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Author's Note: This is my first Evolution fic. I've only played Evolution Worlds, so veterans of the game will probably notice that this may be somewhat different.


I can't believe she's gone

I thought I could protect her

Protect her from everything

She always seemed right there with me

In every endeavor we faced

Even if she wasn't with me in body
(And I couldn't always protect that)
I could always protect her soul

But now I feel that's gone too

I feel empty and alone

I feel like a piece of me is missing

Never in my life did I ever imagine she could leave me

Although Yurka died

And he was an "organic cyframe" too

I guess it just never occured to me that I couldn't protect her

from everything

Why was she taken from me?

Then again
Why do I care so much?

Maybe it's only because it was my father's last wish before he left
And watching over her was making up for his absence

But after all those years

She kinda grew on me

She was like my little sister
Despite the fact that she was older (and taller)

She always seemed to be so innocent and defenseless
(AND was the literal definition of cute)

So I took extra care and time in protecting her

Like I was born to do it

Like it was my destiny

But when I think about it now

She was already strong enough
She was always strong enough
So was her will

She never needed my protection

But why didn't she just tell me to back off?

Maybe she didn't mind

Neither did I now that I think about it

Maybe I




Yes, I loved her

Like a sister

A very close little sister

She was so caring to all

Even to Yurka

Even when Yurka was mean

She saw right through his disguise
And she trusted and cared for him
(Much to my dismay at the time)

She knew there was a good in everyone
(Something everyone should learn)

Maybe it's a girl thing
(Nah, Chain's not like that)

Or an Evolutia of Healing instinct

No, it wasn't

Being an Evolutia piece had nothing to do with her personality

It was all Linear

Like I said before

Linear is just Linear, no matter what

But if I could change one thing

I would've taken the time to tell her all of this before she left

And to tell her

How much I

cared about



She probably would've replied, "I know you do, Mag,"

But she doesn't understand
No one could possibly understand

How much she truly meant to me

Seeing her die
After all we've been through together

The kidnappings
The discoveries
The adventures
The endless surprises
The dangers
No matter what

We've always pulled through safe
We've always pulled through together

I'm not sure how I'll go on

But I'll try
I'll try harder at this than at anything I've ever done in my life

To let her know
And to let myself know
That this is just another obstacle for us to overcome
Just another obstacle in one of our many adventures
We'll overcome this together just like we always do

I feel your soul returning to me as I reassure myself..

I'll take your hand and we'll run down that next corridor
We'll fight more enemies and gain more levels
We'll approach the final Boss and fight to the very end

Just like we always do

I feel you take my hand and lead me to the Society..


I boldly ask Nina for another assignment and we head for the ruins..

Perhaps you do realize how much you mean to me

Cause I mean that much to you

Otherwise you wouldn't be here
Holding my hand
And fighting this Big Ben horde beside me

...in spirit