Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, stood and adressed the school. "Students and Staff, it is my job to inform you that there has been a mistake made in the changing of Headmasters and of certain professors. It has been found, through much study, that the current Headmaster is not the proper man for the job and that several professors are also in need of replacements. Therefore, I present your new Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore!"

There was a thunderous round of applause as Dumbledore stood at his old place in the Great Hall. After a moment, he waved his hand for silence. "Thank you for your kind welcome. I have truly missed being here. I hope that during my absence you have all been dilligent in your studies." He paused, and there was laughter among the students. "I see that we are missing a few students today." He noticed, and Peter looked around, noticing the empty places where James and Remus had sat. "Hopefully, they will not be missing for too much longer." Peter wondered if Dumbledore realized that the 'missing' students had actually been expelled. "Now, if you will welcome back your Professors," Here McGonagal and the others who had been replaced entered the Great Hall, "We shall begin breakfast."

Peter munched on his food, and Sirius didn't try to eat at all. They were too busy contemplating the loss off their other friends. They had been expelled, but surely Dumbledore would let them come back! But expulsions were permanent...

"Mind if I sit here?" Sirius looked up. It was James! He and Peter jumped shouting, and Sirius was slapping James on the shoulder when Moony arrived.

"I think they missed you." Moony said to James. "How sweet."

"Yeah, well, I'm glad to be back." James replied.

"Me too."

Soon everything was back the way it should be, just in time for exams, which most people failed miserably (except for our Maruaders) due to lack of teaching and studying and learning in general during Dumbledore's absence. Dumbledore announced that evening that due to certain...complications, exams would not be counted this year, which meant that everybody passed, whether they should have or not.

Our marauders caused trouble, and three of them worked on their special project (which, as you will remember, was becoming animagi), and soon it was time to go home for Summer Break.

Since it turned out that Mr. Potter wasn't bothered by the fact the Remus was a werewolf (and had given up disliking him because of his father), the four marauders spent most of the summer playing at James', but occasionaly went to Peter's or Moony's, but never to Sirius' due to the fact that they wouldn't be welcome (they didn't really want to go there anyway, so that didn't bother them anyway).

Summer slipped quickly by, and soon the Marauders would find themselves back for another year at Hogwarts.

The End.