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Notes: My first story in this fandom. Every time I watch an anime, I can't help but wonder what the kid versions of adult characters would be like. So I made this up. It's actually only between two characters. None of it is intended to be true so don't take it seriously. Just experimenting and having a little fun.

This is the rating because it contains one bad word. But that wasn't the meaning the word implied. And if your the type of person that doesn't cuss, you'll probably find a few very minor curse words.

Summary: Maes Hughes: Age 11. Roy Mustang: Age 9. The meeting of two idiots.

The small countryside town of Hampton was a quaint and peaceful little town. Littered with meadows and small valleys. Not much happened in this town. It was different from the big cities like Central or Dublith. No tall buildings or many cars. Children could play to their hearts content without having their parents worry or fussing over them.

Of course, not all children played.

One child in particular leaned against the trunk of a thick tree as he watched boys his age slinging mud at each other. The shade provided cool winds and soft breezes. His raven-black hair ruffled against the wind. His eyes were deep pools of black, but warm. Filled with young innocence and a hunger for knowledge. At least the knowledge part was right. The little boy was interested in alchemy: the science of transforming one substance into another through means of equivalent trade.

Because of his small obsession with alchemy, he didn't play with the other children. Not that he wanted to be left alone, but he practiced alchemy and he knew an ignorant child would probably step into his array and then he would be blamed for that child's loss of something, be it an eye or arm. He didn't feel like being blamed for anything so he distanced himself. Best to play it safe, his grandparents always said.

He didn't have many resources when it came to alchemy. The only chance he had was to ask a passing alchemist, or buy books from the junk shop with his weekly pocket change. No alchemists dwelled in this small town. Too small for research. He lived with his grandparents and they knew nothing about alchemy except the law of equivalence.

Perhaps this boy dwelled too much on alchemy, for he didn't seem to know much else. He knew quite a bit for a nine-year old when it came to the sciences but, it seemed he still didn't know a few of the more important things, things that were often taken for granted.

But it wasn't exactly his fault that he didn't know what those things were. He was too young to have had the time to realize it then. Then again, time waited for no one.

The same boy walked through the upper trail with a pure look of boredom. People occasionally passed by saying a usual 'hi' or 'hello' or any other greeting that was known. Two little blonde girls passed by with small baskets full of flowers. Twins. They were talking to each other briefly, and the boy caught the words "Mom is going to like these!"


The boy twisted his head a little at the word 'mom'. He remembered asking his grandparents what that word meant five years ago. They were hesitant to explain but did so anyway. A mom was a woman that gave birth to their children. She would take care of them and would be one of two parents. The other parent was a 'dad'. He would be around the same as the mom but the dad could not give birth.

While Roy had been trying to process that information about parents, his grandparents eventually came upon the subject of sex and babies. Whatever any of that was, Roy didn't know and he wouldn't know for a while. He realized that whatever they were talking about, he probably didn't want to hear so he cut that explanation short by simply saying, "Stop! I'm not ready for any of that stuff!"

He could hardly remember which of anybody's parents was the mother and which was the father at that time so that wasn't the time to confuse him more. And he had a feeling it would've been a rather nasty explanation. Even though they explained it was a natural process, it still sounded nasty. A lot of natural things seemed nasty for some strange reason.

He remembered idiotically asking his grandparents if they were his parents. Of course they replied 'no' and chuckled at the naive question. But they said his parents were nice people that would always help people in need no matter who they were. When he asked where they were, the old couple's replies became tense. His father died in an accident before he was born. His mother passed away a week after giving birth to him as her body couldn't recover from the stress and damage. There was no doctor available at that time and a midwife was out of the question, so the neighbors had to make do.

His mother lived long enough to name him. Roy Mustang. Said boy smiled slightly. His last name was amusing to him. He didn't understand why his father's surname was Mustang. He was fine with 'Roy' being his first name. And he was fine with 'Mustang' being his surname. But his surname sounded like a horse to him. He pondered the different possibilities of surnames using different names of horses.

Roy Mustang…Roy Horse? Roy Palomino? Roy Stallion? Roy Pony? Blech! I'm happy with my original name.

Then he went farther into the species.

Roy Donkey? Roy Mule? Roy…Ass? Damn, my name can be insulted pretty easily. Sucks.

But Roy still snickered at his surname alterations. As ridiculous as they were, he couldn't help but laugh at them. He hadn't arrived at the age of pride yet so he felt no embarrassment toward his thoughts so far. He decided that Mustang was definitely the best of them.

Loud footsteps pounded on the dirt behind him. He didn't bother to turn around as he thought whatever it was would see him. He suddenly felt something large collide with his back as both rolled and skidded painfully on the dirt.

Great. Looks like I was wrong.


Another boy that didn't play with other children often was currently running from an angry horse. He didn't intend to make it mad. He was passing by when all of a sudden he bumped into it's rear. It was his fault for not paying attention to the road but this horse quite plainly just had a horrible temper.


"Uh, good horsy?"

The boy's black, naturally spiked hair blew in all directions as he ran as fast as he could down the trail with an angry horse closing in behind him.

Why me?

He questioned God, the fates, and just about anything. That was enough to annoy everyone within the vicinity of his voice. The boy had interesting qualities. He was quite perceptive and thought things through before doing them, which was saying a lot, as few did the same. But he was also hyperactive and clumsy and loved to brag about anything to just about anything that had ears. But he was clever as well. No one knew exactly how to classify him. He was a busy-body but, he was hilarious and good-natured as well.

There was also another good quality about him: He helped just about anyone in any way he deemed fitting. He had a habit of poking up his glasses with his middle finger often. The glasses weren't too big. But for some reason they slipped off.

The boy was rather fond of talking. Talking lots. He barely ever shut up for long. Sometimes he'd say the wrong things and sometimes he'd hit the mark. His words were wild cards unto themselves.

The boy lived with his parents. No siblings as he was the only child. He didn't care. He was content with the fact that he wouldn't be bothered but he was sad that he had a few less people to bother. His family had recently moved to this little countryside. He started meeting people quickly and within the first week he'd met everyone.

Or so he thought.

The boy was still running and started running faster as his adrenaline finally kicked in. He knew he would eventually have to stop but he hoped it wasn't soon. He poked up his glasses as they started to slip every so often.

"Maes Hughes! What do you think your doing?"

Oh no. That was a voice he knew all too well

"I'm running from a horse, mom!" he said in a combination of panic and joviality, a thing only he could manage to do.

He didn't want his mother to worry. But he was currently more worried about his own hide as opposed to his mother's way of worry.

I'm not ready to die!

Maes Hughes heard a long neigh echo from the horse, and he turned his head to find that the horse's owner had stopped him in his tracks. Maes would've stopped but, as he turned his eyes to the road, he found himself colliding into something a little shorter than him but large nonetheless.

What the-?

Roy rubbed the back of his aching head as he stared at the heap of the thing that collided into him. Another boy. Taller. Older. The other boy stood up as well and also began to analyze each other. They both noticed each other's gazes and they looked away.

"Watch where your going." Was Roy really that small to overlook or was he just invisible?


Roy could only stare and then he pointed at the boy's nostrils. "Your nose is bleeding."

Maes stared and pointed at Roy's head. "Your head's bleeding."

So, one obvious thing was established: They were both bleeding.

Maes stretched out his hand. "Maes Hughes. Just moved here."

Roy stared blankly at the outstretched hand and took it. "Roy Mustang. Been here all my life."

"Mustang? Ironic. I was just being chased by a horse."

At that, Roy snickered and waved his hand at Maes's questioning gaze. "I'll explain later."

Maes picked up his glasses. One of the lenses was cracked and the other was on the ground completely shattered. "My glasses broke. Damn. My mom is going to kill me."

Roy looked at him questioningly. "I break my glasses a lot," was the reply he received for his efforts. Roy didn't ask permission as he took the glasses from the other boy's hands. He put a finger to his head and wiped off a bit of blood as he drew a small array on the ground. He put his hands on the ground and electricity crackled in the air around them. The light died and Maes stepped back as Roy shoved the glasses on his face. The lenses were good as new.

Maes took them off and observed them while Roy waited patiently.

"Wow. You're an alchemist?"

Roy nodded.


Roy waved off the gratitude. "Forget it."

Maes looked at his house behind him and suddenly had an idea. "Hey, you want to come to my house?"

Roy's eyes widened at the invitation. "Uh…" was all he could muster from his throat.

Maes pushed. "Come on. I have some other things I want you to fix. Plus you can get a bandage for your head. And my mom bakes good pie."

Before Roy could protest, Maes had already took hold of his newfound friend's wrist and dragged him along to his house, yapping away as if his nose wasn't throbbing and the recent horse incident never happened.

Roy stared at Maes with another blank look, oblivious to what the future held.

What have I gotten myself into?

Roy's surname really reminded me of a horse when I first heard it. I thought I heard wrong so I went back to introduction many times. The different variations of his name were fun to write and think of. It was hard to type while laughing. Yeah, I laugh at weird things. I don't know how the two met or when but I wanted to make this up after watching episode 25 again. The nostalgic feeling was getting to me. I remind you again, don't take this story seriously. You think Roy would really insult himself? Actually, I'm not sure of that...If I think of more, I might put up a few more chapters just for fun. If someone actually read this, tell me what you think.