There's an elf that lives in the tree just outside my bedroom window even though I may not be able to see him, I know that's he's there and he knows that I'm here. He lives in that ancient oak tree, the only one of its kind among these houses, among with the other; Ash, birch and hew, that tree is most special. And I feel it's; energy's and it has the elf for company and likewise. The elf that lives in that tree has always looked over the female; child, adolescent or women whom as ever lived in my bedroom, in this Victorian home that I live.

How do I know this information? Well I speak with the elf on the odd occasion when I look out of that bedroom window of mine and need guidance or just to talk when I feel lonely. He listens better than any other male that I know, you see when I need him all I have to do is open my mind to him I ask him questions and he answers. But today when I walk into my bedroom after coming back home from school, I get the queerest sensation. What can it be? Then I realise it's the Elf, I know not his name for I shall have to ask for 2 years living within this house I have never thought to ask. But why is he opening his mind up to me? He has never done such a thing, I shall have to ask.

I walk over to my window and lift the sash letting in the fresh afternoon air. I get a mental image of the elf leaning casually up against the thickest branch with his left knee raised and his foot resting against the branch behind. He wore; brown breeches that clung to his legs showing the strong carve and thigh muscle, a forest green tunic that set of the muscular width of his shoulders, with knee high black boots, he has brown raven hair almost black, his features strong, he has a square chin, a medium nose, a strong arch to his eyebrow, his eyes I have never seen him close enough to find out and those ears of his I have longed to reach out and feel the tips.