Heirs to Power

By BigHead

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Author's Notes: Just something my muse hit me with when I wasn't looking.

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Chapter 1 - Discoveries

Rupert Giles was proud of what he was, on both fronts. Being a Watcher wasn't exactly on his plans when he was young, but he dove deeply into it, and he was very happy to be the field Watcher of the active Slayer. And being a librarian was some comfort also, being able to help the most normal kids to develop their own consciences. But he absolutely hated some parts of his job. Xander, Willow and Buffy were always saying that he loved to be among old and dusty tomes and artifacts. That part was true. What he hated was having to classify and order such artifacts, when the only references found were the artifacts themselves.

Case in point, the three boxes that the Council sent him.

Two of the boxes he knew, and they were a mystery all by themselves. So, he left them for last. Now, he was browsing the third box, filled to the brim with books and tomes regarding the history of the various Hellmouths.

The time was quiet enough, just a little before the sundown. Soon, Buffy or her friends would be arriving, and since it was a calm time in the Slayer business, they could help him organize the books.

As if on cue, the door to the library was opened, and a young man wearing the most garish shirt that Giles has ever seen entered.

"Hey, G-Man, what's hanging?" Xander Harris could be the most annoying person in the world, but he was the best friend anyone could have. Loyal to the utmost, he had helped the Slayer since the very first day, even without any special powers.

"X-xander, how many times I've asked you not to call me that?" Giles said, while placing the book he was reading back in the box.

"Six hundred and thirty six by my last count. Thirty seven, now. What those?" he asked, pointing at the boxes.

"Books. If you don't know what they are, we are surrounded by them."

"OhmyGod, I'm going home, the Apocalypse is coming! Giles made a joke! And a good one!" Xander laughed, and his eyes caught the two long wooden boxes, still closed. "Whatcher's Fedex?"

"Yes, they send the books to help on our researches. Basically they are a collection on the history of the Hellmouths."

Xander caught the last part of the phrase, and he looked into Giles' eyes, a trace of fear on his voice.

"There is more than one?"

"Oh, yes, several in fact. But don't worry, only one is active over a time."

Xander relaxed a bit. "Case in point, ours."


The young man decided to change the topic quickly, he was worried enough to know that there were more of those infernal holes in the ground.

"So, what are those two other boxes?", he asked, pulling one to himself. They were long, and too thin to be more books.


That really caught Xander's attention. What he didn't tell Giles was that he had no intention of being at the library so early. Since yesterday, he had a ... sensation, as if something was calling him. And the sensation only got stronger when he entered the library. And it was coming from this box.

Xander opened it. The moment the last catch was released, it was as if he was opening a music box. The song he heard was fantastic, it was magic, it was... unbelievable. He looked at Giles, and the man was still focused on the box of books. So, he was the only one hearing the song.

He opened the lid slowly, focusing on the song. The moment he saw the sword, the song dimmed, remaining a subdued humming in his mind. It was a marvelous sword, approximately three and a half feet long, with a very broad blade and a curious guard. The handle was big enough to be held with two hands, and it seemed the correct style to use it. It seemed sharp enough to cut a man in half, given the strength and the angle of the strike.

The curious thing was the complete lack of dents in the blade. In fact, the blade seemed quite new, but it felt way Old, with capital 'O'.

"G-M...Giles, what's the what on the sword?"

"Huh?" Giles questioned, lifting his head from the book.

"Sword. History. What?", he asked again, pointing at the blade in front of him

"Oh, oh... yes. These swords, there is another one in the other box, they are called the Swords of the Heirs. Their history is quite interesting. They are quite old, probably much older than Christ, and their origin is lost in the sands of time. They are apparently made from some sort of metal not found on Earth, and the legend says that they have mystical powers. But this power can only be accessed by the Heirs."

"Heirs? Heirs to what?"

"That is another mystery. The Council has these swords for a few centuries now, and a few mages have tried to access those powers, without luck. But they are quite sharp, and seemingly indestructible. They sent those to me to help Buffy."

"Interesting." Xander picked the sword in his hands, and tried to lift it. Somehow, it seemed to belong to him, as if it was always his.

"Quite. It is said that one of this swords is the one that give origin to Excalibur."

"Excalibur? King Arthur's Excalibur?" Xander was impressed. He lifted the sword in a guard position, the tip pointed to the ceiling.


Xander placed the sword back in the box, but the sensation was as if he was leaving an old friend behind. He was still curious, and he pushed the other box to him, opening it. The other sword was identical to the one he had held, with the exception of a jewel encrusted in the middle of the blade. This blade sang to him also, but the song was different, more dimmed.

He placed both boxes side by side, and gave both blades a good look. Then, something struck him. 'Whaa...nah, not possible, it's not... Damn, it is a cartoon, for chrissake!'

"Giles, could the Council be pulling our legs?" Xander asked, holding the first sword again.


"The Council of Watchers. Could they be pulling a joke on us?"

"I don't believe the Council has a sense of humor, so no. Why?"

"Have you seen these swords before they were sent to you?" He asked, lifting the sword again.

"Yes, a couple of years after I entered the Council, why?"

"Giles, these swords are from a cartoon."

"What?" he removed his glasses and started cleaning them, a reflex act when he was nervous.

"A cartoon, G-Man. Saturday morning fun. These are exact copies of the swords. More precisely, this is the Sword of Power, and that is the Sword of Honor."

"And what... cartoon those swords are from? What do they do?"

Xander grinned. He hoped he was wrong, but it felt sooo /right/.

"Better if I show you."

He gave a few steps back from everything, sword in hand. When he was right in the middle of the room, he raised the sword, and yelled.


- To be continued -