Milli: I thought we finished this story.

Ron: We did.

Milli: Then why are we back?

Ron (sigh): Didn't we go over this already?

Milli (thinks): OH, YEAH! Yeah, about the sequel, we decided that there will be a sequel! ((Well actually, I decided. Ron just was playing video games and muttering, "gotta win, gotta win, gotta win."))

Ron: And I did!

Milli: No one cares. Okay, so keep an eye out for ... uh ... um ... the ... sequel to Crush ... Crush – The Sequel! Do you people seriously think I have a name for it already?!

Ron (rolls eyes)

Milli: Oh! Oh! Oh! What about, I Think I'm Falling in Love With You? Or is that too long? Oh, how 'bout Unwanted Emotions? Too short? Well, it'll be one of those! (points to the reviewers) You pick, Ron can't be trusted.

Ron: HEY!

Milli: Well, I gotta finish my other two stories. BYE!

Ron: Lata.

((Milli: P.S. If ya wanna talk to us or somethin' IM me at SpOiLeDbRat6032. I get bored easily. In fact, I'm bored NOW! Unbored me, peoples!))