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"Sometimes pain can drive a man harder than pleasure" T.O.S. "The Alternative Factor"

It happened right after the third task

Ginny was in a panic. Harry had disappeared and the stands were in chaos. Teachers were struggling to calm students while being at their wits end themselves. She stood, looking everywhere, hoping to catch a glimpse of Harry. And while the search wasn't fruitful, she managed to see many other things that at any other time would have caught her attention immediately, such as McGonagall in disarray, Dumbledore in a fury, and Snape genuinely scared out of his wits. Under the circumstances,these things seemed unimportant.

Ron and Hermione had gone down to the field hoping to find some clue as to what happened. Ginny had not been allowed to come. In stead she was forced to huddle with the other third years, hoping against hope that somehow, somehow, Harry would appear and tell everyone it had all been a joke, a way to celebrate the Hogwarts victory, that he and Cedric would invite everyone back to the castle to begin the party, that they would lead in the celebrations. But no matter how she wished it, Ginny knew that would not be. Something terrible had to have happened to create the raw fury radiating off of Dumbledore.

Pain swept over her, stark and real as she gripped the seat in front of her. The students around her were too distracted to notice. Laughter, deep and low and familiar rang through the air... no, not the air....i her head. /i


The feeling passed, and for a few moments, there was peace.

Suddenly Snape gasped and bent over, as if in pain, clutching his left arm. This attracted a look from Dumbledore, who suddenly froze, as did the other staff. Ginny drowned out their questions and her own fear in favor of telling Colin off for taking pictures at a time like this, something that normally didn't bother her. However this was not normally, and yelling at him gave her a release for her tension. She then distracted herself by calming the first, second, and even some of third years.

She had gotten a hold of herself and was helping some of the other almost calm students guide the panicked, and, in the case of Neville, hyperventilating students back to the castle when Harry and Cedric -- no, Cedric's body, he was to limp-- reappeared.

She stood there numbly, surounded by screams and sobs, untll she gained control. Reminding herself that Harry was safe and Cedric beyond help, she swallowed her own tears and screams and focused on the task at hand. Being at the back of the group she heard the power of Dumbledore's voices as her told Harry to stay put while he rushed off.

Ginny was confused then, when Moody grabbed Harry by the arm and took him into the school. A sudden memory came, of the boys disapearing, and a strange, almost gleeful look in the eye of the Defense against the Dark Arts Teacher. She shook her head. That was impossible, Moody was Dumbledore's friend. Trying to continue to the castle she was once again captivatied by the memory of Moody's expresion, an dthe command of Dumbledore's voice.

Chewing her lip, she came to a, quite possibly foolish and recklish disision.

"Professor!" Ginny called, running towards Dumbledore's sunset colored robes, tugging on them as she arrived.

"Leave the Headmaster be Weasley!" snapped Snape.

"But Professor he..."

"Enough Weasley" Snape cut her off, obviously at the end of his temper, as he turned back to the headmaster.

"Proffessor Moody took Harry inside!" she screamed, terror finally overcomming her as the weight of the last hours events came crashing down upon her.

Dumbledore turned to her, his calm exterior completely gone as he turned and ran inside the castle, motioning for Snape and several of the other teachers to follow him.

Ginny called Ron and Hermione over and told them what happened, and watched them rush inside after the group. She then left for the Gryffindor common room. When she got there she went immediately to her dorm got on her bed and shut the curtains. As she lay there, she pondered the laughter and wondered what it could possibly mean. It was after midnight when Hermione came in, pale and shaking she related Harry's experience.

After the story was over, after Hermione had left for her bed, after her roommates had returned and fallen asleep, still muttering about the terror of

the events, after she could bear it no longer, Ginny rolled

over, clutched a pillow, and cried with everything she had, reliving

every single event of her first year.


"Humans do have and amazing capacity for believing what they choose and excluding that which is painfull."

T.O.S. "And the Children Shall Lead"

It continued to happen for the next six monthers after that.

Ginny was locked in the terrifying grips of a nightmare, one she knew only to well.

iGinny sat strait up in bead, groaning at the sight of her alarm clock.

Reaching over to her diary, she noticed something was stuck to her robe. Upon

closer examination, she realized that it was a feather, of what kind she wasn't sure. Her thoughts went back to a few weeks ago when she had woken up with red paint down her front. At breakfast that morning everyone was talking about the message painted on the wall the night before. A part of her mind was straining to make a connection, but just when she thought she had it, she was seized with a sudden urge to tell good, dear Tom about it, he would know what was going on. He would show her what to do. Remembering the peace that had come with his gentle words, she grabbed the diary, her diary, and began to write, anxious to see Tom's smooth penmanship.

Dear Tom,/i

Yes Sweet One?

iYou're so nice./i

I try to live up to your standards my dear.

iYou're flattering me again./i


Was there something you wanted to write me about?

iYes, there was. Do you remember a few weeks ago when I woke up with paint on me?/i

Dear One, have I ever forgotten anything you've told me?

iOf course not Tom, how silly of me. It's just that this morning, I woke up with a feather stuck to my robes./i

It's nothing to worry about Ginevra, i(he was the only one who could call her that; it made her feel grown up, rather than childish as she felt when her mother did it.) /iIt simply flew in from the window.

iOf course Tom, how silly of me. I'm sorry to bother you./i

You could never bother me Ginevra.

iAnd with one last satisfied smile, she shut the diary and began to prepare for school, once again at peace. Well, there always was that part of her, a whisper like a far off cry that warned her not to trust Tom....Tom, she sighed, he was so much like Harry. Brave and kind and gentle and powerful, with the same dark hair... she paused, when had

she seen his hair? This bothered her for a moment before the wave of peace returned as she walked to breakfast, humming under her breath./i

Ginny bolted up in bed, gasping for breath. Hermione moaned and rolled over, but she didn't wake up. Glancing at the clock, she decided that she might as well get up and use the bathroom before anyone else did.

As she stood in the obsidian shower she pondered her strange behavior the night before. There had been a strange throbbing in her head, and a rolling feeling in her stomach. All throughout dinner in Grimauld Place's scanty dinning room, she had kept her eyes on Harry, her ears on the adults, and her hand on her wand. When Harry had met her eyes her stomach began doing flip-flops.

She leaned against the tile. She couldn't like Harry anymore, she was with Michael. Another thought drifted at the edge of her consciousness, something to do with her dream that morning, but she shoved it aside. She needed to deal with her feelings about a certain dark-haired hero. The thought refused to give up, it beckoned her, reliving her dream, and remembering her first year. She shivered. The dreams, which she had thought to be rid of by her second year, had returned.

The memory of Tom's voice caused her eyes to prickle with tears. He had been so kind, so patient, so understanding. Every girls dream.

Sliding down the tile wall she hugged her knees to her chest. She had loved him.

At first that summer she had liked Harry. That was what had drawn her to Tom so much. But by the time Halloween rolled around the positions had switched. She now liked Harry because he reminded her of Tom. In that time she would have given anything for Tom to have been a student at Hogwarts so that she could be with him, as his girlfriend. His possession.

The pain passed and hot anger boiled through her.

centeriTo think I'm so naive

how dare you play with me

I gave you heart and soul, yea

Tell me Riddle please,

why your screwing with my head

I don't think you understand

I'm gonna take ya, no more,

don't knock on my door


I think of all the time that I wasted

think of all the times that I took you back

In a way I'll be lonelly

I don't wanna let you back in

Let's just face it,

I'm better off alone and I won't turn back

You thought that I would be lonely

I don't wanna let you back in/centeri