Words left unspoken

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The calm has returned and everyone has settled down in life. All except Rikku. Then when Besaid is attacked by a powerful machina she needs to join forces with the cocky, arrogant Gippal in order to restore the calm. But when she realises part of Gippal's past is involved she must to decide between what her heart and her head are saying. Gippal/Rikku

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Poor excuses

Sometimes I would watch you during those peaceful days where the growing threat of sin was only a small concern to our young ears. I would watch you and smile at the beautiful fire of courage within you that even then you seemed to possess. I would watch and believe that one day you would be smiling at me with a look of true love and tenderness. I was right, I always am these days, but now that treasured smile we had between us faded into nothing. It became a nice memory and nothing more. All because of my stupid big mouth. I never mean those words I told you Rikku, never for one moment were they mine. I was just…scared, for you.

He had come to me and told me to say those words, told me to leave you for good. He said…no, I can't tell you what he said because it wasn't his fault. I hurt you Rikku and it had nothing to do with what he said. I let myself listen and now it's too late to change what happened.

I had it all planned out, our future together felt so near and so right. But now…it's just gone. I know that I'll spend the rest of my life regretting what happened Rikku, all I can ask is that you don't do the same. You are the princess of the Al Bhed, you're not my princess anymore. You used to like it when I called you my girl, but now I can no longer bring myself to. You're Cid's girl again now, not Gippal's girl. Maybe one day soon I will say that in my mind and actually believe it, believe that we can no longer be together. I miss you so much Rikku, but I can't ever tell you that. I'm sorry, sorry I love you still, I'm sorry you can never know it.

But that's the way it has to be in order for you to be happy.

The soft warm rays reflected in the clear water causing a reasoning glisten of beauty to reach her entrancing eyes. She giggled slightly at seeing Tidus and Yuna a little way out into the glistening heaven happily splashing each other. Rikku grinned at the two and flopped onto the comfortable familiar sand while she gazed up at the bright sun shining down on Besaid Island.

It had been four months since the calm had returned on the now anger weary Spira. Now after the threat of Vegnagun had passed all groups of Spira had found their peace amongst each other. Finally High Summoner Yuna had been able to retire happily from her role as Spira's protector. The last four months she had spent with Tidus travelling around Spira, now for the first time able to enjoy it without worrying about her future responsibilities.

Yuna had told Rikku he'd proposed in Macalania Woods which had still not completely faded yet. Rikku had complained when she realised they hadn't recorded it, yet she hadn't protested long when she realised she was to be a bridesmaid. Now she laid on the soft sand watching as the couple splashed about for a few minutes before their engagement party was to begin. Ever since their two years of separation they always now found the time to enjoy each other's company as often as possible.

Rikku sighed slightly as she watched the slow peaceful clouds move above her head. She was happy for them both, glad that her cousin's suffering and suffocating responsibilities had finally ended. But part of her was going to miss their fun adventures, their sphere hunting days. Before Vegnagun had threatened Spira it had been a lot of fun. But now that Yunie had left YRP it was now turned into just the R. Paine hadn't stayed long after Vegnagun and had instead spent her time travelling Spira in order to search for the Paine she once was. She had come here to Besaid for the party that day yet Rikku had yet to see a change in her. But then again Rikku had only arrived a few hours ago herself and had yet to talk to Paine properly.

For the past four months Rikku had been travelling with Brother and Buddy looking for more spheres. But their searches had turned out to be useless and no way near as much fun now that Rikku was alone on missions. Brother had now become some boring depressed orientated man, and a rather annoying one at that. Buddy remained the same as ever, but he too was considering leaving the Gullwings. Not that he had told Brother about it yet. Buddy had been following the rumours about the rebuilding of Home with great interest. Other Al Bheds, Rikku included, had thought the idea pointless. Why build a home when they didn't have to hide anymore? Then again there would be times she thought of the Home they once had and find herself smiling longingly. It wasn't about the belonging, it was about starting fresh. They could finally build a home that wasn't for sanctuary but just for a home.

So now Rikku had told Brother she too would no longer be returning to sphere hunting. He had merely nodded at her sullenly saying that maybe it was time for them all to move on. After all the calm had finally come and it was time to go their own ways, lead their separate stories.

Rikku shivered at the thought. Be alone? That was the last thing she wanted, yet she could understand that everyone wanted to settle down now. But what about her? She had no one to settle down with. Her father was busy leading his people but didn't need any extra help with it either. Brother was beginning to realise he too wanted to settle down with someone, one that would return his affections. Paine was too busy searching for herself while everyone else was finally able to enjoy the peace they deserved.

Yet Rikku still ended up alone. She had no one like her who just wanted to keep on having fun. No one else was left with nothing to do or no one to turn to. They all had their plans, all had their futures. But what was she left with? What did she have to show for all this?

"Hey Rikku! You aren't allowed to fall asleep already!" Yuna laughed as Tidus held her firmly by the waist from behind. Rikku sat up and grinned pointing a finger at them

"I was just getting bored waiting for you two! Can't start the party without you ya know!"

"Have the three leaders arrived yet?" Tidus asked nervously. He had yet to meet any of the three due to the peace arrangements between Youth league and New Yevon keeping them busy. Also it had been made clear that the Machine Faction was swamped with upgrades and more orders for protective machines.

"They should be arriving any minute now, that's why I came down so we can meet them at the dock." Rikku said while running off ahead towards where the boat would release it's passengers once it arrived. "Come on lovebirds!"

Nooj glared at the sight of the approaching island not at all in the mood for this engagement party. He was happy for the High Summoner but unfortunately her news had put a rather frightening idea in LeBlanc's head. So far she had been far from subtle with hinting at what she now expected him to do.

"Hey! There's no frowns allowed on this trip Nooj." Baralai said while giving his own full smile. Nooj just rolled his eyes at him muttering his favoured 'brat' comment quietly. Baralai laughed and gazed at the three figures waiting for them to reach shore.

"At least I came." Nooj pointed out watching as the smile vanished from the praetor's face.

"You know he would have come if he could." Baralai argued quietly.

"We are the two finishing off all these peace arrangements, he has no excuse not to be here."

"Maybe his job is harder than you believe." Nooj just snorted .

"Building machines? How hard can that be." Unfortunately for Nooj this optimistically filled conversation was ended by a squeal heard from behind Baralai.

"Oh Noojie Woojie finally we're here! Now I can properly show you off for the first time without all that Vegnagun business in the way." LeBlanc said happily while waving her fan about.

"I guess so." Nooj said dully.

"Oh Noojie! Just think of the wedding there will be soon! Doesn't it just give you ideas?" She said with a wink, Nooj groaned causing Baralai to chuckle slightly. "What's wrong love? You still upset about that Al Bhed not coming? I think it's better he didn't! He's so annoying!" Once again Baralai's smile faded and he began to walk away from the couple ready to get off the boat as soon as they docked.

"Hiya!" He heard Rikku call at them as she waved her arms about and jumped up and down with such energy. Baralai placed a warm smile on his face and waved back beginning to believe the hyper activeness was an Al Bhed thing. The young blonde smiled happily at them as the three stepped off the boat. However the happy look faded as she noticed one of them was missing.

"Where's…" She began.

"He's not coming." Nooj sais moodily as he began to hobble towards the village. Tidus scratched his head trying not to look offended by the lack of introductions. Baralai just sighed and gently placed a sphere in Yuna's hand.

"He told me to give you this and offer his deepest regret he couldn't be here." This comment caused Rikku to snort.

"He never changes, always too busy with number one." Yuna just shrugged and turned on the sphere…

"Gippal! Cen, fa haat ouin ramb!"(sir, we need your help!)An Al Bhed called out. Gippal, who was currently in front of the sphere, groaned and looked over at the man.

"Fryd'c ib huf? E druikrd fa kyehat luhdnum uv dra aqbanesahd ykyeh drec sunhehk."(What's up now? I thought we gained control of the experiment again this morning)

"Ed'c dra luvvaa sylreha oui syta cen."(It's the coffee machine you made sir)A much needed laugh escaped the young cocky leader.

" Keja sa veja sehidac."(Give me five minutes)He said through his chuckles before turning back to the sphere. "Gotta love them guys."

Rikku couldn't help but smile and shake her head with a giggle.

"Anyway…" Gippal began.

"Cen! Veja suna baubma ryja lusa vun ehdanjeafc!"(Sir! Five more people have come for interviews!)Gippal sighed gritting his teeth slightly. For the first time the viewers could clearly see the dark circle under his single eye due to lack of sleep.

"Zicd keja sa veja sehidac ugyo? E haat du syga drec buun aqlica vun yh ybumuko cbrana."(Just give me five minutes okay? I need to make this poor excuse for an apology sphere)

"Oac Cen!"(Yes sir!)

"Lid dryd cen lnyb."(Cut that sir crap)

"Oac Gippal." The woman said with a laugh.

"And I thought I was annoying." Gippal muttered before rubbing his hands together and smiling at the sphere. "Anyway, a couple of days ago I was given my messages that weren't marked urgent for the past few months. And, er, as honoured as I am to be invited by a celebrity I won't be able to make it. I have a whole new batch of upgrades to finish designing and making for both Bevelle and Mushroom Rock. Plus as you heard I have more interviews and I need to do an inspection soon on this other batch of machines. Then, of course, I have to design another…"

"Gippal! We really need you to inspect this batch before we can continue the finishing touches."

"Tysh! Tell them to take a coffee break."

"But the coffee machine is broken sir."

"…Please, just do something." He said tiredly.

"Okay Gippal…When's the last time you got some sleep?"

"Lance please! Not now okay." The older man nodded and placed a reassuring hand on Gippal's shoulder before leaving. "Anyway, I am really sorry you guys, I kind of wanted to meet Sir Tidus but I guess we'll have to wait till the wedding. If I'm…er, still invited that is. I'll try to make it up to you with an extra special gift for you both." With that his hands moved to turn off the sphere but then he paused. "Oh and Cid's girl, if you're listening tell your old man to back off would you? I'm already swamped here, thanks." The screen went blank.

"The nerve!" Rikku burst crossing her arms angrily.

"…He looks so tired." Yuna said quietly seeing Rikku's anger melt away at her words.

"The thing you should know about Gippal is…he's always tired, you just don't usually notice it."

"Huh?" Tidus asked.

"Never mind. Come one you guys, better go before the party starts without us!"

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