Changes in the Tower

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Prologue: As the Years went on

Thirteen Years. It seemed like such a long time. There were many changes in time and the Tower between then and now. The Tower was stronger. Novices came in flocks, well maybe not that, but Accepted were there, and with promising strength. The Red Ajah no longer existed, because now boys came to the Tower to be trained also. Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, taught boys and they too were raised to Accepted and Aes Sedai. It seemed strange, calling them that, but that's what they were. Aes Sedai.

The once never used Towers were open and used by the boys and men. Women were trained for Warders as well as Men. It was a beautiful time. Yet things still remained the same in some places. The blight didn't grow, but didn't shrink either. Things were about to change again; very soon, and very drastic.