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┬┐What would have happened if Shang hadn't stayed with the Fa's to dinner?

Chapter 1.- The message.

Two long years had been since China was in danger for the last time. And many things have changed since then. Mulan was now a beautiful woman, and she had kept her hair short. After the time they had stopped talking about 'the girl that save China', and most forgot about it. She was as any woman in the village, except she hadn't yet gotten married. Mushu was still her guardian, and friend, as well as Crikee. She always remembered that man, the one she loved...

"Li Shang..." Mulan murmured just then, as she fed Khan.

Just then she heard it, drums. And that meant just one thing.

Mulan ran to the doors of the house and opened them as a group of men arrived, as she had expected, Chi-Fu, was between those men.

"I come to deliver a message to Mr. Fa Ping." Chi-Fu said.

Mulan looked puzzled, didn't he know she was...

"I'll give it to him." Mulan said as she took the message.

"They shall be waiting for a response before sunset tomorrow." Chi-Fu said as he left.

Mulan had a strange feeling as she opened the message.

"Who was it Mulan?" her mother asked.

"The emperor's Adviser." Mulan answered. "He brought a message."

"Whom for?" her father asked.

"Ping." Mulan answered as she was about to read it.

Her parents looked at her puzzled.

"It's me, in one way or another." Mulan replied, she read the message in silence. "Oh my God." She gasped.

"What is it girl?" her grandma said stepping out of the house.

"Problems." Mulan said sharply as she ran into the house. "Big ones."

Her parents and grandmother watched as Mulan took a bag and packed a blue dress, and some indispensable things. Then she got off her red blouse and skirt and dressed in the battle outfit that belonged to her father.

"Mulan, what do you think you're doing?" Fa Zhou asked as he got an idea what her daughter pretended.

"Pardon me father, but they need my help." Mulan answered as she tied her hair up. "There are a few Huns trying to take over again."

"The army will stop them." Her mother insisted.

"They already tried, and most of them were captured." Mulan said.

"If they were defeated, what tells you you'll be able to win?" her father asked.

"Because I already won over them once, and I'll do it again." Mulan said with self-confidence. "Besides, the captured ones, they are my friends, I won't leave them to die." Then she added to herself. 'And I have a strange feeling they're waiting for me...

Mrs. And Mr. Fa understood there was no way they could stop their daughter.

Mulan headed to the little shrine in her farm, once there she knelt down.

"Ancestors, guide me and protect me, please." She pleaded.

She was about to leave the shrine when she heard someone calling her.

"Mulan!" the voice called.

"Mushu!" she said surprised to see him awake.

"Where do you think you're going without me?" Mushu asked.

"To rescue my friends." Mulan replied, walking as Mushu followed her.

"Well," Mushu said. "You aren't going anywhere...without me. I'm your guardian, remember?"

They reached the farm's doors, Khan was ready.

"Is that cow coming with us again?" Mushu asked.

Khan looked at him with burning eyes.

"Mushu..." Mulan started.

"Fine, fine." Mushu said as he jumped to Mulan's shoulder.

"Please take care of yourself dear." Mrs. Fa called.

"I'll be okay mom, dad, don't worry." Mulan said as she got ready. "Hia!"

Khan got away.

"Yeah! Let's go kick some Huns' asses!" they could hear Mushu calling in the distance.

By the next day, around mid-afternoon, Mulan arrived to the camp.

"Name?" the guard asked.

"Fa Ping." She said trying to act like a man and handing him the message she had received.

"Mr. Fa, they're waiting for you." The guard said as he pointed one of the tents.

"Thank you." Mulan said as she headed to where she was told.

Once inside she noticed a group of men, probably the soldiers that escaped the last battle, they were preparing an attack. Se looked at the map that was there. It was of a big farm, it even had its own lake.

"So the Huns are here." The captain was saying. "They have the emperor in the main bedroom here." He pointed to one of the rooms. "And the rest of our men should be in one of the saloons over here." He pointed to another one. "We should be able to pass the first group of guards and enter by one of the lateral windows and..."

"Excuse me sir, Who are you?" another man asked Mulan.

"Fa Ping." She answered, again showing the message. "I was called yesterday."

The man nodded and left.

"And after we have the emperor safe and sane and out of the grounds we'll be able to open fire. Everything shall be burnt down so we'll be sure all the Huns die. Understood?" the captain asked.

All of the men nodded.

The men left, and as Mulan was about to do the same Chi-Fu entered and stopped her.

"So you came." He said. "Am I surprised?"

"What happened Chi-Fu?" she asked getting off her man-role.

"Didn't you read the message?" Chi-Fu asked.

"Of course I did, why else would I be here?" she asked annoyed. "I need details."

"What details you need?" Chi-Fu asked, but he didn't wait for an answer, he continued. "The emperor and General Li Shang were with a few soldiers in the Royal-summer-house, they were attacked, surrounded and with no ways to escape. Some other soldiers tried to rescue them, and most of them died. So we're planning new tactics."

"They won't work." Mulan said then.

"Why is it you say that, may I ask?"

"You're planning everything to attack." Mulan explained. "But not to defend yourselves. I'm sure there'll be more than twenty guards. Just one slip, and you'll be dead." Chi-Fu was about to say something but she continued. "Besides, you're too many men, you'll call the attention immediately, you'll have all the Huns over yourselves before you even have time to get your bow ready."

"What can a woman know about war?" Chi-Fu asked mad.

"Well, I'm sure I know more than you do, Chi-Fu; I'm trained, Li Shang trained me, as well as the rest of the Chinese army; and I already fought the Huns two years ago, and defeat them." Mulan got really mad when she was underestimated because of her gender.

"Ok, and what's your plan if you may let me know?"

"Give me two hours, two hours from the moment we arrive on the limits of the house. I'll get in there, find the soldiers and the emperor."

"And how do you plan to do that, alone and without being caught?"

"You already said it, alone. I'll be able to pass unnoticed, and once I've freed the other soldiers things should be much easier. In case I fail you let in the rest of the army and do whatever you plan to do."


Mulan shook his hand as she left to get ready.

Chi-Fu thought, in normal circumstances he would have immediately refused to let her be on charge, but he was told to call her and trust her, so he had to do it. In case things went right the emperor, and all China, would be safe, and in case they didn't he would still be able to proof Women didn't belong to the battle field.


Meanwhile Mulan explained the plan to Mushu, and even though he didn't like the idea much, he knew there was no way to change Mulan's mind. So they just had to get the plan set, and prepare for the mission.

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