"BEEP BEEP BEEP," Kagome Higurashi woke up to the beeping of her alarm clock.

"Damn alarm clock they should make silent ones," Kagome grumbled.

"You do know that if they made silent ones they wouldn't wake you up and they wouldn't be doing their jobs right?" her younger brother Souta said.

"Shut the hell up twerp," Kagome yelled. She watched in amusement as he jumped and ran back to his room. Kagome looked at her clock and nearly screamed.

"I'm so going to be late," Kagome quickly grabbed her bath necessities and ran to the bathroom. She came out fifteen minutes later and went in her walk in closet.

"What to wear what to wear," she picked out a pair of baggy black jeans with chains and zippers everywhere and a red tight shirt that said 'fat people are harder to kidnap.' With that done she put on a pair of vans and put her raven hair with blue streaks up in a messy bun.

Kagome grabbed her backpack and ran down stairs.

She grabbed a piece of toast and kissed her mother on the cheek "sorry mom gotta go," with that she opened the door to her mansion and hopped on her black with red flames Harley.


When Kagome got to school she got a lot of stares and people whispering about her.

"Ok people go back to you're worthless lives and stop staring," She screamed.

Kagome went to the office and got her schedule and the directions to her first period.

When she walked in everything went silent she went over to the teacher and handed him a note.

"Oh class listen up we have a new student Kagome Higurashi please tell us about you're self," everyone stared waiting for the new girl to talk.

"Ok as you know my names Kagome Higurashi and I'm gothic and a little punk I love to drag race and anyone get on my bad side I'll kick you're ass," Kagome finished cheerily.

"Ok thank you why don't you sit by Ms. Taijai please raise you're hand," a girl with black hair in a ponytail with red streaks in it.

Kagome sat where she was supposed to and look the girl over. She had black tight jeans with a blue shirt that said 'try me' written in white.

"Hey I'm Sango," she said when the teacher turned his back.

"Kagome," she said.

"I think we'll get along great," Sango said smiling.

"I'm sure," Kagome and Sango started chatting and were hitting it off great.

"Ms. Higurashi and Ms. Taijai do have something you want to tell the class?" the teacher asked.

Kagome replied before Sango could open her mouth.

"Yes this class is boring me to death so we were planning on leaving," Kagome got her stuff and headed toward the door.

"Yo Sango you coming?"

Sango smirked and grabbed her stuff and followed Kagome out the door and into the hallway.

"There aren't that many punks or Goths here mostly preps," Sango said hotly.

"Speak of the devil," she murmured.

Coming down the hallway was a boy with long silver hair and little puppy ears perched on the top of his head. He wore nice fitting jeans with a long plain red t-shirt.

He stopped in front of the two punkettes.

"Look what we have here to lost little girls," he said in a baby tone.

"What do you want Inuyasha?" an exasperated Sango asked.

"Oh I see you have a new friend," Inuyasha looked her over.

"So this is the preppy boy people talk about?" Kagome asked while circling him.

"The one and only," Inuyasha smirked.

"Not much to him," Kagome looked at his golden eyes, "is there?"

Sango giggled not many people had the nerve to stand up to Inuyasha Sango was so glad she and Kagome became friends.

"What the hell are you laughing at wench?" Inuyasha was surprised the new bitch didn't swoon at the sight of him like all the other wenches.

"Down puppy," Kagome pretended to hole an invisible stick, "go get the stick boy go on."

Inuyasha growled and shoved Kagome into the lockers roughly.

"Don't get on my bad side wench," Inuyasha warned.

Without answering Kagome kneed him where it hurt.

"I think it's the other way around honey," she bit out through clenched teeth.

With that the two girls took their leave.

"Bitch this isn't over," Inuyasha whispered.


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