, she tried to roll over on her belly in an attempt to take the weight off of her leg. Digging her fingers into the earth before her, she slowly pulled herself forward, but the pain overcame her will, and she had to stop.

'My leg is broken. Great, what am I going to do now? I get away from Lavos and Mother, only to get stranded here.' She buried her face in the grass, but suddenly jumped.

"Janus!" she croaked painfully, remembering that her brother had been drawn through the same timegate. Maybe he was nearby… But there was no way she could look for him in her current state.

Closing her eyes, she summoned any energy she had left and tried to heal her leg. She imagined her leg being healed, the bone melding back into place… Then she collapsed in failure, consciousness fading away.

"A human! Can we eat her? Can we can we can we!"

"You fool, she's not human. She can use magic. And besides, she's an elf, NOT a human. Look at her ears."

"Or either she's just disguised as a human!"

"…That's possible, too. But I don't think that's the case."

"Sorry, I didn't notice her ears..."

"Hmm…She'll probably take it as a compliment. But I wonder why she's so far away from the Evergreen Forest? It's not like the elves to wander far from their home."

Schala groaned in pain as she stirred, quite frightened by what she'd been hearing. "H...hello?"

"Oooh, you're alive!" She felt a strong pair of hands grasp her arms and roll her over on her back. "Those damned humans did this to you, didn't they!"

"Owww," she grimaced, her leg once again sending waves of pain through her. "My leg…"

Again, she felt a pair of strong hands grasp her leg…and surprisingly, the warm glow of healing magic. The pain was gone, and she slowly opened her eyes. Before her stood a Goblin and a Naga-ette, causing her to nearly scream.

The Goblin held up his hands before her. "We're not gonna hurt you, sweetie. We just found you, and wanted to make sure you're all right."

"I…" Schala was at a loss for words. Elf? Forest? And what was this about eating humans? 'Maybe it's best I just go along with them.' She slowly tried to get to her feet, and once again, the strong, yet gentle hands of the Goblin grasped her arms and helped her up. "I'm fine now, thank you…"

"What are you doing here in Truce Canyon? Surely you know the humans are sending daily raids after us?" The Naga-ette slithered over to her side. "And what are you doing so far away from your home?"

"I don't remember," she lied. "I was somewhere else…it was snowing."

"Snow? It's SUMMER. Are you all right, really?"

"I was…running from someone. I cast a spell, but I fell and broke my leg. I don't remember anything else."

The Goblin shook its head. "A hunting party, no doubt. They're probably around here somewhere, so we need to scram."

The Naga-ette put a gentle hand on her back. "Come with us. We'll take you home." She handed Schala a vial. "It'll restore some of your magic."

"…Thank you." She shook her head, suddenly remembering her brother once again. "Was there anyone else around! A little boy with blue hair like mine?"

"No. We only found you."

Schala hung her head. "Janus…" she muttered silently.

"What's your name, Elf?"

"It's…umm…I don't remember." Schala lied, once again. "I think…I don't remember much of anything."

"You have amnesia!"


The Goblin glanced at her carefully. "Your magic is very strong, Miss. Someone must have been after you. Why, your magic seems to be even stronger than…no…I dare not say it…"

"It's true. I sense a powerful elemental magic within her. More powerful than Lady Flea, even."

"Flea's a man."

"That's debatable."

Schala nervously looked between them as they spoke. "Lady—err…Lord Flea? I don't recall such a magician."

"Lady Flea could help you, Miss."


The Goblin crossed its strange arms before continuing. "That hunting party must be after you because of your magic. If you're as strong as we feel you are, you'll need to be taken to Lady Flea and Lord Slash to be safe."

'Protection doesn't sound so bad right about now… Surely once I see this Flea she'll know I'm Princess of Zeal, and I can work from there.' Slowly, Schala nodded at the two of them. "All right, I'd like to see Lady Flea."



The Naga-ette laughed. "Flea is a shape shifter. She claims to be a man, but always takes on the form of woman."


She slowly followed behind them, her mind in a daze. 'Truce Canyon? Evergreen Forest? Flea? Slash? Where am I, really…?' She studied her surroundings carefully. It certainly didn't look anything like Zeal… The sky was too dark, the grass too dull, and the water too dirty. But surely, she couldn't be on the Terra Continent either. It was much too warm…no blizzards, and no sign of the Earthbound villages.

'Could I have gone through time? Could Belthasar have been right?'

She glanced around her continually as they traveled down rocky paths and through gaps in shrubbery. 'This world…it can't be the world of Zeal that I've grown up in. Belthasar must have been right! I must be in a different time!'

"What year is this?" she absentmindedly asked.

They both stopped and did a double take.

"I…uh…don't remember."

"It's 590 AD."

A rough, foreign voice interrupted them. "Mystics! Monsters! Attack them!"

The Naga-ette quickly grabbed Schala and dove out of the way of an arrow, and cowered behind a rock. "The humans! We'll die for sure!"

Terrified, she peered over the rock and saw a team of four hunters closing in on them. The Goblin leapt out and charged them, but was struck down by two of the men with swords.

Without thinking, Schala leapt out and summoned the power of thunder to strike down one of the men. But before she could chant another spell, something struck her painfully in the back of her head, and she went tumbling to the ground, nearly passing out. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched the Naga-ette as it was slain.

"No!" she coughed, but it was too late. She turned her face down in the grass, feeling blood drip down the side of her neck. But before long, she became painfully aware of the remaining three men standing over her.

"What have we here…? Is this a mystic?"

"Careful!" another man shouted. "Don't let her cast another spell on you."

"Hmm. Put the bangle on her. She won't be able to use her magic then."

Her arm was presently jerked upwards, with a force that could have easily dislocated it. She cried out in pain and struggled up to her feet as a tight, metal amulet was forced around her wrist. "W-Wait!" she cried. "I'm human!"


"She could be an elf. Look at her ears."

"And the hair…"

"I'm not an Elf!" She tried to jerk her arm away, but the man's iron grip held firm. "I am Princess Schala of Zeal, and I command you to release me at once!" As soon as the words left her lips, she sorely regretted them. If she was indeed in 590 AD, they'd have no idea what Zeal was, or who in the world she was.

"Of course. I knew I'd seen someone like her before. The blue hair, the pointy ears."

"She looks just like that mystic terrorist, Magus!"

"She must be part of his hierarchy, then. She's too valuable to just kill."

"That right! We just heard them talking about the magician, Flea! She must be in league with them!"

Schala jerked her arm away quickly. "Unhand me!" she shouted defiantly, and brought her hands together to summon another spell. Beams of light extended from her palms as she chanted a powerful lightening attack, but before she could release the spell, it strangely fizzled and backfired on her, the force knocking her to the ground. She sat up immediately, a bit stunned by the spell's reaction.

And suddenly, the bangle on her wrist began to burn intensely, sending electrifying waves though her body for several seconds until the reaction ceased.

"No…" she muttered helplessly. The agonizing pain had not yet ceased—her magic, though weakened, was quite powerful, and it seemed as if she'd just been subjected to her own spell.

The men just laughed. "That's the beauty of those magic bangles. You see, you cast a spell, and it comes raining back down on you."

"How…did you—?"

"Shut up. We're not here to answer your questions." She presently found a crushing grip on her throat as she was forced up to her knees. "You're in league with Magus, aren't you?"

She desperately tried to pull his hand away from her throat, his iron grip constricting her airway severely.

"Answer me!"

"N-no…!" she managed to croak, desperately trying to breathe. "I'm--!" She didn't get to finish the sentence, because she was abruptly thrown back against the ground.

"Tie her up."

"No!" she screamed, but no one was around to hear her. She tried and tried to fight, but she stood no chance against three grown men. Her arms were pulled behind her back and bound so painfully tightly she could hardly move them. "Please, don't!" she begged hopelessly, tears streaming down her face. A hand was pressed tightly over her mouth, and then a good deal of cloth was forced in and secured so that she could not speak. Another rope was produced and tied around her neck so tightly she felt she could barely breathe. When they were done, they dropped her back to the ground to converse among themselves for a moment.

"What a strange one, even for a mystic. She's so human-like."

"She does seem to be human…Then again, so does that Magus, if you ask me."

"Aww, man. Come on! This is a payday for us! If she's human, we won't get squat for her!"

"Be quiet. I didn't say I particularly cared, did I? All I want is my money. Human or mystic, she's just another paycheck to me. Either way, she'll be easy enough to pass off."

"Oooo, who do you think will pay the most for her? Porre'll pay us at least four hundred!"

"Nah, Dorino will pay us at least that much! All we gotta do is claim she's related to Magus!"

"You know, Everstein Bekkler has let it be known he's looking for all sorts of creatures—humans, mystics, and monsters. His ad said he'd pay up to five thousand for a particularly rare one."

"Isn't he that guy Porre hired to find a better way to fight the mystics?"


"Isn't his place near the Cursed Woods?"


The three men glanced over at the body of their fallen comrade. "What about him?"

"Forget him. Its more for us if we don't have to share it with him."

Schala was fighting the urge of throw up as she lay on the ground, listening to them talk. The cloth that had been stuffed in her mouth was bitter with the taste of sweat and dirt, and there was nothing she could do about it. Tears streamed down her face, and her body was racked with sobs. She was lost. Completely and utterly lost. Not only did she have no knowledge about the world around her, she was far displaced from her own time.

How she longed to see her brother, and know he was all right… But it seemed that he had not fallen to this time period. She prayed silently to whatever entity that might hear her that he had landed in a much safer place than she had.

Despite her worries for Janus, she was absolutely terrified for herself. While it didn't seem they were going to kill her, she feared other things that they might do… After all, she was a pretty young woman of seventeen years. And they were probably the drunk, loner types…

She shivered at the thought. 'Best not to think of such things…'

Her thoughts were interrupted as the rope around her neck was pulled abruptly. "Come on, now. And don't try anything funny."

Schala let out a painful cry as she was drug abruptly behind them, but it was so muffled she could barely hear it herself. She stumbled to her feet and tried to keep up with their brisk pace. The entire ordeal with the Mammon Machine and Lavos had left her physically drained, and she had not had time to recover. So unfortunately, keeping up was a painful process. More than once, she had tripped, and they would not stop for her. She found herself drug along behind them on her back, the rope constricting so tight she felt it would crush her windpipe if pulled any tighter. Of course, she'd fight her way to her feet and try to keep up again.

Finally, she could keep up no longer, and fell down, simply unable to get back up. Once again, they would not stop for her, and drug her along behind. Grasping the rope with her hands, trying to relieve the pressure on her neck, she tried to pull herself back up, but tripped, and fell over the side of the nearby ledge.

'Oh no…' was the only thought she had time to process before the cord tightened sickeningly around her neck, as she dangled there on the side of the cliff. But she was too light, and the sudden trauma did not snap her neck. Instead, she hung there suffocating as they slowly pulled her back up.

"Guys, we don't want to kill her. Bekkler will only take her if she's alive."

"Fine. Carry her, then. But tie up her legs, first! I don't want to be kicked."

Again, they tossed her to the ground painfully. The rope was untied from her neck and then secured around her legs. For the brief moment of rest, Schala was very grateful. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed being able to breathe for the moment. She realized as she felt the rope around her legs that her cloak that she normally wore was long gone, as well as her shoes. Her purple dress was still intact…mostly. She could feel that the bottom of it was ripped in several places, but other than that…

Again, her thoughts were interrupted by a painfully strong grip on her waist. One of the men picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, but Schala had no strength to protest. As the upper half of her body was slung upside down, she felt blood rushing to—and out of—her head from her earlier injury.

The dizziness and pain overwhelmed her, and she was drawn back into unconsciousness.



AN: Everstein Bekkler is intended to be an ancestor of Norstein Bekkler, of the Millennial Fair. The Evergreen Forest is my own creation, and is intended to be a mystic haven. It's located near the fallen Northern Palace (In fact, it's the forest surrounding the fallen Elemental Northern Palace of Zeal, and holds the item of Great Strengh, and the item of Great Defense...but you can only choose one).

The bangle used in this chapter is, in fact, an Odine Bangle borrowed from Final Fantasy 8. It seems practical to me that humans should have a way of containing the magic power of their mystic prisoners, so I incorporated the magic-contianing jewelry into this story.

Update coming soon. Thank you for reading!