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Take me and let me in,

Don't break me and shut me out.

So take me and let me in

Don't break me and shut me out

Inuyasha watched silently as Kagome marched past him running into his shoulder harshly and pretending not to notice the collision. He winced not from the push but from the anger that was coming off her in waves.

She was let back in school three days ago and she wasn't cruel or rude that he could handle. She ignored him pretended as though he never existed like they never existed. And that hurt more than any words could.

He sighed and continued to the cafeteria for lunch. Kikyo was hanging off his arm like the dog she was. She would try and look sexy but more like managed to look even worse. She was a whore.


That word struck him. That is what he practically called Kagome. He had implied that his girlfriend was a whore because he didn't get the full story. Because he was jealous and jumped to conclusions.

Lit my pain on fire and I watched it all burn down.

Now I'm dancing in the ashes and there is no one else around


Kagome felt the burning pain when she ran into Inuyasha but ignored it. She wasn't going to be the sad princess because she didn't get her happy ending. She sat at a table for lunch but ate nothing.

Miroku and Sango sat in front of each other with Sango sitting by her. She felt a rush of anger flow through her as she watched Kikyo kiss Inuyasha's cheek, a sloppy wet kiss. She laughed out loud as she saw the spit glisten on his cheek. She got a few looks.

Inuyasha turned and looked at her. Their eyes caught for the briefest moment as amber clashed with ocean blue. Kagome was the one who looked away first. She looked over to Sango who had said her name.

"You ok?" Sango asked in a hushed tone so no one would hear them.

"Never…" she saw Sango glare at her making sure she wouldn't lie, "more miserable."

Sango nodded her head in understanding. Her best friend was surrounded by misery because of one guy. Something they swore not to do when they were younger. Oh how they were naïve.

'cause I wanna be part of something,

This is just a story of a broken soul

Inuyasha stared at the back of Kagome's head. They had just looked at each other the most they had done in more than a week. He wanted no needed to talk to her. Now. He stood up slowly.

He walked three tables away took Kagome by the arm and dragged her out of the lunch room. Sango yelled but sat down after she understood the situation.

Kagome just yelped in surprise and struggled to get out of his hold. He held her arm firmly and took her to an empty class room and sat her down.

They sat in silence. Minutes ticked by and no one said anything. Kagome looked anywhere but him. Her arms determinedly crossed over her stomach.

"Did you want something or did you just want to bruise me?" She snapped.

Inuyasha looked at her arms and he could see beneath the redness it was forming a bruise. He winced he never meant to hurt her he just wanted to talk.

And as days go by my heart grows cold.

I can't seem to let this all pass me by.

so take me and let me in

Don't break me and shut me out.

Kagome watched guilt flash across Inuyasha's eyes as they skimmed over her bruising flesh. She sighed she knew what he wanted. Damn she wanted to talk to but was too upset to talk.

"Look I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions and I'm sorry if I hurt you're feelings and made you think worse of you're self. I never meant to say you were a whore I didn't even mean to imply it I am so sorry," he sighed as her eyes got an icy touch to them again.

"You could never make me feel worse about myself you are nothing to me. Got that? NOTHING! I've been called a whore, slut, skank I have heard it all ok? You didn't imply it you flat out said it you prick." She snapped angrily.

The nerve of him trying to tell her what she already knew. The feelings of betrayal swam deeply in her beautiful blue eyes.

I'm burning in the heavens.

And I'm drowning in a hell

Inuyasha felt like he was burning on the inside from the anger at her for spitting his apology back in his face as though it didn't take guts for him to get up the nerve to talk to her.

On the other hand he felt like he was drowning in the betrayal that was deeply engraved in her eyes. Her mouth was turned down on the sides, frowning.

She just stared at him in that angry, but sad kind of way. Waiting for him to speak. But only two words popped into his head and he said them in a soft whisper.

"I'm sorry."

Kagome looked confused for a moment then all emotion drained from her face giving her a silently lonely look that tore at his heart strings.

"Well sometimes sorry isn't good enough," She said slowly and in a low tone so he heard every word.

She didn't wait for his reaction she saw the hurt spread on his face and that was all she needed from him. She felt bad that she had hurt him but he had hurt her first.

An eye for an eye as they say. It was a little payback but this revenge was not as sweet as they usually were for her.

My soul was in a coma and none of my friends can tell, that

I'm reaching out and getting nothing, this is just a story of a broken soul

Kagome didn't bother to go back to lunch she didn't want to be in there with her friends she couldn't handle the looks right now. The sad pitiful looks that made her want to cringe. She knew they meant well but they just couldn't tell she wanted to be alone.

She put her fist in her mouth when she reached the road by the school and screamed until her throat was raw.

She screamed until tears ran down her face from lack of air and the burning in her lungs and heart and the rest of her oxygen lacked body.

She screamed until she couldn't feel for Inuyasha anymore until he was just a far memory as the tears continued down her face.

She screamed until she passed out on the cold hard cement in the middle of the road not seeing the car coming her way.

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