Author Note: This fiction revolves around the manga—only Shizuka (Jounouchi's Imooto/Little Sister) has been placed in it. You can read more about the personalities of the characters in the author notes. Speaking of which, the first offer note of this fiction will give you information on Kaiba, so bottom's up! (insert anime happy face)

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh in anyway. I am simply doing a fanfiction on the subject.
Plot: After being defeated by Mutou Yuugi in the Magic and Wizards card game, Kaiba Seto will go at any lengths to get revenge on him and his friends. However, when Jounouchi's little sister Shizuka enters the picture, how will that work to Kaiba's advantage? Nonetheless, the abduction of Shizuka is merely an "upgrade" for his ultimate plan for vengeance. Or rather, the Ultimate Game.
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama/Suspense


Warning: T (PG-13) (Parent Guidance Suggested) For Scary Scenes, Cursing and Mild Sensuality
-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

To Freeze Her Heart
By Imperfect Paradise


"Human Juggernaut"

On that warm, golden afternoon, the sun hung high in the sky with nothing but small wisps of clouds for company. It was shining brightly down upon Southern Domino, down upon the gossiping teenagers, the ruthless thugs, the joyful shoppers, and the reckless children running about with their meaningless lives.

A beach ball flew through the air, and landed into the chocolate stained hands of a small, child, who looked roughly around the age of eight. He grinned and passed it on to his friend, to took to dribbling it like a basketball upon the concrete ground. He smiled brightly and threw it back to his companion, the soft light ball flying through the air briefly. The child reached out for the ball, but missed it, the ball merely grazing the tips of his fingers. The ball continued to roll until it stopped in front of someone who had, up until that point, been walking down the street. The child ran up for the ball (ready to get it out of the person's way) however, before he could even bend down to retrieve it, the figure in front of it had placed his foot down upon the ball, making it clear that he didn't want it to leave. The child noticed this action, and with confusion, forced himself to make eye-contact with the man. The man, was in fact, not a man, but rather a sixteen year old boy with chestnut colored hair and blazing cobalt blue eyes. He wore what looked like the local high school uniform, a blue jacket fastened together with golden buttons and blue trousers with just came over parts of his sleek black loafers. He was also holding onto what looked like a reinforced steel briefcase, which he held stiffly by his side. From a distance, he didn't look like much, nevertheless, despite his age, he had the intimidation of a man who looked as though he belonged in the mafia. In addition, the briefcase looked as though it could have been a potential weapon.

For a moment, the child and the boy just stared at each other, not saying anything. Until, at long last, one of them decided to speak.

The boy asked, or rather drawled, "Is this yours?"

The child's eyes widened, frightened by the boy's icy tone. It was so cold… He felt his hair stand on end, only just by hearing it. However, even in this state of fear, he found himself nodding dumbly. The boy stared at the child with what appeared to be annoyance. For if there was one thing he hated in this world, it was the stupidity of the innocent society. He then closed his and eyes and smirked. "Is it?" he asked.

For a moment, he just stood there, smirking, not doing anything else. The child watched him intensely, his heart racing a mile a minute. 'What is he doing,' he thought.

Then, in no time flat, the poor child got his answer.

The boy's eyes shot open and without warning, his foot slammed against the pure gravity of the earth, popping the thin, inflated ball within a fraction of a second. The image of a Black Magician (which had been imprinted on the ball) disappeared within moments. The child stared down at what had once been his old toy, tears leaking down from his eyes. He then brought his hands up to his face and cried, disappointed and hurt. He couldn't believe he had just done that. His friend saw this and stared, shocked as well. However, he looked back at the boy and glared at him.

As the young child continued to cry, the boy wrinkled his nose at this site. Another thing he hated on this planet: tears. He then turned away from him, hissing out of the corner of his mouth, "Weakling." He then made a motion to walk away.

However, before he could even take a full three steps, the child's companion suddenly ran up to him, his eyes burning with fury. He stood before the boy, and while spreading his arms out, blocked the path of the monster. The boy stopped once again, and took to glaring at the young man. The companion hissed at him, "Hey! You should say you're sorry!"

The boy just stared at the friend and hissed, "Move..."

The friend stared at the boy with a vacant expression. 'Does he think he can just do what ever he wants,' he thought. When he got no initial response, the boy actually tried to walk around him, but the kid relocated, and continued to block him. The boy, while in the midst of slowly loosing his temper, growled softly, "You're in my way..."

The friend tightened his fists, while sweat poured down the side of his face. In truth, he was pretty scared of this boy, knowing he was completely outmatched, but even in the time of his mental peril, he could still hear the stifled sobs of his friend behind the darkness of his consciousness. His eyes shot open, and while staring into the eyes of the monster, he hissed, "Say your sorry, and I will move!"

The boy's expression didn't change at all. Something like this could do little more than to impress him. In truth, he did care about the boy's affection towards his friend and his determination. Although, what he thought of it wasn't positive. Something like this sickened him...

He inhaled deeply before he lowered his head. He snarled, "I have no regrets..."

With that, he took the briefcase he held in his hand and whipped it out in front of it. It hit the friend of the child, slamming into him, the friend screaming out in pain before hitting the ground with a loud thud. As the boy walked away from the scene, the friend lay slouched on the ground, tears streaming down his eyes and mucous leaking out of his nose, mixing with the blood from his jaw. He whimpered, in numbed words, "Ma... mou..."

The child went over to his friend and bent down. He saw the terrible scene before him, and cried, "I'll get some help!" The friend cried as blood continued to bubble in his mouth, a tooth falling from his upper jaw. The child's eyes darted around, until he saw something that might be of assistance. It was a police officer, who had chosen that exact time to walk out of a coffee shop.

The child looked out in his direction and cried, "Help us!" The cop's head shot up, and took notice of the two children. He immediately dropped his bag (which contained a sack of Konai coffee) and ran over to them. He bent down towards the child's friend and inspected the damage. He said calmly, "Don't worry, I'll call someone." With that, he whipped out his radio phone and pressed the output button. He said, "Need an ambulance half way up main-street. Kid might had a broken jaw! Post Haste!" He then pocketed the radio and muttered out of the corner of his mouth, "What did you do to yourself, kid?"

The child then pointed towards the boy, who had continued walking, not giving a damn about what he had just done and who he had just hurt. The child pulled at the sleeve of the cop, while at the same time pointing at the boy and said, "He's the one who did it!"

The cop, ignoring him, said, "Alright, the ambulance is on its way..."

The child asked, "But… What about him?"

The cop meanwhile, pushed the friend slightly so that he was lying on his side. He said, while rubbing his back, "Take a deep breath, kid. You're going to be all right... Try not to swallow anything, okay…"

The child looked at the police officer, completely and utterly confused. He didn't understand why he wasn't going after the young man. Why wasn't he going in pursuit of him? Was it because, he didn't care? Was it because he thought it was meaningless? Was his friend's recovery his main priority?

Or was it because he was... afraid?

"So, grandpa! Can you show us those cards! Please!"

Mutou Sugoroku heard this, blinked, then stared down at his grandson and his friends. His lips thinned, pondering his answer, but then looked off into empty space. After a moment or two, he let out a defeated sigh and spoke, "All right, but just for a moment." With that, he walked into the back of the store, leaving Yuugi and his companions alone in the shop. Mutou Yuugi grinned, turned back towards his friends and explained, "Grandpa should be back within a few minutes."

Anzu Mazaki nodded once, and then stared out towards the open doorway to the shop as she commented, "The weather certainly is hot."

Hiroto Honda sighed, "Yeah, I feel like I am boiling in here..." He then turned around to face his friend and asked, "How about you, Jounouchi?"

Jounouchi didn't answer.

This caught Honda's attention, and in response, he hopped off of the cashier table and walked over towards Jounouchi's part of the shop. His eyebrows rose when he saw what Jounouchi was doing. He was staring down at something held tightly within his fingers—looking as if he didn't want anyone else to see it. Honda smirked at Jounouchi's protectiveness of the item.

Anzu also took notice of this as well. She smirked and asked, "Hey, Jounouchi, what do you have there?"

Before Jounouchi could answer, however, Honda had snatched it out of his hand and instantly walked away from Jounouchi. Jounouchi sat up (he had up until that point had been leaning on a shelf) and growled, "Give it back, Honda!"

Honda (ignoring him) whistled and commented as his eyes scanned the picture, "Man, Jounouchi... I never would have thought that you, out of all people would have a girl friend! Why didn't you tell me?"

Jounouchi glared and snatched it out of Honda's hand. Honda grunted at this, annoyed with Jounouchi's methods of reclaiming the item. Jounouchi turned away from Honda, cocked his head over towards him and hissed, "She's my sister!"

Yuugi leaned over towards the photograph, trying to get a better look at it from behind the counter. After regarding it for a moment, he smiled and asked, politely, "Oh, you have a sister, Jounouchi? What's her name?"

Jounouchi replied, while at the same time, trying to keep it out of Honda's reach, who had just begun one of his many attempts to grab it from over Jounouchi's shoulder, "Her name (Cut the crap Honda!) is Shizuka..."

Anzu stared at the picture (which in the meantime, was undergoing a tug-of-war between Jounouchi and Honda right in front of her), and asked, "How old is she? She looks rather close to our age, now doesn't she?"

Jounouchi growled (who finally managed to pry it away from Honda's grasp), "I dunno, about a year and a half younger than me..."

Honda heard this and grinned. He asked, "No kidding?" He then stretched his arm around Jounouchi shoulder and pulled him next to him. He asked, grinning in Jounouchi's face, "So when do I get to meet her?"

Jounouchi narrowed his eyes and asked through pried teeth, "What are you playing at?"

Honda sighed, and explained, "You are not seriously thinking of keeping her all to yourself?" He then completely faced him and asked,"Tell me, when is she coming?"

Yuugi sighed and shook his head. Anzu raised an eyebrow and muttered/asked, "Honda, why would 'she' be coming?"

Honda paused for a moment, suddenly realizing his dramatic error and his eyes widened. He remained like this for about two seconds. He sighed and muttered attention averting to the floor of the shop, "Eh... I was just hopeful..."

Jounouchi heard this and lunged for Honda. He restrained him by the shoulders and side (making sure he wouldn't escape) and hissed, "What were you planning, Honda?"

Honda's eyes widened and so did his grin. He spoke, nervously, "Oh... I dunno... I just wanted to—"

Jounouchi narrowed his eyes and growled, "You son of a—" With that, he began to apply pressure and Honda cried out in pain. As Honda continued to yelp, Yuugi let out a sigh and Anzu placed her hands out on her hips, glaring at the two. She nagged, "Will you cut that—"

"All right! Here it is!"

With that, Yuugi's grandfather walked back into the room, closing the door of the storage facility behind him. He appeared to be holding a shoebox in both of his hands. He chuckled as he stood before them and said with a grin on his face, "My private stash... I rarely show these to anybody…" With that, he placed it down upon the check out table and whipped the top off. He then reached in, and pulled out six cards from the box and held them out so Yugi and his friends could see them. He spoke, "This game is such a hit in America—behold! The game of Magic and Wizards!" (A/N 1)

With that, Yuugi's grandfather flipped the cards in their direction them, revealing what was printed on the paper. Their backgrounds were yellowish brown, and had a picture of a monster printed across the center of each one of them. They also had strange numbers below them, ranging anywhere from one hundred to twenty five hundred.

Yuugi chuckled as he pulled out some more cards from the box and grinned, "Yeah, they have got a small following in Japan too." He was looking at what looked like a purple Egyptian shaman with a strange staff, the number below it reading twenty five hundred and twenty one hundred. He showed them off to his friends and explained, "They are different then normal playing cards. See how each of them has a different picture on them? And to think, that there are thousands of these cards!"

Anzu grinned as she reached for one in Yuugi's hand. She commented, "Awesome! The art-work is just incredible." She then stopped when she pulled out what looked like a pink gargoyle with a unicorn horn poking out of the center of its head. She grimaced, "However, some of them are pretty ugly..."

Jounouchi stared at the ones in his hand and commented, "Yeah, I'll say..."

Yuugi turned back over to his grandfather and smiled eagerly. Sugoroku Mutou stared right back at him. Yuugi asked, "Hey, grandpa... Can you show us the card."

Sugoroku's eyes widened. He asked, "You mean, the card?"

Honda, Anzu and Jounouchi looked at the two peculiarly, not knowing what in the world they were referring to. Jounouchi asked with and odd look upon his normally handsome features, "Uhh… What are you guys talking about?"

Yuugi's grandfather sighed once again and said, "I suppose I can show you—but only for a moment..." He added the last part with some skepticism in his voice. With that, he reached into his pant pocket and pulled out a small wooden box. Without a word, he unscrewed the latch and opened it up. Inside was a single duel monster card. He took it in hand and carefully slipped it out of its plastic protector.

He held it out before them and grinned, "Behold, the Blue Eyes White Dragon! This is the rarest of the secret rare cards!" Everyone took a look at the card and gasped at what they saw.

It certainly wasn't like the other cards they just saw. This card was unique in almost every way. The card was holofoil, shining magnificently and had gold letters engraved within the card's title and stats. The image showed a monster like none they had ever seen. It was magnificent pale colored dragon, with cobalt blue eyes and menacing silver claws and teeth. It had eight stars hovering above the picture (also holofoil)—making them wonder what they meant.

Jounouchi, Anzu and Honda stared at it and gasped, "Amazing!" Yuugi couldn't help but beam at his grandfather. Sugoroku chuckled at this and at their appreciation. He grinned as he held it higher and explained, "One of the four in the world. It was so powerful that they had stopped production of such a rare card. Collectors would pay through the nose to get their hands on one of these."

Jounouchi was beyond inspired by these cards. He instantly fished out a 2,000 yen bill from his pocket and slammed it on the cashier table. He grinned and demanded, "Mr. Mutou, I'd like to buy some cards. Give me a pack with plenty of strong ones, would yah?"

Mr. Mutou chuckled and grinned, "I am sorry, but you won't know what you get till you open the pack." He chuckled to himself as he swapped the bill with four packs of cards. Jounouchi opened them up and grinned. As he eyed what looked like a ogre made of solid rock, he said in awe "Man, these look powerful!"

Yuugi peered over into Jounouchi's hand, and shook his head with a smirk on his face. 'Jounouchi,' he thought.

At that time, Honda suddenly shoved Jounouchi aside and growled. "Don't block the way—blockhead!" Jounouchi stared at him angrily and hissed, "What do you mean blockhead? Why I outta—"

Honda, (ignoring him) turned towards Sugoroku, reached for his pocket and asked, "How much, gramps?" However, before Sugoroku could even answer, the bell to the shop wrung, indicating that someone had entered the store. They then heard footsteps as the person stepped inside. They all stared at the door and their eyes widened at the identity of the mysterious stranger.

It was a young man, around their age, with liver/chestnut-colored hair and royal/cobalt blue eyes. He had a small smile on his face, however, it was so small, that it made you wonder if the guy was actually 'happy.'The young man looked around (did his nose just wrinkle) and drawled, "So, this is the shop that your family owns Yuugi... How, err—nice..."

Yuugi's eyes widened, recognizing him. His eyebrows rose as he commented, "Oh yeah! You're Kaiba from our homeroom class, aren't you?"

Kaiba smirked and bowed his head slightly. He replied, "Correct… My name is Kaiba Seto…" He then walked over to them, eyes darting around the shop. When he reached the area where they were standing, he took notice of what was in their hands. He asked, "Oh... You play Magic and Wizards?"

Jounouchi grinned, "Of course! Do you duel too, Kaiba? You can join our group tomorrow. We are going to battle against each other..."

Kaiba stared at them a moment, not saying anything. He then let out a single laugh, and his lips curled into a nasty sneer. He drawled snobbishly, "Don't be ridiculous. You really think you can fight against me? I am good enough to compete in the championship."

Jounouchi looked taken aback by this. He asked, "Is that so?"

Kaiba smirked and held out his hand. He said, "Let me see your cards." However, despite how polite it may have sounded to some, it was more straightforward. Meaning, it was most certainly not a request, but rather a demand. Jounouchi uneasily handed his cards over to him. However, he failed to notice that the picture of his little sister was stuck between two of his cards. Kaiba snatched them out of his hands and stared at them. After a few seconds, the smirk on his face morphed into a grin. He then threw them to the ground and sighed, "Man... What a pathetic collection. I was hoping for you to have a monster with stats at least over twenty hundred attack points. You don't even have one that is over fifteen hundred—how pathetic."

Jounouchi, (even though he had been severely insulted by Seto Kaiba) dived down and began to pick up his cards. He then noticed that the picture of Shizuka was laying about one foot away from his grasp. He reached for it, but Kaiba stepped on the picture on the ground, keeping Jounouchi from grabbing it.

He chuckled and looked at what was underneath his foot. He smirked, and commented, "Well, well, well... What do we have here?'" With that, he bent down, and reached out for the scrap of paper and picked it up. He smirked as he thought, 'Probably more valuable then the cards he owns.' He flipped it before him, and his eyebrows rose slightly.

It looked like a fourteen year old girl, with auburn colored hair, looking almost as soft as silk, with beautiful honey colored brown eyes. She was wearing what looked like pink buttoned blouse and blue jeans.

He chuckled and said in awe, "My, my... Such a pretty face..." He then looked at Jounouchi and asked, "Is she your wife or something?"

Jounouchi hissed, eyes burning with all out fury, "She's my sister, you asshole!" With that, he reached for Kaiba's hand (ready to snatch it away) but Kaiba smirked and held it over his head, out of Jounouchi's reach).

As Jounouchi tried to grab it, jumping up and down, Kaiba looked to the side and drawled, "Do tell me, does a shop like this own any good cards?" He then looked at the cashier table and took notice of what Sugoroku was putting away. When his eyes scanned the image, his mind completely blanked out for a whole second. His pupils shrank and he cried, "WHAT!"

Then he unconsciously stuffed the picture into his pocket and ran over to the cashier table. He slammed his hands down on the counter and exclaimed, "How could such a small, stupid shop have such a rare card!" He reached for the Blue Eyes White Dragon card, his eyes never leaving it and asked, "Old man! Where did you get—"

Yuugi's grandfather (obviously not trusting this young man after seeing how he treated his grandson's friend) quickly put it away and spoke as politely as he could, "Sorry, you can't see that!" Kaiba stared at him and asked, confused, "What do you mean?"

Sugoroku inhaled deeply and explained slowly, "I mean to say that that particular card isn't for sale..."

Kaiba heard this and his eyes widened. He then snarled and without a word, slammed his briefcase down on the table. Sugoroku jumped back, this action surprising him. Kaiba looked at him straight in the eye, and said (in a harsh voice), "Old man, if you give me that card, I'll give you everything you see here…" With that, he flipped the briefcase open, revealing thousands of holofoil cards, sparkling in Yuugi's grandfather's eyes.

Everyone who saw this had their jaw drop. Honda cried, staggering backwards, "Wowzaah! A briefcase full of cards!"

Yuugi's eyes sparkled as he commented, "And not just any cards: super rare ones! Look! There is Mirage Knight, Card Destruction, Penguin Soldier—Wow! You rarely ever get to see those cards!"

However, this did little to impress Mr. Mutou. His eyes narrowed, and he hissed as he pushed the case away forcefully, Kaiba staring horrified. He said through pried teeth, "No."

Kaiba narrowed his eyes, and while his hand tightening against the brief-case, said slowly, "You cannot be serious..."

Yuugi stared at his grandfather and asked (almost shocked), "You're turning him down, gramps?"

Honda wiped his forehead and he sighed, "Double wowzaah..."

Kaiba stared at him, with something between shock and pure hatred. He couldn't believe it! He had turned him down! He wanted that card! How could that stupid elderly bum not want to trade with him! He thought, 'Makes sense, though. If I had that card, I wouldn't sell it or trade it for anything... Damn, that stupid git knows that card's value!'

He then slammed his brief-case shut, took it off the counter (knocking some merchandise to the ground) and stormed out of the store. He left them all there, staring at them, not giving them a second thought. He then began to make his way back home. He narrowed his eyes. It didn't matter what they thought of him. He would be back for that card... No matter what.

He then stuffed his hand into his pocket (grumbling quietly to himself) but his eyes widened when he felt his fingers curl around something. His eyes shot open as he withdrew the small photograph. He stared at it, not knowing what to say. The girl's eyes seemed to stare back at him—heh he could see the light in them. He then stopped and stood in the middle of the road, continuing to stare at the laminated paper. His eyes narrowed. His grip tightened around the photo. He thought, 'So what...'

With that, his fingers enclosed completely around the photograph, eclipsing it, crumpling it up into a small ball. He then began to make his way over to a trashcan and was preparing to hurl the photograph in, when he paused once again. He closed his eyes and smirked. He said allowed, again, "Yeah... so what..."

With that, he took the small crumpled up piece of paper and gently placed it back into his pocket.

With that, the human juggernaut continued to walk to god only knows where... (A/N 2)


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Author Note 1 – In the manga, the original name for Duel Monsters was "Magic and Wizards."

Author Note 2 – The following is a sample from the original manga. This is not plagiarism. This is merely an example (which I do not own) to explain the personal background of this fiction. I do not own this dialogue, I did not come up with it.

Grandpa lost...!
Th—this young man... How did he get a hold of these ultra rare cards?
Mheh heh... Only four copies of the "Blue Eyes White Dragon" are known to exist. Of course, they are all found in the hands of fanatic collectors around the world. I searched them out... And you old man.
Of course, none of them agreed when I told them to just hand them over... so I used a little bit of force... I used my wealth to force them to bankruptcy, or I made deals with the mafia... One of them even committed 'suicide!'
What a terrible young man!
Bwa-hahahahahahah! And now you will know death
by virtual reality! Bwa-hahahahahahah!

Yes, Kaiba clearly resembles the devil incarnate. Also, Mokuba is no exception either. He will be just as evil (he actually was in the original manga). For example, he had forced Yuugi into a game of capsule monsters, and threatened to cut off his finger if he lost. When Mokuba lost the game, Yuugi gave him a penalty game and sealed him away in a bubble for that day. The second time through, Mokuba held Anzu and Jounouchi hostage—just to make sure Yuugi battled with him.