As the writer's block refuses to budge at The Path Not Taken, I hope this little"What-if?" one-shot will do for now...

Seven year old Cassandra could barely contain herself. Romania was so lovely. The Adratic Sea seemed to call to her, with its azure shades and waves. The scenery was breath taking. And...words failed her here. Her family had brought her there on their yearly vacation. And it had thrilled her little heart and soul to explore the area outside the inn-with a servant of course.


"Ten, nine, eight..."

Cornelius began counting as Cassandra ran to find a hiding place. The house the Mouskeris were residing in looked over the beautiful Adratic Sea

"..Five, four, three..."

As the girl tried to find a hiding place, she tripped over a rock. She could not stop her momentum and continued towards the cliff. She tried grabbing onto a root, only for it to snap –and her to tumble down the cliff, screaming.The last thing she felt was the impact of her body slamming into the cold waters-and darkness claimed her.


Dracula's eyes snapped open as Night fell


The scent of blood was in the air...Interesting.

A child's-probably 7...female...injured...And in the sea-

Transforming, he flew towards the Adratic Sea.


The waters slashed at the child like vicious carving knives. She was unconsious -and in pain.

Her hair resembled a raven shroud half wrapping round her and half swimming with the waters.

Shroud...wasn't that used for funerals? How ironic.

Was this the end? Would anyone find her? Could they?

Suddenly, a figure rocketed into the water-towards her. Strong arms firm as steel wrapped round her.

She was saved.