Taking Over Me

Summary: With Sam gone, Danny has enough to deal with. At the same time he runs into the first ghost he can't beat, and that's Danny Phantom.

Rating: PG-13 for mature themes and language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. I do not own Taking Over Me, Evanescence does.


You don't remember me but I remember you.

Sam shoved the two young boys to the ground next to an above ground grave. The twilight was setting in making shadows elongate and hiding nearly impossible. She couldn't believe this. Danny had finally snapped. That was the only way she could think of it as. He was mad at her for leaving, mad at the Carter's for taking her.

She pressed the seven-year-old's back into the cold stone that surrounded the grave. He whimpered slightly as she sat down next to him. Curling up as small as she could make herself, forcing herself to ignore the fact that this probably wasn't good for the child. She pulled the four-year-old into her arms. "How long do we have to stay here, Sam?" she heard

one of them whisper.

She looked over at Ryan. "Till it gets dark, Ryan. Then we'll go back home and get the car. Think you can stay quiet that long?" The seven-year-old nodded.

Blake whimpered and buried his head in her shoulder. "I don't like your friend. He's mean."

Sam closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "That's not my friend."

"Than who is he?" asked Ryan, disbelief clear in his voice.

Sam fought back the pain that came with thinking over the last twenty-four hours. "I don't know. But he's not Danny. He can't be." The tears welled up in her eyes, but she fought them back. She was the adult now. She had to convince everyone that everything would be fine. Crying was not going to accomplish that.

The part of the sky that they could see continued to go darker. "I think we lost him," Ryan breathed excitedly.

"Oh I doubt that," a cold voice whispered and Sam felt fingers clamp down around her neck. She clawed at them but she couldn't touch them. "Handy new power, Sam. I can touch you but you can't touch me."

"Stop?it," she choked out, while concentrating on shoving Blake behind her.

There was a cold cruel laugh that could never have come from Danny. The ghost boy appeared in front of her, eyes shining with malice, casting a strange shadow over his high check bones. "Hey, Sam." He squeezed her throat tighter. "How are we doing."

She gasped for air and heard something in her neck pop. The edges of her vision swam as her thoughts got fuzzier. This is it, Sam thought haggardly. I've lived through everything to get killed by my best friend.

The prologues short, even for a prologue but last epilogue was two hundred words longer than it should have been so it evens out. Hehe. If you're confused, don't worry. You'll figure it out as you read along. Thanks to all the reviewers on the Epilogue for Imaginary: Mrs.DannyFenton, getfuzzyfan04 x2, Medisti x2, autumngold x2, audi katia, Fox of Light, Lady Ashanya, Mrs. Granger-Weasley, q.t a.k.a spice, RainbowSerenity x2, YAY!!! x2, The Good Girl, Moody Maud x2, AngelicxDeath, Lightning Streak, Storm Sword, RavenForever, Sakura Scout, CoLdPLaYeR813, Aeris9919, Samster The Hamster, darkmonkey, Wind Cat, and Incrediblecuznz. You guys rock!