A/N: This takes place short after the JLA:Tower of Babel story line. For those not familiar with it Batman had files on all the JLA members. Ways to stop them, counteract their superpowers. Ra's had Talia steal those files and used them against the JLA members. When it's over they kick Batman out of the JLA for a while. It ends with Nightwing and Robin each having their teams (Teen Titans and Young Justice) having doubts about them. The teams are worried that if Batman did that to the JLA that Dick or Tim might have files on them. They aren't sure they can completely trust Nightwing or Robin anymore. Oracle calls Batman and hints that all the Bat Clan are being treated with suspicion because of him having kept secret files.


1"Hey," greeted Nightwing as Robin got off his bike.


"He's not here," said Dick, referring to Batman.

"I know. I came back from patrolling a little early. I wanted to talk to you. I called Oracle and she said you were here."

"What's on your mind?"

"Have you been having problems with the Titans trusting you lately?"

"Oh, yeah," Nightwing admitted.

"I can't believe he had files on all the members of the Justice League."

Dick shrugged. "I'd have been more surprised if he didn't."

"Do you think. . . "

"Think he has a file on us?" Dick finished the thought.

Tim nodded.

"No, I don't," answered Dick with complete confidence.

"How can you be so sure?"

"We're his partners, his family."

"They were his team mates, and Clark at the very least was his friend."

"Trust me, he doesn't have files on us. Do you?" said Dick, looking towards the shadows.

"No I don't," said Batman as he stepped forward, pulling off his cowl.

Tim sent Dick an accusing look. "You said he wasn't here."

"I just came in," said Batman.

"He hasn't been able to sneak up on me in years," Dick informed Tim, with no small amount of pride in his voice.

Batman ignored Dick's teasing, and focused on Tim. "You're right that Clark and the others are my friends, or at the very least my team mates. But Dick is also right. You two are my family. I would never have files on you. If for no other reason than because I'd worry that they might be taken and used against you."

"Like Ra's used the JLA files against them," Tim finished. "Is that the only reason?"

"I've told you the real reason: you are my family. I trust you two."

The young men shared a look. They both knew Bruce trusted them, but for him to come out and say it was unusual to say the least.

"I talked to Oracle yesterday. I'm sorry if my actions are causing problems for you two."

"Nothing we can't handle," Dick assured him. Tim nodded his agreement.

Just then a display on the computer lit up. The display that announced the Bat signal was lit.

Bruce pulled his cowl back into place and looked at Robin. "Let's go."

A few steps past Nightwing he called over his shoulder. "Are you coming or not?"

"Hell yeah, I'm coming," Dick answered with his trademark grin lighting his face.