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To make it simple, a girl gets stuck with four hot guys in her mind...wait, what the hell? A crazy story about a girl and her new 'friends' surviving each other and attempting to live in peace (ha) as they send psychiatrists running for their mommies. It's based on an original story idea of mine and also some stupid fan arts. XD


Disclaimer: if I was the author with YYH, why would I be writing a fan fiction, foolish lawyers? Mika and this whole crazy situation belong to me though. Originality is my specialty. Haha it rhymed!
Warnings: language, violence, sarcasm, utter stupidity, Karasu/gay bashing

To explain it simply, Mika could see things. She didn't believe she was a psychic, but she knew she wasn't a schizoid. She just saw things others didn't. She could tell when someone was about to come up to her or knock on her bedroom door. She also saw ghosts, since her whole neighborhood was haunted (but that was beside the point). The point of this was that she was different and could see more than an average person could.

At the present moment, Mika was in her room, attempting to finish her algebra homework she had neglected to finish the day before. Her grades were dropping because she never got any sleep. She was too busy trying to tell the ghost in the crawl space to shut up. Plus, she hated high school and wanted to drop out. She could easily get a job as a medium and travel in a circus. Of course, her mother sent her to her room for suggesting that. They expected a lot from their only daughter in sports, education and practically everything. Even her friends were monitored, making sure they had a good influence on her.

Sighing, Mika close her copybook and leaned back into her pillow. Listening carefully, she knew her mother was in the kitchen and her father was watching a football game on the television. They wouldn't notice her small break.

No one believed her when she said she saw things. Mika's over-worried parents sent her to a psychiatrist every week, trying to snap their daughter out of this 'madness'. Her friends, though supportive, were distant. That was alright. She made friends with the spirits she talked to, but they moved on quickly. Right now, she had her eyes on talking to the ghosts in her friend Sakura's house.

Mika picked up the journal her 'doctor' told her to write in. A lot of bullshit, but at least it kept her parents from sending her away to an institution. She picked up her pencil and wrote down a quick message.

Talked to the spirit of the attic last night. Really tired. Stupid homework I have to do is still waiting. I hate this book and I hate my life. Okay, my words of healing are done for today.

Mika grinned and threw the book back on her shelf. Every time she mentioned any ghost, her parents when psycho and stopped her TV privileges. Like that would stop her from seeing—wait.

Her green eyes went out of focus as she stared across the room at the window. Everything went black...except for three objects outside the window.

Three masses of psychic energy were shooting around the yard, as if they were hitting each other.

"THE HELL?" Mika sat up, the room lightening. The objects were still there, which was unusual. What was going on!

Jumping from her bed, Mika hurried out into her living room, nearly falling over her dog. She ignored her mother's scolding and ran out into her front yard.

Just feet away hovered the energies. Staring in awe, Mika thought to call her parents, but they probably wouldn't see it. One of the masses was purple, the other green and the last red. They didn't seem threatening, but...they were different. They continued to bounce around and slam into one another occasionally. It was rather hilarious.

"I wonder what caused this," Mika murmured aloud. Suddenly, it seemed like the energies heard her. Mika's eyes widened as they came towards her.

"Oh crap!" She took a step backwards. "Me and my overly large mouth!"

The first one, the purple, lunged at her. Mika screamed and dodged it. When she was five, her mother made her go through gymnastics all the way till she was nine. Now, she was very happy she had the experience.

As it lunged at her again, Mika flipped backwards rather ungracefully, nearly knocking over her mother's garden statues. The red 'light' hurtled at the purple, knocking it off course. It was defending Mika.

It seems they can think, Mika thought, looking at her 'savior'. And I have a new friend. What about the other one?
The green energy seemed to be watching, as if observing the battle. Mika raised her eyebrow at it, but returned to dodging the purple energy, as it had gotten around the red.

Mika thought, looking at her 'savior'. The green energy seemed to be watching, as if observing the battle. Mika raised her eyebrow at it, but returned to dodging the purple energy, as it had gotten around the red.

"AIIIIEE!" She dodged it again and again. The attack pattern was constantly changing, so she was constantly feeling the heat and burn as the energy flew over her skin.

Suddenly, she noticed a strange feeling in the air. As if some emotion was being carried by the energies. Focusing quickly, she identified them as sadness, anger and another was...embarrassment? Weird...


Mika looked up and gasped. The purple energy was inches from her. She screamed and covered her face, but the energy was not interesting in her face. It hurtled through her stomach. The green hazed and followed in suit, the red seeming to be pulled in with them.

Before Mika had the chance to shout curses and wonder what the heck happened, she herself felt a pull from inside.

"What the—?"

In an instant, Mika saw nothing but darkness.


Opening her eyes, Mika knew right away she was far, far away from her Akita (a city in Japan) home. Around her was a huge field of grass and a blue sky that went on forever. Staring down at herself, she saw her clothes were different also. She was now wearing a bright blue shirt and plain jeans.

"Okay, now I'm half way pissed off," she muttered, getting up slowly. Gazing around, she saw a hill, which stood out vibrantly against the flat plain. She was about to go towards it, but loud, echoing voices distracted her.



"Fighting will resolve nothing."


Mika's eyes widened. Okay, where ever she was had life forms and they were just beyond the strange hill. Gathering up her courage, she marched over and peered over the land form.

Three boys were yelling at each other. One with long black hair, one with short black hair with a white star burst and the last one was a redhead. The redhead was obviously trying to stop the fighting, but was being ignored. Mika sweat-dropped and waved her arm.

"Uh hello!" She smiled wearily. What if these guys were freaky perverts?

They all looked up quickly. The shortest, the one with the white star burst on his head, growled. The other black-haired one...wait. He had a mask on. Perhaps he had a breathing deficiency? The short one muttered something to the mask-guy and continued to glare at Mika.

"Um, hello." The redhead smiled back, wary.

Mika slid down the hill in front of them and grinned. "Sorry to interrupt your banter, but I'm in need of assistance," she said.

The red head smiled, as if relieved to know she wanted something as simple as that. "Sure, we'll help. What's wrong?"

"This is gonna sound weird..." Mika trailed off. "But where am I?"

The red-head sweat-dropped, the short one fell over and the mask-guy slapped his forehead. Mika looked at them, confused.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'WHERE AM I'?" The short one yelled up at her, after getting up from the ground.

"Now, now, Hiei," redhead calmed his friend. "This probably never happened to her before."

"It hasn't happened to me before and I know where we are!" Hiei shouted back, glaring.

Mask-guy chuckled. "Well, tell her then. The sooner she knows, the sooner everything can be fixed."

Mika scratched her head. "Okay, where am I again?"

"Your mind," redhead said with a weak smile. "There's been an accident."

"HUH?" Mika's eyes widened. "This is my MIND? How the heck is that even possible?"

Mask-Boy brushed his hair back. "We don't know. I personally don't care. Do you even know how to get back to the reality?"


Red head glanced at mask-guy. "Karasu, this is your fault to begin with. Leave the girl alone."

"Who said I was going to do anything to her, Kurama?"

"I'm surprised you haven't killed each other yet," Hiei murmured darkly. "The last time you two saw each other, it was in a life or death battle. Now, we're fighting over whose fault it was that we're stuck in a human's mind."

Mika suddenly snapped to attention. "Hey! This is my mind right?"

"Yes," replied Kurama, nodding.

"THEN, GET OUT!" Mika shouted, causing all three 'guests' to jump. "This is my mind! How'd you get here? Talk about invasion on one's personal thoughts and memories!"

Hiei scoffed. "If we could leave, don't you think we'd be gone by now?"

"Huh?" Mika was confused.

Kurama sighed. "When we entered your mind, our spirits kind of...got stuck."

"You mean..." Mika trailed off, the words sinking in. She had three weird guys stuck in her subconscious? Of all the bizarre and crazy things that could happen to a girl...! "I'm stuck with you freaks in my mind? For how long?"

"Until we can find a way out," Karasu said simply. He eyed Mika. "Hmm...we're stuck in the body of a human girl. How irritating. I suppose you live with your parents."


"Double irritating. We'll have to be careful around them. We can't have them finding out you're part demon now."

Dead silence.

"I'm a...WHAT?" Mika nearly fell over. "I might be a freak on some levels, but I am certainly not a demon!"

Kurama glared at Karasu. "What do you mean? She's human."

"You see, fox," Karasu began calmly, "Once we entered her mind and body, our spirit energy merged with hers. What do you think would happen if such a thing occured?"

"You seem to speak with experience," Mika muttered. "This an old trick of yours?"

Karasu chuckled again. "Hardly. Those other idiots didn't even notice the merge. I'm assuming that you will gain some demonic abilities from it," he said, his eyes glinting cruelly.

"Hold it...you're demons?" Mika rose to defense. Now that she thought of it, they really did have some creepy auras...

The others must have sensed her spiritual energy as her fear and nervousness rose. Kurama waved his hands in a show of meaning no harm.

"We don't mean to harm you," he explained. "Hiei and I are good demons."

"And him?" asked Mika, pointing to Karasu.

Kurama and Hiei glared at the other demon. "Evil," was the simultaneous reply.

"So?" Karasu grinned maliciously. "It's not like I'm killing you all yet."

"You could and probably will when you feel like it," Hiei stated.

Mika sighed. "Alright, I get the situation...but why me?" Why anyone?

"You possess a lot of spirit energy," Kurama said. "I hated the idea of doing this, but when Karasu attempted to enter you, I tried to stop him, but you can see where that led us."

"Oh, so you were the red energy." Mika looked over at Hiei. "You were the green and Karasu was the purple."

Karasu rolled his eyes. "Alright, introductions are over. Let's get on with life."

"Hold on." Mika looked over at Kurama and back to Karasu. "You could probably cut the tension in this room with a knife. Is it just because of this situation or are you seriously fight-to-the-death enemies?"

"Why do you care?" snorted Hiei.

"I want some assurance that I won't get caught up in a war. If this IS my mind, which I'm hoping it's not, I don't need...DEMONS tearing it up!" Mika replied, scowling. She couldn't believe she just admitted demons were real...this really was crazy! She looked to Kurama. "Okay, Red. Who's tall-dark-and-gruesome to you?"

"You were correct about the enemy description," announced Kurama. He glared at Karasu.

Mika glared harder. "Why?"

Hiei cocked an eyebrow. "Yet again, why do you care?"

"BECAUSE! I need to know how dangerous you THINGS are!"

"View the Fox's memory." Karasu said suddenly. He shrugged. "I don't care."

Kurama looked at Mika with unease. "I'm not sure that would be such a good idea."

"Come on, show it!" Mika ordered, holding out her palm. "Logically—well, if there were any logic in this whole thing—since this is a mind, if you 'think' of something and 'think' it to me...shouldn't it become clear to me, too?"

"That makes somewhat sense," acknowledged Kurama.


"You are impossibly impatient," Karasu muttered darkly.

Mika glared at him, but snapped to attention as Kurama put his hand on hers. He looked nervous.

"I must admit some of my memories are a bit graphic," he said as he cast a cold glare at Karasu.

Ignoring the comment, Mika absorbed the waiting memory and watched as images flashed past her eyes and slowly formed a story...

&&&&&&&&& Kurama's Memory...SPOILERS! &&&&&&&&&&

Karasu smirked at the dodging Kurama. "You know that you can't defeat me, but you continue to try all the same. That's what's so appealing about you," he said, a malicious tone hidden in his voice.

Kurama tensed and glared at his enemy, as Karasu continued, "It's a shame that circumstances couldn't have been different for us."

Suddenly, the demon lunged towards Kurama, still spouting his chilling speech. "But it doesn't really matter." His claws narrowly hit Kurama. "Even things that seem ideal always turn sour. I just speed up the process."

Kurama leaped to the air, trying to block out Karasu with no avail.

"Besides," began Karasu. His eyes glowed red. "I've found that there is no greater rush than taking the life of someone you care for!"

Kurama landed away from Karasu, but was trying desperately to come up with a plan. What could he do...?

...Mika was abruptly thrust into another vision, only minutes after the first memory...

The new blond Karasu grinned as his bombs began to ignite around the weakened Kurama. The kitsune began to scream, agonizing, painful screams.

Blood poured down Kurama's arms and legs, leaving a pool of blood around him as he sank to his knees, trying desperately to stay conscious and in the fight. Karasu was going to kill him...

"Your red hair is perfect for that fiery spirit I admire," Karasu said calmly, watching his prey wince with pain. "You know that's why I've decided to leave your beautiful face unharmed. I may not be able to keep you but I'll always have the memory of your face to give comfort."

Kurama, surprising everyone, got to his feet. His plan would work...even if he would die trying.

&&&&&&& End memory... &&&&&&&


Mika felt Hiei grab her shoulders and give the screaming girl a good shake.

"Are you insane?" he asked simply.

Stuttering, Mika pushed him away. "HOLY CRAP! Kurama, I'm so sorry for you!"

"The wounds mended." Kurama shrugged.

"No, I mean about Karasu! He's freaking GAY!"

Karasu sweat-dropped. "What was that?" he hissed.

"GAY-GUY!" Mika pointed accusingly at Karasu. "E-VILE! Hurting poor Kurama like that! What a jerk!"

Kurama and Hiei both couldn't help but smirk. Karasu, however, growled.

"What did you just call me?" He asked menacingly.

"Gay-guy!" Mika shouted, though taking a step back. Karasu's murderous aura just picked up a notch. Mika could not deny it was frightening.

"WHY YOU LITTLE...!" He made a swipe at her, but she dodged and scrambled over the hill.

"NYAH!" She stuck her tongue out at him. "Stupid Gay-guy!"

Karasu, throwing all dignity aside, ran up the hill after her. The kid might have been his new host until he escaped, and she was only a kid, but her insults crossed the line. Kurama watched as his old enemy chased after the girl...wait, what was her name?

"Hiei, let's go save the girl before Karasu hurts her," said Kurama, as he turned to his ally.

Hiei nodded and jumped over to the other side. Suddenly, he called back to his friend. "Correction. Let's go save Karasu from the kid."

"Huh?" Kurama looked over and nearly laughed out loud.

Karasu had managed to corner the girl and was about to summon a bomb, but the girl was quicker and kicked him in a place where the sun-don't-shine. After that, she had continued to kick at him, mercilessly.

"I've got gay people in my mind along with demons!" Mika shouted, as Karasu barely dodged one of her kicks. "I don't need people coming after me with explosives!"

Hiei sweat-dropped. "A Quest class demon is getting the crap beaten out of him by a half-ling GIRL?" he asked incredulously.


"Don't come after me." Hiei glared at her, taking a step back. "I was speaking in general."

Karasu lunged at Mika, growling. No stupid human was going to make a fool out of him and live to talk about it! The surprised girl shouted and fell backwards. Normally, one would expect her to fall on the weird grass, but instead she fell through an open door. The door quickly shut after her, leaving the remaining three individuals standing in a shocked stupor.

"HUH?" Karasu's eyes widened. A door! Where'd that come from?

Above the door, there was a sign that said 'EXIT'. Kurama and Hiei sweat-dropped.

"Alright." Kurama scratched his head. "That was plain and simple."

"Not to mention awkward," Karasu growled, giving the doorway a fierce kick. The exit suddenly disappeared.

Hiei stared at the spot. "Tell me am I insane or did the door just vanish?"

"I would go with the latter," Kurama said, his green eyes wide.

"Her mind is so screwed up."

Karasu shrugged and walked away. (Probably to heal his pride, Kurama thought) The other two sat down and waited for something to do.

"Wait," Hiei suddenly spoke up, glaring.


"If we're in her mind, where are her memories?"

Kurama shrugged. "I don't know and personally, I think investigating them is a bad idea. We don't know her and she doesn't know us. Invading her memories might be offensive to her."

Hiei smirked and stood up. "Well, I personally don't care about her feelings of the matter. Information on her, like her name, will be useful. I'll go search."

"And I'll stay here." Kurama sighed. Why did he have to be involved with such a mess?

Unfortunately, his questions were not to be easily answered.

Okay...that was weird and not funny...but it'll get better. I'll explain what happened to our bishies in the next chapter. And sadly, Mika is kind of homophobic, meaning she's edgy around gay people. But trust me...IT ALL CHANGES! MWAHAHAHA! Er...okay. xD review please.