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A Pair Of Green Eyes

When you hear the phrase 'Green-eyed' it probably makes you think of jealousy. That's something I've noticed. Because when you're not among other people, you pay them a lot more attention. You notice things that you wouldn't have done otherwise.

And what I've noticed is that people always assume the worst things. They're always thinking about death and tragedy. They can only see the bad things.

I see both. The good and the bad. Because I can't experience them. All I can do is watch. It feels like I've spent my whole life just watching.

I see the bad. The death and the sorrow people experience. The hatred and fear, the inhumanity and the cruelty. They stand out more than the good. Because they're less subtle. People are looking too closely. If they just stood back once in a while, perhaps they'd see the good.

Because there is so much good. I can see it everywhere. So much love and friendship. Humans want to be with humans. They want to share the bad to create the good. There is so much good to be had, if they'd look for it once in a while.

Of course, I'm hardly one to speak. It took me a long time to see the good, because I was so focussed on the bad.

I'm talking about him. Beastboy.

To a lot of people, he's just an irritating teenager, with no manners and tells too many inappropriate jokes. And that's what I thought too. Because I was looking to closely.

Then I stepped back and I saw a pair of green eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. If you look into a persons eyes you can see the real person. I never really looked at Beastboy's before then. I never saw the good.

A pair of green eyes showed me the good. And suddenly, he wasn't Beastboy and I wasn't Raven. We were just two people, trying to find the good.

And I think we both found it, right then and right there.

We found the good in each other.

A lot of people think I'm cold. But I can't help it. Surely it's better to be cold then to be dangerous. But Beastboy changed that. He changed me.

I was more than a cold stranger, with emotions. He showed me the good inside myself. Showed me how much good there actually was, inside both of us.

I thought I saw both bad and good by not experiencing them. But I was wrong. You can't just see them by standing back. You have to feel them. You have to have them and be them. Only then can you be good.

He didn't just show me the good. He was the good, all along. He was just like me. Putting up an image to shield himself. Only he let himself out, where I couldn't, wouldn't. And he showed me how. Showed me how to be good.

I did this. I had seen so much bad. And then a pair of green eyes showed me the truth. I fell in love with good.

I fell in love with a pair of green eyes.

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