Author's Note: And now... The moment you've all been waiting for... The final chapter... Chapter 17! Heh, heh. I just had to do that. lol. Anyway, here's chapter 17.

Chapter 17: Fond Memories Come to an End

That's how everything had happened. How his life had suddenly turned out the way it had, he couldn't quite say. Sure some experiences hadn't been too nice, but he wouldn't trade them for the world.

Everything had happened for a reason. At least that's the way he saw things. After all, his meeting Robin was no coincidence. Since he first met her to finding out that she was expecting his child, Robin had always been there for him even though he had tried to push her away so many times.

3 months had passed and her injury had completely healed. For someone ho was on her third month, her belly was still quite flat. But he was sure that in another month or two it wouldn't be so discreet.

Beside him, Robin stirred and awoke. She yawned and stretched as she sat up. She looked over at Amon and noticed that he was awake

"Amon, what are you doing?"


"Well, can you recall some other time? It's 2 A. M."

He chuckled and motioned for her to lay down. He wrapped his arms around her as she buried her head in the crook of his neck. A few minutes later she was fast asleep. He smiled at how special the woman lying in his arms was. He loved her and she loved him, no matter how awful he had been to her in the past. And while he might've been unsure about everything else around him, he was certain of one thing; he and Robin would always be together. They hadn't lasted this long just to be tore apart later on. They're bond was much stronger than that and the baby growing inside her was proof of that. Slowly, he drifted into a peaceful slumber, content with having the two things he cared most about next to him: Robin and his soon to be born child.

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