Beastboy sighed as he rested himself on the arm of the couch. It had been a few days since Terra had "died", he'd gotten over most of the pain, but it still felt like there was...something missing; like a hole in his heart that was...unfillable. But, strangely enough, it didn't feel like Terra could fill that void; it felt like...someone else could, however. But, the question was, who? He sighed again, just before he heard footsteps coming from behind the door with his animal-like hearing. Soft, familiar, and a sound of a...cloak! Raven! She's leaving her room at 12:00 in the afternoon? He thought. Raven was never fond of 12:00, because basically it's a déjà vu of this morning, Cyborg and Beastboy would fight over lunch just as they would breakfast and dinner. He quietly began to think about her; her beautiful purple hair, her huge purple eyes, and her body with curves in all the right places. His mind began to think about Raven more, until it hit him. He was thinking about Raven's appearance! Bad, Beastboy, bad! He scolded himself. Then he had a thought. Could Raven read minds? Even through the wall, knowing Raven anything was possible. He gasped in surprise and fell off the couch as the door opened and reveled Raven. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at him. Beastboy looked up from the floor, and at her strangely. It looked as though she had a smile on her face! Granted, it was faint, but it was still there. But, just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared and was replaced by her normal stony scowl. "You're such an idiot." She said, in her normal monotone voice. Beastboy chuckled. "Um, I, uh, heh. What are you doing out here, Rae? You hate bein' out at noon." Raven sighed. "I overslept this morning and didn't get my regular cup of tea, so I'm getting it now." She said as she walked to the kitchen. Beastboy suddenly found himself getting off of the ground and hurrying after her. "You overslept? You? Wow." Raven glared at him as she got a tea packet out of the cupboard. "If you must know, I was getting more sleep since that whole Terra disaster used up practically all of my power." She said as she filled her teapot with hot, steaming water. Beastboy cleared his throat nervously; Raven sighed and looked at him. "Is something wrong, Beastboy?" she asked, irritated. Beastboy shook his head. "I just," he began until Raven interrupted. "Can't believe Terra betrayed us. I thought she was the one girl I could fall in love with, and I did, until she broke my heart—twice. Yeah, I've heard that a million times the past few days." She said, as the teapot started to whistle. Beastboy chuckled. "Yeah, exactly. I just don't understand why." Raven poured the steaming water into her cup and dipped her teabag in. "Terra was... confused would be my guess. She didn't know how to control her powers, and Slade had offered to help her with her powers, as did we, but she would only have to go through a few weeks of training if she picked Slade's side, so she did." Raven said as she took her teabag out and tossed it into the trash, which was next to an astonished Beastboy. "You've thought about that, haven't you?" she shrugged. "When I can't focus on meditating or reading, I think about certain things."

Unfortunately, Terra was one of those things. She thought. She picked up her teacup, and without another word, went to her room.

"Were you just talking to Raven?" a voice came from the doorway. Beastboy looked up and saw one of his best friends, Cyborg entering. "You were eavesdropping." He accused. "Was not. I just...happened to overhear."

"Yeah, on our world we call that 'eavesdropping'."

"I did not know that Beastboy." Came Starfire's voice from the doorway, Robin right next to her. "Whenever I hear something, I am not supposed to, it is...eavesdropping?" she giggled, then stopped. "Where is Raven?"

"In her room. Most likely meditating." Beastboy answered. "Does that mean she won't want to get pizza for lunch?" Robin asked. Cyborg and Beastboy immediately smiled. "B.B., you go get Rae, we'll meet ya'll at the pizza place." Cyborg said as the three of them disappeared behind the door. "Me? Why do I have to get...?" Beastboy began, that is until he realized he was talking to himself. "Fine. I'll go get Raven," he said, walking through the doors and going up the elevator to the rooms that contained the Titans' bedrooms. "But when she kills me for interrupting her meditation, I want a really expensive and fancy burial." He finished, going toward her door. He traced her name, which was carved into the door. He thought about her, then shook his head; forcing the thoughts out. He banged on the door three times and added, "Raven! Time to come out of your place of darkness! Raven!!" he yelled. Shortly after, Raven came to her door, her hood covering her face. For some reason, that really bugged Beastboy, he had to resist the very strong erg to yank her hood off. "What?" she asked, curtly. "Um," Beastboy stuttered. Raven crossed her arms and waited for him impatiently. "Beastboy, if you're just going to mutter incoherently, I'm going to go..."

"No!" Beastboy blurted out, surprising the both of them. "I mean, uh, the rest of the gang went out for pizza, and I was sent to see if you wanted to go. So, do you?" raven thought about it for a few moments, then nodded. "Alright." She said, softly. This caught Beastboy by surprise. "What? You said you'd go?" she nodded. "I was beginning to get hungry, anyway." She said as she began going up the stairs to the roof. Beastboy on her heels, nearly literally. Once they reached the roof, Raven levitated up, and flew off to the pizza place. Beastboy jumped off the roof, and a second before he started to fall, he transformed into a parrot, and flew after her.

"About time!" Cyborg cried as he saw Raven and a parrot-form Beastboy fly toward the pizza place. Raven landed gracefully on the rooftop, next to the table the rest of the Titans, unlike Beastboy who landed on the rooftop with a thud, and then clumsily, still in parrot-form, Beastboy tumbled under the table. This earned a sigh from Raven. "You're such a moron." She muttered, sitting down. Beastboy transferred into a kitten, and leapt onto the seat. Or at least, tried to. After the first hundred times of climbing up, only to fall back down, he decided to go with the easy approach. He walked out from under the table and chair, and changed back into a human. Then he sat down. He looked around to find all of his teammates looking at him like he was, well, him. "What?" Starfire giggled as Raven folded her arms on the table and put her head in them.