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Don't You Fall

As the cart pulled off the old forest road that ran straight through the forest of Mirkwood, the noises of the most heavily populated area of the huge, expansive forest came into evidence. Many elven riders trotted along bustly streets and above them in the trees was more traffic of elves as they jumped from one tree to the next. The cries of sellers on their stalls and the hubbub of the daily gossip was exchanged between friends and relatives, amid the crowds that milled around the outskirts of the palace.

The palace of Mirkwood.

Unlike many castles that spring to mind, this castle was partly built underground for added security and within the mound of earth and tall trees that grew there, was the rest of the palace concealed. You could only see the pearl white spires peeping out over the canopy of the trees and when the royal flag of green and gold was flying, then the king was within and watching over his kingdom.

And that was the destination of one elleth. Isil, daughter of Hassel.

She was to become a maid within the palace, like her mother and her sisters before her. It was her mother who arranged her employment and due to the popularity of the family name in association with hard work and a job well done, Isil was employed with little question. All that remained for her was to work as hard as her family did before her.

Still yet to come to bloom that will be fixed for the rest of her immortal life, Isil held an innocence to her despite the thousand years of her life. Already there was tell tale bodily features that was evidence she would gain. Her tall gawky body gave way to one of sweet feminine curves, her face has lost the puppy fat of youth to gave way to high cheek bones, dark grey eyes and an sensuous mouth that often held a smile. And her hair, a wheat golden blonde that was for most parts was very straight except for a few wisps that always managed to escape her cap and would curl to frame her pleasing face.

The cart that was driven by one brown mare and a farmer who lived in close proximity to her family has kindly offered to drop her off on a weekly run to deliver the palace's wheat supply. It pulled up to several guards guarding a huge wooden gate that Isil was told was an underground passage way to the store rooms beneath the palace.

After the farmer told the guards of their business and to which Isil was looked over with interest, they were waved on and before them, the gate opened to reveal a flame-lit passage that gaped before them.

"You're here, Isil. There's no going back!" the farmer joked as he chattered but Isil gulped down that hard lump in her throat as she turned in her seat to watch the gate close her off from the outside world and her family. The boom of the door, seemed to finalised the deal that Isil was to perform within the cavity of the palace.

"The door that leads to the servant quarters is on your right, knock and they will take care of you." The farmer instructed and halted the horse outside a wooden door, lit by two torches on either side. Isil climbed off the cart to land on the stoned floor and shivered with the dark gloom of the passageway. She turned and pulled her bundle of belongings off the seat and waved a farewell to the farmer, thanking him for his hospitality. Not waiting to be left alone in the flame lit passage that was beginning to freak her out, she turned and hurriedly knocked on the door. She waited and knocked again and a few seconds later it opened inwards to reveal a tall elleth before her with brown hair tucked away in a cap and clad in a green velvet dress and an apron. She smiled and said, "You must be Isil. Welcome! I am Anortha"

Isil's emotional departure from the world outside was soon forgotten as she was waved in and introduced to some other elleths within the hallways.

She was shown into the huge kitchen that must have expanded the coverage of a good few halls, where the heat of the palace fires that were filled with bubbling pots and cauldrons warmed her of the lingering chill felt in the dark passageway. She was offered a cup of tea and was introduced to the husband and wife duo that made up the team of chefs, it was their responsibility to over look the food that was to be presented upstairs. Taneth was the husband who smiled and shook her hand, and Banerth was the wife who was busy adding the finishing touches to a pudding. She turned and greeted the newcomer with a kiss on the cheek, telling Isil that she knew her mother and sisters very well and that she was always welcomed into the kitchens for a talk and a slice of cake.

Anortha soon lead Isil down a long corridor, "I'm taking you to see Rowan, she's the one who will tell you where you'll stay and what task you'll be assigned to. She's the one who will introduce you to the royal family when the time comes."

Isil smiled and meekly followed her into a room where a an elleth sat at a desk, signing papers, her long copper hair was free of the restrictive cap and flickered with colour in the candle light.

"Isil! It's a pleasure to meet the youngest of your family. Dare I say, that the last time I saw you, you were clambering trees and was a riotous little elleth!" Rowan stood up and smiled. Isil has seen her from time to time in her life as she and her mother were very good friends, smiled warmly at the elf who indicated to an empty chair.

She seated herself, hugging the bale of clothes and belongings in her lap and watched Rowan sort through a pile of paper till she pulled out a book, dislodging a few scrolls that rolled off the table.

"Isil....your quarters shall be funnily enough, your mother's former quarters in the west wing." Rowan smiled at Isil then looked over to Anortha, "They don't need anymore kitchen staff do they?"

"No ma'am, they have covered all their vacancies." Anortha replied respectfully.

Rowan nodded and returned her attention to a page in the book, the only sound within the room was the spluttering of the candles and the large lamp that hung from the ceiling that shone almost as bright as day.

"Isil." Rowan's voice reverberated off the stone walls, "I shall give you a very important job that I normally wouldn't bestow on a newcomer. As your mother was a maid to the king and your eldest sister, to the former queen. And none of your family members have disappointed me with their service, I am assigning you to be the maid of Prince Legolas."

"Thank you ma'am." Isil nodded, her heart hammering within her chest, she's been thrown in the deep end!

"I'll take you to your room and then to the Prince's quarters but before then we have to perform a ritual that I'm sure your mother told you about." Rowan smiled as Isil nodded. She did knew, it was the one thing all servants had to partake before joining the household as a fixed member. The dissention ritual. What she has been told was rather vague but she was cut and blood was used to seal a deal.

Isil watched Rowan walk over to a box and pull out a leaf of paper, "I will cut your index finger to draw blood and then, is pressed to the paper as I begin the ritual." Rowan walked over to a drawer and pulled out a rather elaborate looking dagger. She turned and indicated to Rowan to stand up, she gently took her hand and warned, "This may hurt for a second."

Isil watched, dry mouthed as Rowan drew the razor sharp blade across her fingertip and sliced the skin to drew blood that glistened ruby red. Rowan then turned Isil's hand and pressed her finger to the paper filled with words of contract. The red stain finalised one part of the ritual and Rowan began.

"Don't you fall,

Isil of Hassal

To a dark place within sunder.

Don't fall in love,

Don't fall in disagreement,

Don't fall in dishonour,

Don't fall to betrayal,

Don't fall into darkness.

Don't you fall."

Rowan let go of Isil's hand and smiled, "I have high hopes for you Isil. Come, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."

Anortha opened the door and bade her goodbyes to Isil as she was lead out, back into the corridor then lead up some steps where torches no longer provided the light. Large windows emitted natural sunshine in, and the atmosphere was warmer and pleasing. Alongside the wall opposite the windows were numerous doors that Isil guessed were the quarters belonging to the servants, her guess proved right when Rowan opened the door to one and stepped inside.

It was quite a big room for a servant, with one large window that over looked the courtyard on the other side. A single bed was placed against the wall with an inbuilt fireplace and a large wardrobe was placed on the far side of the wall along with several empty shelves and chests. A wash stand stood near the door as so was a screen. In the middle of the room was a table and two chairs.

"Isil, the purpose of you having the big room is the Prince's belongings with also be in here as well as your own. You will no doubt have clothes to mend and fashion, weapons to sharpen and ready and saddles to polish. The Prince has been known to come down here and assist with some of the tasks when he has free time, if that is the case then I strongly request that you keep his presence here private and to get him back to his rooms with as little sightings as possible. It'll do little good to start gossip here, and provide enemies with some ammunition of their own." Rowan looked serious but then smiled when she spotted Isil's troubled face.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. Just a few rules. You are responsible for the state of your room. Weekly checks will be made and if your rooms and not in their desired state then you will be clearing it up in your own time. Trust me, you don't want to be doing that! Twice a week dirty linens will be collected, leave them outside your door on collection mornings. In your own time, you are to wash your own clothes and launder them. You will be paid monthly and every week, you are allowed out for a day to see family, shop or whatever. You too, will also have so many hours a day free time. But because of your role as maid to the Prince, exceptions will be made for you regarding free time, ventures outside the city walls and provisions such as firewood and herbs."

Isil blinked as she took all that information on board. There was so much to remember! Rowan opened the wardrobe to reveal several dresses. "There are various dresses as you can see, all for different occasions such as festivals and banquets. You will be told what dress to wear. If you want to, later you can go down to the tailor and he'll take measurements to fit you some new garments, the rest you can buy in your free time."

Isil smiled, "That I will do."

"Leave your things behind and I will take you to see the king. He requests to see all new staff and especially one that will be responsible for his son's well being." Rowan indicated to the bed and Isil obeyed, lowering her bundle to the mattress and followed Rowan up another fleet of steps, somewhat more grander. They walked down a beautiful corridor and opened the door to enter in on a small hall adjacent to a much larger one where Isil was told was where the royal family come to get to the stables.

They walked straight across the hall and up some more steps to the balconies overlooking the hall where it was much lighter due to the grander windows. Rowan walked down a huge long corridor lined at great distances with doors, all carved from wood with superior beauty that Isil tried to take in their details but failed due to the pace she was forced to walk to match Rowan's own. They came to a huge door that needed two soldiers to open and another two to guard and Rowan lead Isil into a grand room. Aligned with tapestries, paintings and memorabilia such as suits of armour, bejewelled bowls and deadly looking swords.

And in the centre of the room was the king Thrandil, for all the words used to describe him by her family, none could encapsulate him at all. Dressed in a dark green tunic with black breeches, he wore a gold cutlet over his brows and a heavy looking medallion hung from his neck to proclaim he was king. But what made Isil gape in awe was his youthful beauty, he has strikingly blonde hair, dark blue eyes and a regal look to his handsome face.

He looked up from reading a scroll and smiled at Rowan. "Who have you brought me today?" he softly called out, his voice had almost a musical lilt to it.

"Isil, daughter of Hassel my lord." Rowan curtsied deeply and Isil followed.

"Ah! The youngest daughter of the family that has done me much favour!" Thrandil stood up and walked over to Isil, his blue eyes surveyed her and he smiled, "To what task have you been assigned to Isil?"

"A maid to your son, Prince Legolas my lord." Isil curtsied once more, her heart beating so fast that she thought it will slam right of her chest!

"My son? Then I trust you will do your job well." Thrandil smiled as Isil looked up at him, "I will do my hardest, my lord."

"Is your son in my lord?" Rowan politely asked.

"I believe he is riding with his troops, he'll be back at nightfall." Thrandil informed as he returned to his desk.

"Thank you my lord and sorry for any disturbance we caused you." Rowan curtsied once more as Thrandil smiled, "Not at all. It is nice to meet you Isil." He looked over at the newest member of the household.

"Here's the dissention." Rowan pulled out the paper that had Isil's blood upon it and handed it to the king who smiled and took it from her, giving it the once over. "Welcome to the palace." He looked at Isil who smiled shyly back.

As the sun went down, it was rapidly replaced with a thunderstorm. Rain belted heavily on the windows of the palace, giving it more character as floorboards creaked and window planes rattled. The lack of natural light was quickly replaced by the sponsors of candles and lamps. Isil had readied the room for the arrival of the Prince, she had turned the sheets of the huge bed for him, close the curtains and got the fire cackling in the fireplace. She was told the Prince liked to have a nightcap of warmed Dorwinion and so, she had placed the bottle on the hearth to slowly warm with the stones round the fire. Judging from the weather, Isil guessed he'll be wanting some towels and a nice hot bath and was about to get the tub ready when a knock on the door interrupted.

Upon opening it, Isil saw a young elf panting heavily. He didn't waste time and immediately told that the Prince has just arrived and she was needed to assist downstairs.

She nodded and grabbed the towels from a nearby chair and hurried down to the hall she had walked through earlier in the day with Rowan. There in the midst of all the commotion of soldiers disarming and elves disrobing, she saw Rowan who smiled.

"Good to see you are already on top of it. He's there." She pointed over to where the crowd was the thickest. How was she to know which elf was he? She never seen him before!

Sighing, she walked over to the crowd and managed to pushed through to see a hooded figure in the centre being addressed by a soldier.

"The south has doubled their sentry as you have ordered Legolas." The soldier smiled as he unbuckled his belt that held his sword and pasted it to a servant who waited by his side. The elf, Isil guessed to be the prince nodded and replied, "Good, I want a scout party to venture down through the forest tomorrow morning. I shant be able to attend this time as matters regarding my father holds me to him."

Ignoring the scantily clad elves around her, chattering and laughing good naturedly amongst their comrades, Isil walked up closer to the Prince and waited for him to acknowledge her presence.

She still couldn't get a glimpse of his face as it as still shadowed by his cloak but in one, sweeping gesture of his hand, he pulled back his hood to reveal his glorious face. Though his silver blonde hair was damp and fat droplets of rain water dripped off his face and clothes, Isil could definitely tell he was very handsome. Although he was tall like his father, it would need further confirmation in his bedroom whether he was well built, and Isil was guessing he was.

With gloved hands he reached up to undo his cloak tie and it was then he realised she was standing nearby, he looked at her and all trace of seriousness that moulded his face gave way to a gentle smile as he indicated with a tilt of his head to the towels in her hands, "Are they for me?"

"Th.....they are my lord." She handed him one with shaking fingers as he gratefully accepted it and hastily dried himself. He handed her his wet cloak, gloves and outer tunic and turned to his friends and comrades to bade goodnight.

She followed him as he walked back to his rooms, absently drying his hair with his towel. She entered after him into his bedroom and immediately headed to the fireplace to dry his clothes by spreading them out over a rack nearby. She picked up the glass bottle of wine with a cloth and poured some into a glass and left it on the table, aware of him sitting nearby pulling his boots off with a sigh.

"Thanks." He picked up the glass and took a hearty gulp of it, before returning to removing his wet clothes. "You're new aren't you?" he smiled up at her from his chair as he started unbuttoning his tunic.

"I am my lord "Isil gave him a small curtsey, he waved his hand with annoyance and said, "Please don't address me with any titles. Just Legolas will do."

"Yes....Legolas." she replied, smiling at his name as he stood up and wandered over to the fire. She watched him grunt with annoyance when he realised he should have taken off his belt first in order to remove his tunic and reversed his undressing order to do so.

"I will have your bath drawn." Isil walked over to the adjoining room as Legolas thanked her. She opened the door to the bath room to reveal the huge sunken tub in the centre of the floor. Lighting a few lamps to create a nice atmosphere, she slid across a small door within the tub, to allow hot water from the springs nearby to pour into it. She walked over to the numerous bottles of gleaming liquids, all with various smells and potencies, selecting the one she liked, she pored some of it into the water and before long, small bubbles dotted the water's surface.

She smiled as she heard the prince in his bedroom singing to himself and decided that her master was a nice elf, along with his looks and charms. Her mental questions of whether the prince was indeed well built was answered instantaneously when he stepped into the room with only his breeches on. Her eyes took in his softly sculptured muscles and fine torso as they flexed in the glow of the lamps, and her heart beat faster with feminine appreciation as he looked over at her and asked, "Could you asked one of the kitchen staff to bring me some thing light to eat?"

"That will be done." Isil smiled and departed to give the prince his own privacy.

From the bedroom she could hear his loud ecstatic groan of pleasure as the splash of water told her, he had just got into the bath.

She rung the bell and soon a young elf was at the door complying to her orders of bringing up some food. It soon thereafter arrived and Isil arranged it on the table and lit more candles to give more light. She could hear the faint sounds of water being disturbed as the prince bathed and sang softly. Checking the damp clothes by the fire and rearranging them to dry completely, she decided that it was time for her to leave Legolas for the evening considering he didn't want anything else. The maid in the morning will be able to tidy the bathroom, and Isil yawned, suddenly aware that despite it being a long day, her thoughts haven't turned to home and the comforts she had left behind.

Surveying the room for any forgotten jobs, she acknowledged that there wasn't anything more she can do and turned to opened the door. She spotted at the last minute that on the knees of one pair of abandoned breeches slung over a back of a chair, was a hole that sorely needed tending. She reached out and took them with her as she departed to leave the prince bathing in privacy. Back down the torch lit corridor, she headed to her quarters mulling over the events of the day. The prince came frequently to her mind as a vision of politeness and authority, acknowledging from the back of her mind of his superior beauty. Strange how that one word was best used to describe a woman but with the prince, it was the only one adequate.

"How was your first day?" Rowan interrupted her thoughts as she rounded a corner. Startled, she gasped then gave a weak burst of laughter as her eyes told hold of the elleth in front of her.

"Its been a good day thank you." Isil replied.

"I see you already got some work." As Rowan's eye fell onto the prince's breeches in her hand "You get some sleep Isil. I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning." Rowan smiled and walked away to leave Isil to head to her room to follow Rowan's suggestion that was to get some sleep. With a yawn she sat down on her bed and without further thought, fell asleep in her dress and shoes.

Next chapter will be.....well quite uncharacteristically of Legolas but hey, when you barge into a room, what do you expect!