Halo Over The Devil's Head

Chapter 13

Stephanie McMahon slammed her palm down on the mat as she looked on the match. After a few near pins on both sides, the match was back in motion. The brunette looked over at the Hurricane. He had readily agreed to be Chris's partner after Rosey betrayed him. Nearly five minutes ago Jamal had thrown him near the turnbuckle and his body landed on the turnbuckle, his head crashing painfully against the ring post. Stephanie couldn't help but be concerned. A glazed look hovered over his eyes and she knew all too well that it was a sign of a concussion. Stephanie turned her eyes back to the middle of the ring, her chest tightening.

Rosey was currently in the ring applying a submission hold on Chris, depleting his supply of air. Stephanie resumed her pounding on the mat. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Rico rounding the corner and approaching her. She whirled around, facing him with narrowed eyes. Gone was the flamboyant clothing—but the skill was still there. Stephanie stepped back, suddenly wishing she was wearing sneakers instead of high heels. The crowd began to cheer and Stephanie knew Chris had gotten to his feet.

Stephanie turned her head and glanced at the ring in time to see Chris deliver a backbreaker to Rosey. Taking the opportune moment, Rico rushed at Stephanie, clotheslining her. Stephanie felt the blow on her shoulders and neck and felt her body crumble beneath her. She rolled to her side, weakly clutching her throat. In the ring, Chris Jericho saw Rico attack Stephanie and run. He took one look at the fallen Rosey and slid out of the ring, crouching beside Stephanie.

"Steph? Steph, you okay?" he asked urgently. Stephanie looked at him, nodding the best she could. 'Go back into the ring!' she wanted to howl the words but her throat squeezed shut.

Rosey slid out of the ring and grabbed Chris by his shoulders and spun him around, taking Chris by surprise. Stephanie used her legs to push herself farther away from the battle. Rosey grasped Chris's arms and shoved him into the stairs mercilessly. After watching Chris hissing in pain for a moment, his eyes turned to Stephanie. Stephanie shrunk back, her eyes darting to the ring to alert the Hurricane to this predicament, but found him dealing with his own problems in the form of Jamal.

Stephanie grabbed the skirt of the ring apron and tried to pull herself away from Rosey, but he was near her in seconds. She swallowed tightly as his hand shot out toward her. Rosey seized a handful of her hair and yanked upward, trying to pull her to her feet.

That was when she did it. Stephanie opened her mouth and shrieked like the cry of an animal feeling the teeth of a trap enclose around it. Rosey let go of her hair and nearly jumped back. Stephanie curled into a ball, her face pale. Tears rolled down her face quickly as she clutched at her neck. Her cries had attracted the referee, who was currently screaming at Rosey to leave her alone. "You…you…okay?" Rosey asked uncertainly as the referee turned back to the brawl between Jamal and Hurricane. Stephanie stared at him with bloodshot eyes as she rolled onto her back.

With precise aiming, she slammed her heel forward, straight into Rosey's groin. Stephanie rolled to her feet, wiping away the faux tears on her face. She slammed her fist into the doubled-over Rosey, watching with pride as he fell to the ground holding his forehead. Stephanie grinned at the crowd's cheers and discreetly removed the brass knucks from her hand. Across from her, Chris caught her eye and smiled, pushing himself to his feet. Stephanie smiled as Chris shoved Rosey into the ring and capitalized on his current weakness.

For all their fighting, she and Jericho really did make a good team.

Jazz smirked to herself as she walked down the hallways of the arena, oblivious to the match going on. Her thoughts remained on the deal she had made Trish. A smirk wrapped around Jazz's face. 'Does Trish really think I'm on her side?' she asked herself, chuckling, 'If she does, she's more stupid than I thought she was. I want that title shot and I'm going to get it…but not on her terms.' Jazz shouldered her bag she was carrying. 'I'm going to get Trish to sign the papers for the title shot and as soon as all the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted then I'm going to go back on my deal. If Trish cannot compete…I get the title. Once the contract is signed…I'll take both Stephanie and Trish out the easiest way possible.'

'I'll obliterate Chris Jericho.'

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