Chapter 11:

Kagome could feel someone on top of her. He put his hands on the ground and pushed himself off of Kagome.

"Kagome? What the hell are you doing here?!" Inuyasha yelled.

"I was worried about you." Kagome replied as she got up. "There's only five minutes left. He wouldn't have enough time to do anything."

"That's what you think!" A voice came from in the bushes. Then Koga jumped out in front of Kagome and Inuyasha.

"Leave her alone!" Inuyasha yelled as he stood in front of Kagome.

"Yeah right! She's mine!" Koga yelled as he leapt at Kagome.

Kagome pulled out her bow and an arrow and set herself up. "I don't wanna do this Koga!" Kagome warned.

"Kagome! Shoot him!" Inuyasha yelled.

Kagome trembled. She could shoot her friend with a sealing arrow or she could be raped. It wasn't a hard decision, but Kagome couldn't do it.

"Shoot him!" Inuyasha yelled.

Kagome shot the arrow and sealed Koga to a tree.

"Kagome?" Koga asked.

Kagome had tears coming from her eyes. She really had hoped it wouldn't come to this. She fell to her knees crying, and Koga closed his eyes.

Inuyasha walked over to Kagome and held her tight. "It's OK Kagome. You didn't have any other choice." Inuyasha said as he ran his hand through Kagome's hair.

"But it's that fact that he's my friend. And I'm the one who had to do it." Kagome cried into Inuyasha's kimono.

Then the sun started to rise.

"Look Kagome. The sun's rising, and you can break the spell. Just like you did for me." Inuyasha pointed out. "You didn't kill him, you just sealed him to the tree, like Kikyo did to me fifty years ago."

Kagome walked up to Koga. Should I do it? What if he hates me for it and tries to kill me? Kagome asked herself as she reached her hand to the arrow.

"I'm right here Kagome." Inuyasha said as he put his hand on Kagome's shoulder.

Kagome wrapped her hand around the arrow and it disappeared. Koga fell to the ground and Kagome caught him as best she could, but fell to the ground with him on top of her.

Koga opened his eyes to find himself on top of Kagome.

"Kagome?" He asked as he pulled himself up.

"Hey! Wolf boy! Get off of Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled as he stomped over to Koga.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome warned, and Inuyasha stopped dead in his tracks.

"What happened to me?" Koga asked.

"You weren't yourself for a while." Kagome answered.

"I'm sorry Kagome." Koga said as he gave Kagome a hug. "Did I hurt you? I'm sorry. I didn't mean for anything to happen."

"It's OK. It's not your fault." Kagome tried to help Koga feel a little better. "Now. You and Inuyasha both have injuries. Why don't I take you both back to the village and I'll get you guy fixed up."

"WHAT?!" Inuyasha yelled. "The guy chased you around for the past two days and almost raped you! And you want to be that nice to him?!"

"It wasn't his fault!" Kagome yelled back.

"Kagome! It was his fault! No one forced him to go near you when he knew you were in your day and that you were trying to get away from the rest of those wolves! No one made him chase you around for the past two days and scare you to death! It was his fault!" Inuyasha yelled.

Kagome was surprised, he actually sounded like he thought about what he had said before he said it this time.

"Inuyasha! It might have been his fault! But he said he was sorry! And we can't just leave him injured the way he is! Now! He's coming or I'll say 'it'!" Kagome yelled.

"Whatever." Inuyasha sighed as he followed Kagome and Koga to the village.

AN- Well there you have it. A happy ending for a good story. I hope you enjoyed it.