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Plot: After being defeated by Mutou Yuugi in the Magic and Wizards card game, Kaiba Seto will go at any lengths to get revenge on him and his friends. However, when Jounouchi's little sister Shizuka enters the picture, how will that work to Kaiba's advantage? Nonetheless, the abduction of Shizuka is merely an "upgrade" for his ultimate plan for vengeance. Or rather, the Ultimate Game.
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama/Suspense


Warning: T (PG-13) (Parent Guidance Suggested) For Scary Scenes, Cursing and Mild Sensuality
-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

To Freeze Her Heart
By Imperfect Paradise


-Chapter Seven-
"Beelzebub's Kinsman"

Shizuka inhaled deeply as she heard the door slowly creak open. It was around this time when she began to wonder whether or not she should hide under the covers, move away, or find some spot of salvation from whatever God was randomly about to throw upon her. However, whatever would come to pass, she abruptly came to the conclusion that it was too late to act nor do anything to do anything at this point. She cringed as it swung all the way open, wanting more than anything to have her brother with her—but was shocked when she took notice of something rather peculiar.

Now, she was well expecting to hear someone of reasonable stature to enter the room before her, (and as a result, would have heavier, stronger and swift sounding footsteps) but was little less than confused when she heard the distinct sound of the footsteps that clearly belonged to someone who had to have been no more than five feet at the most. They belonged—not to a man—but to a child, or perhaps a younger teen (or maybe even a dwarf if she half expected Kaiba to be a little more unusual than originally predicted); certainly not someone she expected to see here, in the den of the dragon who had her viciously caught between his jaws, with no intentions of setting her free anytime soon. She had reasons for believing so, because other than the footsteps themselves, she could hear the distinct sound of sturdy rubber squeaking against the carpet, making a very annoying friction sound that tingled Shizuka's ears slightly. The sound belonged to a pair of sneakers and seeing that Kaiba's guards wouldn't wear anything remotely similar to that—the possibilities were now limited to what had to have been an elementary or junior high schooled child. Certainly not someone Shizuka should fear, right?

She then heard the footsteps stop somewhere in the middle of her room—most likely between her bed and the door. She stared, curiously into open space (in the direction towards the source of the sound) before she heard a bemused chuckle of a twelve year old, snickering quietly, as if seeing Shizuka in the state she was in was amusing in some way. It then spoke to her:

"Oh? So you are the one that Nii-sama brought here. He said you were nothing special—seems he was right…"
Shizuka's eyes widened when she heard this. 'Nii-san?' she thought, timidly. Her hands then clutched the edge of the blanket, just before asking the traditional question, "…W-Who are you?"

"Who are you?" the voice asked back, the complacent expression still visible in its tone.

Shizuka stopped and blinked when she heard this. 'Okay,' she thought. She then opened her mouth, paused for a moment (hesitating), before she asked, some form of confusion in her voice, "E-Excuse me?"

"I just asked who you were. What are you, an idiot or something?"

Shizuka protested, "But I just asked you that—"

"I asked you first…"

"No you didn't, I—"

"Just answer the question, dweeb! Or you can just rot in here for the rest of your life—either way, I'll benefit."

Shizuka cringed for a moment (man, the little boy was just as ruthless as—) before she squeaked out, "Sh-Sh-Shizuka…"

"Well, Sh-Sh-Shizuka—what importance do you serve to my big brother?"

Shizuka instantly looked up, a look of total confusion etched upon all corners of her face. She asked, trying to get the facts, "Whose brother? Tell me! Who are you?"


Shizuka stared for a moment (not liking this one bit) but then leaned back when she heard the sound of those squeaking sneakers as they made their way over towards her. The mattress then shifted as whoever had entered the room sat down next to her (or, in this case, had gracefully fallen down and had just as instantly sat back up). The owner of the voice chuckled for only a moment before he continued, "Well…?"

Shizuka stared in his direction, but then looked away again. Her gaze tilted towards the floor as she said quietly, "I-I don't know… I don't even know why I am here in the first place—"

"Well… That's too bad." False pity and clear amusement was laced all over those words. Whatever the boy may have said, he obviously didn't mean any of it in the least.

As the boy continued laughing, Shizuka stared in his direction, sadly, yet with some form of rising anger.

And she had every good reason to.

Here she was… Captured… Contained… Away from her brother who was most certainly going to be killed by Kaiba—and whoever this little boy was, his motives for being here (whatever they may be) was not helping. She looked away again, not wanting to put up with anymore of this and turned around so her back was facing the direction of the little boy—

But the moment she did, she suddenly felt her head strain. "Owww!" She cried out as a handful of her hair was clutched and yanked by the little boy. She heard the voice laugh again, and whatever had her hair clutched jerked harder. Shizuka cringed for a moment (the boy giggling), before she shrieked, "Stop it!"

The boy suddenly let go and Shizuka turned in the direction of the boy, as if attempting to parry his attempts at irritating her. However, when she did that, something had grabbed another tuft of her hair on the other side and began to pull that end too, Shizuka responding by crying out loud again. She looked in his direction, horrified, her eyes watering dangerously. The little boy only laughed harder, squealing with delight through inward gasps, "Oh-ho! This is just too good!" It was around this point, when Shizuka hunched over, her breath catching in her throat.

As this terrible session of pain continued, Shizuka, who was drowning from the emotional pressure as well as suffering from the physical pain itself, as it was being cruelly administered to her, just couldn't restrain herself any longer now. Tears finally withdrew themselves from her eyes and she broke out into sniffles, and then into small sobs. She brought her hands up to her face, trying to hold them back, not wanting this to continue.

However, this did little more than encourage the boy, who now took to poking at her as if she was some inanimate object. The boy sneered at Shizuka, taunting in a sing-song voice, "Shizuka is cry-ing! Shizuka is cry-ing!" (A/N 1)

Tears streamed down from her eyes as the young boy continued jabbing at her, not giving a single care to her feelings, her fears, and her well-being.

This torturous session only lasted for half a second longer—before the door opened up for a second time, causing the boy to pause in his actions in order to look up in the direction of whoever entered. The second he did, he let go of her hair, and Shizuka shrunk away, crying a bit.

"Mokuba, what the bloody hell do you think you are doing in here?" the haunting voice of Seto Kaiba boomed, causing Shizuka to wince slightly. Heavier footsteps were sounded as Kaiba began walking over in their direction.

The boy looked up at him and said, in what was supposed to be a benign tone of voice, "Oh! Nothing at all, Nii-sama! We were just playing… Weren't we Shizuka?"

Shizuka whimpered for a moment longer, before a strangled cry escaped from her throat, and she then broke down into screaming sobs. Beyond her knowledge, Mokuba smirked and folded his arms across his chest, his eyes holding a smug light within them.

At this response, Kaiba narrowed his eyes and a frown accompanied his features. He spoke dully, "This room is off limits to everyone else, Mokuba—and then includes you. Now—school starts in fifteen minutes. Get your things and go outside. The limo is waiting for you."

Mokuba moaned in any annoying tone, "Nii-sama, I just got back from the hospital. Can't I just take one more day off?"

At those words, an infuriated look found itself on Kaiba's features, and his eyes burned for a few seconds with hidden anger. This expression caught Mokuba unexpectedly. The raven haired boy's smugness and satisfaction disappeared completely from his face, replacing it with heavy worry and something that looked like self concern.

Kaiba then spoke darkly, his eyes narrowing to a critical state, "Which just happens to be your own fault."

Mokuba protested, "Nii-sama! I—"

"Didn't I warn you about Yuugi and his tricks? Didn't I warn you that that boy isn't like any other? I warned you, Mokuba, I warned you, and you didn't listen. That entire event is behind us now—forever, I might add—and the memory will be only placed on your shoulders. Not mine. I have no business with it."

Mokuba stood up, and brought his hands out before him and explained, "But Nii-sama… I-I thought that you would be proud that I—"

"I will not proud of a looser Mokuba!"

Mokuba flinched when he heard this, taking a step backward and tumbling back on to the bed. He fell about an inch away from Shizuka—who looked in his direction, in total shock. Kaiba continued to stare dangerously at him for a moment, before he looked out towards the door, not saying a word. After a moment of this sustained silence, he looked back over at Mokuba and sneered, "Accomplishment can only be obtained by intelligence. Moreover, seeing that you obviously lack it—you better get to school and prove me wrong."

At these words, Mokuba stared at his brother for a moment. Then, in a matter of seconds, Mokuba instantly sat up and ran out of the door, without as much as even throwing a glance at Shizuka or even his older brother. Shizuka listened quietly as the footsteps of the young boy faded away, until they weren't heard any longer.

Kaiba continued to glare after his little brother for a moment longer, not believing that the little imbecile had dared defied him. Damn him. He had specifically told his brother "not" to go after Yuugi. But he did it anyway—against his will. He had tossed away the wisdom of his older brother in exchange for a faraway dream. In addition, if memory served him right, he had recalled specifically telling Mokuba not to bother with his captive—and how did he respond? By going in anyway and making her cry.

Then again, why the hell should he feel sorry for her? Why the hell should he feel at all ashamed of making someone spill her tears? No that wasn't what he thinking about anyway. The fact remained that Mokuba was pulling off new tricks now, left and right. At least one a day now, and this was really starting to annoy him. He had to put an end to it.

As for Shizuka…

He looked back into the room, taking notice of the young girl, who was curled up in a little ball, continuing to whimper in her secluded area. After staring at her for a moment longer, (deciding he couldn't take much more of it) he narrowed his eyes and stated two words:

"Don't cry."

When she heard this, Shizuka suddenly stopped and looked up, her eyes widening slightly. For a moment, she just sat there, saying anything. Did she hear that correctly? She couldn't have, right? She then listened as Kaiba's footsteps walked away from her, heading towards the exit of the room. After thinking for a moment, she looked off in his direction, just before she heard the sound of a door slamming. She remained there for a moment, not believing what she had heard, the image of the boy in her dream continuing to haunt her.

Don't cry…

… Don't cry…

… … … Don't cry…

The night was dark and quiet, with only the sounds of the blowing winds and creaking wood accompanying its bleak party. The land was barren and old, looking as though it were either abandoned or hadn't been tended to in months. Animals ran loose in the driveway, tumble weeds blew everywhere, and there were no signs of any form of civilized life.

Then, two beams of identical light shone onto what looked like a abandoned wooden fortress, as a rental car from the Chicago airport drove up against driveway of the foreboding property. They remained there for a moment, until the car came to a complete stop, and shut off as they keys came out of the ignition. The car-doors opened up as two men stepped out of the vehicle, holding two high beams flashlights in their hands, turning them on, instantaneously.

For a moment, they just stared out at the scenery before them, raising their eyebrows before they began walking towards the barn, the flashlight beams bouncing with every step taken. One of the two men shined his flashlight directly at the barn, while the other one's sort of lingered at his feet, as the man wasn't confident in any way.

And that he was. For to be completely honest, he wasn't too happy with the assignment that was given to him and his partner by Kaiba-sama just a few days ago. In fact, the word "happy" itself, was not even an acceptable term for the situation they had been placed in. The man (Takuya) looked over at his partner, who had a complacent smirk on his face, looking as though he did something of this nature all the time, which actually made Takuya feel uneasy.

His partner, Saruwatari, had only joined Kaiba Corporation about a month ago. Little was known about his personal background before he had obtained the position. Sure, he could speak perfect English, and he was more than fit for a job of this nature—but there was just something about the man himself that made Takuya feel a little uneasy. (A/N 2)

Then again, this whole job made him feel uneasy. For he was not used to hunting down and conversing with American Serial killers, especially late at night on foreign soil. Also, the silent dead of the dark only increased his anxiety, making it worse with each passing second.

Deciding that it was a little too quiet, Takuya started, a small trace of fear visible in his voice, "So… Is it true that this guy killed thirty people?"

Saruwatari stopped for a moment, shining his flashlight on to a different part of the property. After staring at it for a moment, he then drawled, "That was only one night… He's probably added a few since then. Oh, and you better assume that he had a history even before that."

When he heard this, Takuya stopped in his tracks and shivered a moment. Christ, what the hell was he doing here?

Damn… Over thirty people had died at the hands of this monster that Kaiba had offered big bucks to find. He looked back behind him, looking longingly at the car, wishing more than anything that the two of them could just get back in and drive away—far away. Seriously, come on! Was something like this worth his life?

He then looked back over at Saruwatari, wanting to say something (perhaps a suitable excuse to get out of this mess) but then took notice of the fact that Saruwatari was already more than a distance away from him. As the space between he and him grew larger, Takuya squeaked, "Hey! Wait up!" and ran over to him, not wanting to be alone.

Just as Takuya reached him, Saruwatari suddenly stiffened and turned around towards him, his eyes blazing with intensity. "Shut up you fool!" he snapped. "He'll hear us!"

Takuya stammered in the bravest voice he could muster, "As if he hasn't already! Y-Y'know Saruwatari… Maybe w-w-we should just go back now—"

Saruwatari let out a small laugh, before he stated bluntly, "Oh. And just what do you plan to tell Mr. Kaiba when we get back, hmmm…?"

Takuya just stared back at him, horrified, his eyes pupils shrinking and his mouth opening and closing soundlessly.

Yes… That was more than true. If he ran away now, Kaiba-sama would surely not take the news with good tidings. Hell, he wouldn't take them in any case. Deadly consequences would surely come into play at the news of his employee's cowardice. Consequences one could only see in his or her nightmares. Then again… Anything sounded better then hunting for a psychopathic American serial killer in the abandoned outskirts of Illinois in the late evening. But still!

Saruwatari smirked (loving the effects of his words) and then pressed forward, Takuya gulping for a moment and then following timidly from behind. In what seemed like a century, they finally reached the wooden fortress; a two story barn, which looked as though it had been subject-able to dilapidation and decay. As they stopped before it, Takuya looked directly at his partner and asked, "So, uh… What do we do now?"

Growling slightly, Saruwatari stepped forward and effortlessly kicked the edge of the building, which fell forward and collapsed, opening up the inside of the barn. As the dust cleared away, revealing the inside of the abandoned shelter, Takuya's eyes widened and Saruwatari raised his eyebrows, taking a good look at the disgusting display before them. (A/N 3)

As Takuya paled at the sight of the gruesome, horrifying scene (not believing that any human could be capable of such… such madness) Saruwatari smirked and commented, "Well… … That's something you don't see everyday…"

Takuya said nothing, obviously in total shock with what was behind displayed before him. He couldn't believe this. He just could not believe this! By God, he could be next! Seriously—just look at all of them!

Ignoring the thoughts and feelings of his associate, Saruwatari casually stepped inside, kicking something away from his feet, creating a new path for him. Takuya then snapped out of his grossed-out phase, and slowly followed Saruwatari inside, eyes darting from one victim to the next. After taking a grand total of seven steps into the morgue-like barn, the sound of a small click was heard.

"What was that," Takuya asked, looking around.

Saruwatari rolled his eyes and murmured, "Ahhh Hell…"

Then, as quick as a flash, the sound of a chainsaw had turned on, and something big and heavy had begun to make its way over towards them, a blunt and burly sounding laugh making itself heard. Takuya shone his flashlight in the direction of the sound, and as a result, nearly fainted at what he saw before them.

There, standing about five feet away from him, holding an electric powered saw in what looked like the arms of a gorilla, was what looked like a cross between Boris Karloff's Frankenstein and Friday the Thirteenth's Jason, standing at the height of what appeared to be no more, no less than two men. The creature stared at Takuya for a moment, before he raised the chain saw in his hands and giggled for a moment as he spoke, "Ahh! Mah pee-poo! Ah ill cub yah…" (A/N 4)

With those "words" in mind, the creature then came after Takuya, cranking the chain saw in his hand, getting it ready for the cruel fate intended for its target. Takuya stared at him for a moment, dropped his flashlight and then fell to his knees, knowing very well that this was the end for him. The creature stood before him and effortlessly raised the chainsaw in his hands, preparing to bring it down before the fearful man—

When the electric device suddenly went dead. The creature heard this and looked up at it oddly, not understanding what had happened. It was around this time when Takuya opened his eye, taking a small peak at what was happening. The monster spoke out loud, "Huuh? Wha—" Then suddenly, something metal and heavy collided with the side of the creatures head, and as a response, it immediately tumbled forward. Takuya managed to scramble out of harm's way, just as the monster collided with the ground, missing him only by a few inches. After exhaling deeply, the creature lay there, still, not moving a muscle, however, Takuya knew that such a blow could not kill a monster like the one he had just seen before him. It was impossible. He then heard a chuckle before him, and looked out ahead.

He saw Saruwatari holding what looked like part of a pillar of the barn in his hands, looking as though he had just swung it, conveniently standing about six feet away from what looked like an extension plug. After a few moments of Takuya just staring at him, Saruwatari then flung the object away (a slight echo-y-thud sounding shortly afterwards), and slowly walked over to Takuya. He stared at him for a moment before he asked, "Well… You okay?" (A/N 5) Takuya nodded quickly, more than thankful for Saruwatari's unusually kind actions. Saruwatari stared at him for a moment, before a smirk suddenly appeared on his stoned features. "Good. Then you can help me load him into the car. You wait here, I'll get the chains…" He then began walking back towards the car, Takuya staring at him oddly as he did.


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