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A man in a dark robe entered the house to find a letter awaiting him on the bathroom door.

""Dear Severus:

These past few years have been both a blessing and a curse. I never expected this to happen. Who would have thought it would be you to come to my rescue on that battlefield, below that starry sky. At first I was scared, you were still in your Death Eater robes, but I knew your secret, I knew you were a spy.

Or at least that's what I thought. You've brought me so much happiness over these years Severus. Joy and friendship on those lonely days when no one was around. Most everyone is gone now; the war certainly took its toll on the Wizarding world. Yet, even on those most barren of nights, you were still you.

I know that there was no true winner to the war. It was a loss for both sides, for both sides suffered much death. I guess in truth, the dark has won more than the light, for they somehow survive more battles.

But Severus, I never expected you to return to it. Dark magick is a powerful draw, I know. Its black, seductiveness can get almost anyone to us it once. But I thought you had had your share. I suppose not.

Yes Severus, I found them. I found the owls addressed to a L.M. And I know that means Lucius Malfoy. You quit spying along time ago, I don't think that you would need to keep correspondence. Especially when it says, "Thank You Lucius. I will take the Dark Lord up on his offer and shall meet him in Hogsmeade tonight."

There is no excuse. I cannot believe, that even after all we have shared, you would betray me. Us. I guess power and glory were a little more appealing than my love. And you had it Severus, gods you had it. But I guess it's lost now to you, it can't mean too much. But it means too much to me, I can't stay around any longer knowing that you have given up. I know you never promised me your heart, you said that an old Death Eater couldn't give you his heart. Well, I gave you mine and I can't seem to get it back. I just wish that maybe I could have had yours.

Love Always Yours,


The man slowly slipped open the door to find the limp corpse of the woman who had written this. He turned out the door and walked away. It was amazing that the woman could think so low of him to think that he would betray not only them, but also all the memories of his friends and those he respected. Broken hearted, he looked down to wear the faded mark of his Death Eater status should be. But it was no longer their. He was no longer the old Death Eater she had referred to. He'd been given the opportunity to get out by Voldemort, and he had taken it. He had taken it so that he could freely give his heart to her, but he guessed that didn't matter anymore.