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Chapter 24: A Pirate's Life For Me

Lia's POV:

"Are ye feelin' better?

I rolled over from my position to face Anamaria with sad eyes. I knew she was trying to help but it wasn't enough. I smiled a little, reassuring her that I was okay even though I wasn't.

I sighed heavily as Anamaria began to smooth out my hair.

"What would you have done?" I asked curiously.

Anamaria pondered this for a minute, "I think the question would be what wouldn't I have done."

I sputtered as I tried to hold back a laugh, "What do you mean?"

I sat up as Anamaria grew serious, "See squirt, the thing is you can't plan who you fall in love with. Yer heart just knows its right when it happens and I think anyone daft enough not to follow it is a damn fool."

Anamaria quickly noticed my disapproving look, "No offence."

It didn't take long for me to understand what she meant. Falling in love was no simple matter, I knew that much but if your heart knew it was right then why fall in love with someone you cannot have? Was that also not planned?

I knew Anamaria thought of me as a fool even though she didn't really spell it out for me. Was there still time to find out if Will was right or if it was a mistake?

I didn't know.

Will's POV: 2 Months Later

A swirl of colors and paper masks everywhere, dresses so beautiful they made other women gasp in jealously, fine suits made of the best material and music sounding ever so lovely.

A masquerade

"Hide your face so the world would never find you…" I whispered to myself as I watched from the window, the many people dancing with their lovers.

Many times Elizabeth had said that to me when she put on her mask when I attended one with her on our engagement night.

I watched as Elizabeth twirled on the dance floor in the arms of her new love, Commodore Norrington.

With our dissociation and my feelings for her way behind me I still felt a sting of disgust creep up my spine whenever I saw them together.

She looked so happy.

I pushed away from the window, leaving behind what could have been forever as I walked down the dirt path back to the city.

The music and laughter died off, as I got further away.

It was then that a thought occurred to me as I entered the city.

If love was all about taking chances then that was what I had to do.

Take a chance.

The sight and feeling of the city melted away as I kept focused on what I knew I had to do. The essence of fortitude coursed through my veins.

As if appearing as a faint light from the end of a tunnel came the wonderful smell of the ocean, original in its beauty. I closed my eyes, letting the sounds of the waves crashing flood my ears.

For a moment I had forgotten why I came in the first place to the harbor.

Looking up and down the docks, I stopped a small cargo ship getting ready to sail.

As fast as I could I ran down to reach it before it sailed off.

"Excuse me!" I shouted as I waved my arm to get attention of whoever was present.

A tall broad man with a brown overcoat straightened up as he heard my calls.

"Sir, with all do respect, I need a ride and I need one immediately."

The man raised an eyebrow as he lit his pipe, "Where you headed, boy?"

I ran my hand through my hair as I thought of a better reason then the one I had, "I…I don't know but I need to find someone."

The man shook his head, "Sorry but I can't help you."

I growled in frustration as I reached into my pocket. I pulled out a handful of cash and a bag of shillings.

"I trust this will change your mind." I said as I thrust it into the man's face.

The man finished smoking his pipe and put it away, not taking his eyes off the money.

"I know how to sail," I said, working up a bargain, "And I will work very hard if you need."

The man's thick eyebrows rose as he thought about it. I was practically begging but I knew with this money that my chances were high.

I held a firm grip on the money as I kept it held out. I wasn't going to take no for an answer.

For a second, I looked up to the ship, watching the twenty or so men leaning over the gunwall watch me in my request. Their eyes told me I was a fool to want a ride to an unknown destination but I knew for certain that The Black Pearl had not left the Spanish Main.

Finally the man nodded toward the ship, "Alright then."

I smiled proudly as he swiped the money rudely from my hand.

"Hey boy!" he called as I walked up the gangplank. He waved his arm across his body, gesturing to the ship.

"I believe we have got plenty of sailors so you'll be swabbing the decks."

A sailor pushed a mop in my hands. He grinned, laughing uncouthly. I knew most men didn't prefer this job but if this was going to get me where I needed to go then so be it.

"Weigh anchor!" the man called as he got aboard, "Hoist the sails!"

Lia's POV:


I opened my eyes and looked down from the crow's nest.

Jack stood there looking up to me with his arms crossed, "Lia, get down here!"

I giggled as I threw a small piece of bread I had at him. Jack recoiled as it hit him right in the face.

"Lia, don't make me come up there!"

"Just let me have my fun then we will see, okay?" I called back. An unusually soft wind was blowing today and I wanted nothing more then to feel it from the highest point of the ship.

For the first time in two months, I was happy and I didn't want to feel guilty about it.

I stretched out over the railing with my eyes closed, feeling the wind as it washed over me.

I couldn't see him but I knew Jack was smiling at seeing me so content. After weeks of nightmares and isolation, everything had finally come together and I knew no one was more happier than Jack to see me smile.

My hair grew out a bit so it was looking quite nice. Still short but easy to tell I was indeed a girl. Most of the memories of The Mystic were gone from my mind never to be seen again and I was without a doubt back to normal.

I opened my arms to the wind, letting it possess me. For a good minute I thought of what it would be like to fly. To be one with the wind and just soar…

I opened my eyes as I let my arms fly. I quickly brought them down as I saw something heading our way.

A cargo ship.

I pulled out a small spyglass I had attached to my belt to get a better look. As I looked through the magnifying glass, I saw a young man waving at us from the rigging.

Not being able to tell who it was I quickly put away my spyglass and decided to call to Jack.

Jack's POV:

"Sail Ho!"

I turned to see the ship approaching as I heard Lia's cries. I was just about to call forth the men for battle when I heard another voice.


A faint distant voice was calling out from the ship, but who?

I let go of the rudder and walked closer to the stern. I grabbed the rigging and pulled myself up so I was standing on the gunwall to get a better look.

I squinted intuitively and shaded my eyes from the sun as I watched and waited for the ship to get closer.

"Jack!" Slowly coming into focus was a young man. He too was up in the rigging, waving his arm like a madman.

My eyes widened when I recognized who it was.

Quickly I ran down the stairs to the port side of the ship waiting for him to get closer to get him on board.

Lia's POV:

I rested my back against the mast that stuck out from the crow's nest. I wrinkled my eyebrows as I saw Jack run from his post at the helm to the port side on the main deck. Most of the crew dropped what they were doing to join him.

What was all the commotion?


I raised my head sharply as I head a voice call my name, coming from that ship! I leaned over the railing to see who it was.

Standing on the gunwall against the rigging, waving his arm like mad with a smile on his face was Will!

My heart leaped to my throat at the very sight of him. Quickly I grabbed hold of the nest's edge and pulled myself onto it, jumped off the crow's nest and fell onto the mainmast. Next I jumped up onto my feet and tiptoed swiftly to the rigging tied off at the edge.

I grabbed the rope and slid down toward the main deck.

Jack's POV:

I stepped up into the rigging with a rope in my hand.

"Hold it tight now!" I called to my men who had a firm grip on the rope.

Will reached out his arm as the ship began to pass by. Using all my might, I tossed the rope for him to catch.



One swift pull sent Will flying into the air. He soared high over my head and roughly landed on the deck. He immediately slipped as he landed and fell hard on his back.

As if planning out a cue, Lia came out of nowhere, sliding down the mainmast's riggings.

Will immediately stood up at the site of her. With a smile so big, Lia ran over to him and jumped in his arms.

Will wrapped his arms around her waist and twirled her around. Both indeed were in sheer bliss as they gazed in each other's eyes, laughing together.

I cleared my throat loudly to get their attention.

Will slowly put her down as their eyes met mine.

Lia's POV:

Jack shifted his weight all to one side as he stood there looking quite swaggered.

"I 'ardly expected to get back to ye so soon, Will."

Will straightened as he took my hand in his.

He held out his other hand to Jack, looking very defiant, "Jack, I'm requesting permission to join The Black Pearl."

A small grin played on Jack's lips, "I never thought I'd see the day…"

"Well, people change Jack, " Will looked to me, "Most times for the better."

I smiled as I realized he was referring to me.

"Well then, William Turner…" Jack pondered for a moment. I squeezed Will's hand a bit for I knew Jack could be quite unpredictable.

"Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?"

Will smiled as I frowned. It seemed like an inside joke of some kind.

"You would know, Jack." Will replied.

"Of course I would." Jack then reached out and shook Will's hand.

"Like I've been saying, ye'd make a fine pirate." Jack let go of his hand and looked to me.

I smiled as he winked at me. I dropped Will's hand and ran forward into my father's arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he hugged me tightly.

"Thank you." I whispered in his ear.

He put me down and held my hand as he looked fondly around at his crew.

I felt his head rest on my shoulder as he leaned into my ear.

"I think its time you give the orders, sweet."

My heart began to pound as I looked all around the crew nervously, not knowing what to say but after taking a deep breath, I quickly I turned on the captain mode.

"On deck you mangy cads!" I called, "Man the braces! Let down and haul to run free!"

Quickly everyone had scattered. It felt weird having them obeying me but a good weird. I could feel a surge of authority flow through me.

Will smiled as he stood there watching me take charge.

"That goes for the new recruits too." Jack said.

Will nodded, "Aye captain."

With that he went off to follow the others. Jack walked off, leading me to the quarterdeck.

"Well Lia," he began, "I think its time for you to take your rightful place."

I wrinkled my brows, "Huh?"

As soon as we climbed the stairs, Jack pointed to the helm. I could feel my face glowing as I realized what he had meant.

"One day you will be Cap'n' of yer own ship. Might as well learn now."

Jack positioned me behind the wheel and placed my hands on the wheel, not letting go of my hands.

I stared in total complete awe as Jack steered the ship with my hands, guiding me. I had dreamed of this since I was a little girl.

I laughed out loud as Jack let go of me and stood back, letting me wield some control.

As the ship started to move fast against the wind, I threw my head back, laughing in sheer ecstasy as the wind ruffled through my hair.

Later That Night:

"Passing bells
and sculpted angels,
cold and monumental,
seem, for you,
the wrong companions -
you were warm and gentle…"

I sang softly a song I had written when I was thirteen. As I watched the silver light of the moon casting down, leaving a soft rippling reflection on the water.

This song I was singing used to fill me with such sadness for it was about seeing my mother again, missing her so much and the frustration of wanting to let go. But now it seemed replaced with a deep and calming serenity that ripped through every fiber of my being.

The wisdom of knowing she had undeniably been by my side for the last six years. I began to wonder if she would have been proud of me for how far I have come in my life at only eighteen.

It was possible to achieve so much already in six years than most people can in one lifetime. I knew she would have been proud.

"Nice song…"

I gasped and turned around to see Will, leaning by the stair railing. His eyes sparkled in the moonlight as he started at me in complete awe.

I looked down at the floor with a smile, my face flaming.

"Don't be shy," Will assured, "You have a beautiful voice."

"Thanks," I said bashfully, "I wrote it for my mother."

Will smiled as he stepped closer to me. He lifted a hand to my face, softly brushing away a strand of hair, tucking it behind my ear.

Afterward, he placed his hand on my cheek, softly brushing his thumb back and forth on my skin.

"So what changed your mind?" I asked suddenly.

Will frowned for a minute, "I don't really know…"

I giggled, "Just what I would expect from a pirate."

A smile stretched across his face, "Ohh you don't know what I can do, Miss. Sparrow."

I quirked an eyebrow at the familiar comment, Will laughed as he parted a stray hair off my face.

Completely catching me off guard, I let out a little scream as Will scooped me up in his arms, wrapping them around my legs as he twirled me around. I laughed as I had my arms around his neck for support.

"So is this freedom or what?" I asked with a smile as Will set me down, putting his hands on my hips.

Will let out a breath, "Absolutely."

I giggled as Will began to lean in. I rested my forearms on his shoulders, my fingers playing with his thick hair as I leaned in the last few inches, claiming his lips with mine.

His hands slid up my back as he pulled me closer. I could feel the warmth of his body against mine as he placed one hand on my neck, keeping his other hand on my back.

Tilting my head to the side, I parted my lips, allowing him to taste me as I softly nibbled on his lower lip. I moaned softly as his tongue continued to gently explore inside my mouth. His moan mixed with mine as I softly brushed my tongue against his.

I shivered a bit as I felt Will's fingers softly tracing my spine. I began to softly suck on his lower lip causing him to moan quietly in our kiss.

Before pulling apart, Will planted one more soft kiss on my lips.

I opened my eyes to gaze at Will who was beaming. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck, embracing him tightly.

"I love you, Will." I whispered in his ear.

He nuzzled his face in my neck, planting a small kiss, "I love you too."

From over Will's shoulder up on the helm, I spotted Jack who had been eyeing us the whole time. Our gaze locked as he smiled at me, sending a mock salute.

I smiled back at my father, as my arms tightened around Will's neck.

For the first time in many years, everything felt right again.

The End
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