Two Worlds

Alright, this is going to be a Beyblade/Harry Potter crossover! For all of you who don't know what Beyblade is, then I will give you a short overview and some sites to help. It will take place after the sixth HP book and after the Russian Tournament (Season 1).



Kai Hiwatari- he is going to be the main person that you will have to worry about. He is the leader of a beyblade team called the BladeBreakers. He is quiet, rude, and mean. He is a tough guy and gives mercy to no one. His grandfather is Voltaire and only uses Kai as a weapon to take over the world with. He doesn't care about his grandson and sent him to Balcov Abby so that he would be his perfect weapon. Voltaire went to jail before this story begins. He has light blue hair in the front and dark blue in the back. He has two shark fin marks on each cheek. He is semi-tall and is fourteen in my story.

Rei/Rey- I will use the Rei spelling of his name. He is Chinese and has long hair that goes down to his ankles while braided. He wears a hair wrap around it. He is very easy going and cheerful, but he can be vicious and protective. On the BladeBreakers.

Tyson- Tyson has dark, almost black, blue hair. He is very annoying and arrogent. I really don't like him and he acts like a fool. He doesn't like it when people tell him how to fix his mistakes, or even when they point out that he has a mistake. On the BladeBreakers.

Max- He is very cheerful in the surgar high type of way. He is very happy-go-lucky and doesn't like it when people aren't happy. He is very loyal to his friends. On the BladeBreakers.

Kenny- He is computer smart and annoying. He overreacts to everything and I won't have him in the story hardly at all. He finds info for the BladeBreakers.

Mr. Dickinson- He is the manager of the BladeBreakers. He has known Kai and Rei the longest, though in my story, he has know Kai almost his whole life and is a wizard.

Beyblades: Uh, they are very hard to explain, but if you go to the websites that I will list below, they will help a bit.

Two sites that I would recomend going to for info and pics (just remove the spaces) they wouldn't let me put the sites on, so they will be on my author page listed as Two Worlds- (SITE ONE/SITE TWO) it just depends on what site you will be going to.:


for this site, go to

Anime the show

Anime main characters


for this site, go to

Anime about the show

Season I character bios bladebreakers

Season I shrines pick the character you want to see pics of and some brief info

Multimedia mini-shrinez pick the kai one to see kai's life and role before the story.

Hopefully those two sites will give you enough info to get through this fic. It takes place mainly in the HP universe, this is just background info that will be helpfull. Please give this story a shot.