A/N New story ­ why start another one when I haven't gotten anywhere close to completing 'Forgotten past'? 'Cause, that's why...I had to revise my original idea of that one...long story. Anyway. I keep reading these of tearful goodbyes when Anzu leaves for NY, and I thought, but, what if Yugi doesn't want her to leave? What if...? What if...? So started this story. It'll be multiple chapters, leaping a bit into the future after this one. This story may or may not have a coupling, I'm not too sure. But it will be Anzu-centric, just to warn you. I like her! A note about the dance routine, I've tried to describe it, but if you listen to the song 'Bare Grace Misery' by Nightwish and read it, you will hopefully be able to vaguely visualize it. It's based off a routine that I and my group did to that song. Thanks, I'll stop talking now...

"You can't go Anzu!"

"Yugi, I've done everything I could possibly do for you and the others, now for once, I have to do something for myself! There will be a life after this that we all have to live!"

"But, New York?!?"

"Yes! This is my dream Yugi! I will see it through no matter what the cost!"

"But, what about me? What about Yami, Honda and Jounouchi? Shizuka will be devastated!"

"You'll be fine, we'll keep in touch."

"But I'll miss you...." Anzu softened a little

"I'll miss you as well."

"Does that mean your staying?" Yugi's face looked like a child about to receive a birthday present. It was hard to get mad at, but Anzu had had about enough.

"Yugi, I am going! And that is final! This is my dream, I will not give it up." She turned to leave. A bright flash of light came up behind her, knowing what it meant, she kept walking. Well, she tried, but an older Yugi stepped in front of her.

"We both love you, you are aware of that?"


"Then why are you leaving us?"

"Yami, I've just explained that! I can't, I won't give up on my dream, just for love."

"You will break his heart."

"Why? Why can't he, and you, just accept the fact that I'm leaving for a while, but I'll be back!"

"We are afraid. Afraid that you won't" That was the last straw

"Why can't you just TRUST me?!?! You're always going on about the heart of the cards, trusting in yourself, try trusting others for a moment, and stop being so selfish!" She threw a pamphlet at him. "Here, this is what I came to give you anyways, it's a dance recital, but I doubt that you'd be interested." She left and slammed the door.

'Yami, maybe she's right, this has been her dream for a long time...'

'I will not let her leave us aibou, not for anything'

'Still...I don't really want her to be unhappy...which she would be if she stayed here.'

'I care not, she is staying!'

"I can't believe him! He knows how much this means to me! This has been my dream for...forever! Dancing is who I am!" Anzu was still storming down the sidewalk to her own home. People passed by, staying out of her way, but otherwise not paying attention to what they thought was a normal teenaged mood swing. When she got home, she knew she had to dance. It was her stress reliever. About to put on her normal upbeat routine music, she caught sight of a CD that Mai had lent her. Normally, their musical tastes were completely different, but Anzu was in the mood for a little darkness today. She could feel her connection as soon as the singer's voice came on. She danced the whole CD, every once and while catching a phrase, but really just letting off steam.

"Don't want your hand this time, I'll save myself"

That's right, even during battle city, and Pegasus, I was the one everyone was saving, well no more! Anzu's a big girl now, I can take of myself.

"Perfect by nature, Icons of self-indulgence"

Thinking that they can control my life, that all that matters is them....

"Watching me wanting me, I can feel you pull me down"

Those two will fall one day, and I refuse to go with them anymore!

"Don't try to fix me I'm not broken, hello I'm the lie living for you so you can hide"

She would be living a lie to stay here, pretending to be happy. She was better of on her chosen path.

"No one's here and I fall into myself. This truth drives me, into madness. I know I can stop the pain, if I will it all away"

No one was there; she was on her own, as she would be for a very long time. Still, if she concentrated enough on just dancing, nothing could hurt or stop her.

At last, the CD was done. She felt better, but still angry with those who refused to accept her decision.

"Oi! Anzu!" Anzu sighed, she recognized the voice as Jounouchi's but she was still not in any mood to speak. Yet, she could not deny her friends who had done nothing. Jounouchi, Honda, Shizuka, Mai...all of them had accepted and supported her decision. Even if they would miss her, they realized that it was her decision. She turned.

"Hi Jounouchi." He looked at her strangely

"Are you alright? Ya look upset about something..." She shook her head, if Jounouchi could tell, she must really look annoyed. She put on her best smile

"I'm alright Jounouchi, I just had a fight with Yugi, or Yami rather..."

"You guys? Fight? About what?" She shook her head, still trying to keep the smile, and not burst in anger

"Nothing really, they just don't want me to leave." It was Jounouchi's turn to shake his head

"I don't get those two, you'd think they'd be happy that you got in..." She shrugged and continued walking toward the café, her original destination. Jounouchi shouted after her. "Don't worry! If they come to see the recital, they won't be able to deny your love for dancing!" This time, her smile was genuine as turned back to him.

"Thanks!" She went to sit down. Normally, she'd use the day before a recital to practice her routine, make sure she knew it well, and was ready to perform. But today, she'd tried, but her heart just wasn't in it. She was dancing to an upbeat song called "Fly High" by Hamasaki Ayumi. It was a difficult dance, and required a lot of attention. However, her brain was still stuck on the argument. At this rate, she wouldn't be able to perform well tomorrow either. Her body knew the moves by heart, but there would be no feeling in it, no passion. She sighed and sipped the cola in front of her. She needed another walk. Just to clear her head, again.

She took her CD player and another CD that Mai had lent her. This one had haunting voices with rocking chords. It spoke to her, though she did not understand all the words. Then, it happened, the CD skipped to the next track, and she felt it move her somehow. She started picturing the routine she would dance to it. Not her usual peppy happy style, but darker, much darker, more frustrated, and lustful somehow. In her head, she could see how it would unfold. 'chest thrust spin, arrest, arms up, head tilt, hair fly...' she could make it work, she knew she could. A bit of sweet-talking to her supervisors, and she could do it tomorrow, she already knew the routine.

Once home, she got on the phone to co-ordinate music and programs, as well as figure out a new costume.

That night, she practiced every move, making sure that it would be perfect to convince Yugi and Yami that this is who she was, this is was the only thing she knew she could do with her life.

The next day, Yugi had joined with Jounouchi and the others to watch the recital. There were to be other performances, but Anzu was the one most people were interested in, because of the scholarship she had earned. A number of people went first. According to the program, Anzu was to be the final act, finishing of the show. Watching, everyone was impressed at the sheer talent that was being displayed. Jounouchi leaned over and whispered to him.

"And just think. Anzu is better then all of these people. She deserves New York, huh?" Immediately Yugi felt ashamed. If Anzu was good enough to get the scholarship, then she should go. But the voice in the back of head (literally) whispered 'No Yugi, she will not leave us. Not like this...' There was no time to finish the conversation, because the MC had just stepped up to congratulate the previous group.

"Very good! And now, to end off our program, a dancer who has very recently been accepted to the Julliard School of Dance in New York, and she has a wonderful, new routine prepared. Here is Anzu Mazaki dancing to 'Bare Grace Misery' by Nightwish!" As he left the stage, it became completely black, contrasting the other numbers, which had interesting light shows to start them off. As the percussion and rocking chords started off the song, a single spotlight appeared. In it was Anzu, dressed as no one had ever seen her before. She had on a strapless corset that was black with deep red lacings and lining, as well as fishnet half-gloves. She had on a black mini skirt with red lacings and patterns and knee high flat boots. Though not revealing, the clothing was certainly suggestive. Her dance started off with sharp arm movements, never actually moving from the spotlight. Then the lyrics came. Spinning in time to the beat, Anzu abruptly stopped to give the audience time to listen. The started moving again, as the stage was lit in a deep red.

Sweet boy, come in

I am the dark side of you

Die for my sins

Like the One once did

Nothing of the dance was anything Anzu had ever shown before. It was dark, suggestive, but not overly, and frustrated. Yugi could practically feel her emotion, mostly aimed at him. He shrunk back, wondering what sort of mistake he had made.

Cinnamon bed

For your unashamed appetite

A figurant

This dance will hurt like hell

The fast and furious movements stopped again on the last line. She looked straight into the audience; more specifically at where she knew her friends were sitting, mouthing the words and swaying, telling them what she felt without speaking.

Oh, bare grace misery

Just a child without a fairytale am I

Dark but so lovely

A Little Match Girl freezing in the snow

Love lying, enticing

(Bare grace misery)

Crowning the moment

(Bare grace misery)

This is what I am

Bare grace for the end of days

Through the chorus, she went back to fast movements that suggested very explicit motions. However, they were still extremely subtle. Moving and twirling so fast she seemed to be flying, Anzu proceeded on to the instrumental portion of the song with a passion.

Romantic scent

Spoiled Lucrece lies warm for you

There's no such priest

That can pray me to heaven

When done with me

Forget if you think I feel ashamed

A wild thing

Never felt sorry for anything

Yugi, by now, was feeling that maybe this time he and Yami had pushed Anzu too far. Now, they had truly lost her.

Love lying, enticing

(Bare grace misery)

Crowning the moment

(Bare grace misery)

This is what I am

Bare grace for the end of days

The song ended with the lights returning to darkness.