The Other Me

Chapter Four: Crossing The Rubicon

By: Sci-Fi Raptor

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This is the daughter story of The Straw That Broke The Pervert's Back. The first three chapters are exactly the same as it so you have to read those chapters from that story if you have just started... otherwise you will be confused. (It would also be nice if you read that in its entirety too...)

I think this is a nice way to actually start off this dark fic. Remember, THIS FIC IS RATED R. I don't know where I got this stuff from…


Early on the morrow an abiding Punishment seized them:

"So taste ye My Wrath and My Warning."


Keitaro was in a very bad mood. He had already made this trip the day before, only to find out that he wasted four hours of his life because the attendant at the clinic forgot to put him on the roster. And not only did he have to wake up really early this morning to make the only train that would make it early enough for him to make his appointment at the clinic, it was stalled en-route, and he had to stand the whole time with everyone packed in tight.

But on top of that, once he arrived at the clinic, five minutes early to his appointment, he had to wait in line to be called before the doctor would see him. Finally, the doctor had seen him and confirmed that it was okay (though miraculous) for him to take his cast off.

But this IDIOT forgot to order the de-casting equipment and it would take another half an hour before it would all arrive. It had already been five hours since Kietaro had to wake up and, needless to say, he wasn't a happy little boy anymore. In fact, he was ready to snap the doctor's neck.

And he knew the doctor knew what his thoughts were, from the way his eyes shifted and his face sweated from his nervousness.

An attendant came in and whispered something into his ear before she left. The doctor glanced at him and visibly tensed up with, seeing how his back suddenly bolted upright. He sat there for a few moments, his face clearly showing that he was debating something in his head.

Finally managing to find the courage to speak, the doctor informed him that he would be waiting fifty minutes instead of thirty. He started sweating even more as he waited for Keitaro's reaction.

And what he thought would have happened wasn't far from what did.

"God… Dammit!" Kietaro exclaimed, slamming his casted arm into the cold metal table he was sitting on. He finished cursing after he slammed, since he actually said a long string of cursed before the 'Dammit' part.

The doctor stood up, clearly about to leave the room in fear, but stopped. He noticed Kietaro's cast had all but shattered and the doctor part of him came back.

"Is your arm okay?" he asked worriedly, inspecting the arm.

"Yeah…" Kietaro said, almost as surprised over what had happened as the doctor. The doctor certified that his arm was healed and hadn't incurred any more damage and cleaned up the remaining casting. When he was done, he told Kietaro that he could leave.

"Um… how much do I owe?" he asked, a bit embarrassed over what had happened.

"Er… nothing," he said nervously, the events that just occurred finally sinking in. "Its alright, you can just leave."


"Its okay, its on me," he said and gave him a half-sincere smile.

"Hai," he said, and made for the door. He muttered an apology as he left and made his way to the exit. As he left, he noticed some people giving him weird looks, and decided it was probably because of all the… noise he was making.

It felt good to have his arm back; he didn't feel so vulnerable anymore. He took out his wallet to see if he had enough money to have some breakfast before his train-ride home, but growled in frustration when he came short.


The four had been looking for a victim for the better part of an hour now. They didn't have any reason. They didn't need money or anything; they were just bored. As they patrolled the streets, one of them noticed a scrawny looking guy fumbling with his wallet.

"Hey, Azuka, what about that little prick?" Nanise asked, the smallest of the group.

"Yeah," Sakura, the only female, agreed. "He just came out of the clinic, so he must have something wrong with him. And he is really scrawny, so he should be an easy job."

"Yeah," Azuka, their leader, agreed. "I haven't had a good laugh in while anyway."

Haru, the largest of the group just grunted.

In agreement about who their target would be, they started stalking Kietaro, waiting for the perfect place to corner him and attack. After a few minutes, they noticed an alley that would be perfect to ambush him in, so they started maneuvering towards him. When they were right next to him, and the alley was just in reach, the biggest of the three "accidentally" bumped into him.

It was obvious that he didn't bump into Kietaro, since he was sent into an open place within the alley that was obscured from the outside due to the narrowness of the alley that led to it.

Kietaro, helped up by one of the goons, got back to his feet. Amicable by habit, he automatically apologized.

"You know, my jacket got dirty from that little fall," Azuka said. Clearly, his old jacket wouldn't be any worse off if it did get any dirtier.

"Oh," Kietaro said, still in a somewhat good mood from the loss of his cast. He was still as dense as ever too!!! (Author growls in frustration at this impediment!)

"I feel bad, so how about I just pay you for it," he said, taking out his wallet. "How much will it cost to fix?" he said.

The goons stood there in stunned amazement. Did this little punk not know that he was being mugged, or was he just messing around with them? From the look on his face they assumed the former and broke into fits of laughter.

"What's so funny?" Kietaro asked a bit angrily now, sensing that they were laughing at his expense. His question just made them laugh harder, causing the smallest one to roll on the floor, clutching his stomach and the lone female to gasp for air. The largest guy just chuckled as the last guy put a hand on a nearby wall as he hammered it with the other. Finally, one of the goons partially recovered from his bout of laughter and stood next to Kietaro, putting his arm around Kietaro as if he were a friend.

"I knew that he would be funny!" Azuka said to the other two between chuckles. Kietaro got nervous with how the four were acting. As if this weren't an accident.

"Wow boss, you sure have a good eye," the smaller goon said, Sakura helping him up from the floor. The biggest goon just grunted, the laughter long gone from his system.

"Anyway, about the jacket," Kietaro said a bit impatiently.

"Yes, about the jacket," the guy next to him said, getting off of his shoulder and stood in front of him. Kietaro could see the other three covering his back from the corner of his eyes, blocking any escape. The guy in front of him snatched his wallet from his hand and scanned its contents (counting the bills and noting the cards and such).

"I don't think you have enough to cover for my jacket," he said bluntly.

"What!" Kietaro exclaimed in disbelief.

Azuka raised an eyebrow, as if he didn't expect to be questioned.

Keitaro continued, "I have enough in there to get a few of your goddamn jacket!", angrily this time.

"Yo, Azuka, he just dissed you," the female taunted. "You just gonna let him get away with that?"

"Of course not," Azuka said, jabbing Kietaro in the stomach out of nowhere. "No one disses a soldier of the Yakuza and gets away with it," he finished, eyes full of ill intent. He brushed his hair back as if what he did was no big deal. The other two men took their positions for the mugging, while Sakura stood back and watched. She had a big goofy smile on her face from the anticipation of what was to come.

Normally, if someone, especially someone like Kietaro, found out that he was being attacked by Yakuza, that person would naturally either submit to their wishes or attempt to escape.

But not Kietaro. Not now, not ever. As he tightly clutched the place he was jabbed with both hands, he could feel something inside him suddenly wake up from a cursed slumber.

"What's wrong, tough guy?" Azuka taunted Kietaro after a long pause. Kietaro slowly released the grip he had on his stomach, a strange grin growing on his face.

"Nothing," he said, suddenly standing erect. He wiped some blood from his lip with his right hand and surveyed the smear on it. His eye twinkled for some reason, confusing Azuka a little.

He was about to say something, but out of nowhere, Kietaro head butted him in the stomach. Azuka violently bowed forward from the impact.

"What the f-" Azuka exclaimed as Kietaro suddenly held him in the air with one arm. His hand was painfully crushing his Azuka's neck. Slowly looking up, Kietaro locked his eyes onto his prey's. The eyes that stared back pleaded for him to let go of its owner's neck. Kietaro just gave him an unmerciful glare.

"Who the fuck does this guy think he is???" Nanise thought out loud as he and his accomplice scrambled to free their leader. Sakura stood paralyzed in fear. This had never happened. They had all stood in shock as this scrawny little man managed to surprise attack one to the Yakuza's best lieutenants. Haru tried to pry Kietaro's grip off of Azuka's neck while Nanise assaulted him.

It worked; Kietaro was forced to let go of Azuka's neck, dropping his crumpled form as he moved to deal with the smallest of the three.

Haru went over to his boss and helped him stand up, but stepped back when he saw the blood gushing out of his mouth. Azuka had his hands around his neck, as if someone were still choking him and his face started to go deathly pale. Haru moved again to try and help him, but Azuka slacked, fainting from the lack of oxygen because of all of the blood that had filled his lungs. While he lay still, Haru could hear him wheezing like a chicken that had its neck sliced.

Meanwhile, Nanise had already drawn his Katana and was waving it at Kietaro in a dangerous stance. To his surprise, and somewhat to his horror, Kietaro didn't even flinch. He just stood there, grinning like he was waiting for him to attack, as if this were just any other day.

Knowing full well that no one could face a person with a katana unarmed, Nanise charged in, saying, "Now you'll see why no one fucks with the Yakuza!" He stabbed forward, and prepared to kick to the side. H expecting Kietaro to dodge to his left, since a wall blocked his right, but met nothing but air.

To his horror, Kietaro went head on into the Katana attack, coughing up blood as muscles and organs were sliced. His Katana was lodged in Kietaro, and he was in the middle of an attack the met only air; Nanise was in the worst possible position.

Kietaro punched him in the face, causing Nanise to fall onto his back, painfully shattering the back of his skull from the impact.

Kietaro pulled the Katana out of his ribcage, making horrible ripping noises as it cut his internal organs even more. He held the Katana high in the air above Nanise's shoulder, not seeming to care that his own blood was gushing like a waterfall from his wounds onto Nanise's chest. He saw the look of total loss in Nanise's eyes and answered back with amused eyes. His face suddenly sobered and he brought the polished, bloodstain and deadly piece of steel down swiftly.

The blood that gushed out of Nanise's wound just added to the pool of blood that was still spilling from his skull.

By now, Haru had watched his boss faint and noticed Kietaro do his fishing move on Nanise. He screamed in rage, causing the alley to vibrate from his powerful vocals.

He cornered Kietaro deeper into the alley's dead end and forced him to attack head on. Kietaro made the ill-fated decision of attacking first, his pride blinding him. Haru easily anticipated the hook he was about to deliver and grabbed it in the air. Kietaro tried to push forward, but the hulk was just too strong. Haru grinned as cracking sounds could be heard from Kietaro's fist. Screaming in agony, Kietaro kicked him in the crotch, causing Haru to release his hand. Haru moved back, thighs positioned protectively. He swore like a sailor and did his best to drown away the wall of pain. Kietaro, on the other hand, had miraculously composed himself and gave a look that dared Haru to attack.

Out of the corner of his eye, Haru saw the mangled body of his best friends and started boiling. He charged Kietaro's bloodied form, intending to use his momentum to pin Kietaro into the wall behind him and exact revenge from that point. But Kietaro suddenly gained abilities he never thought he would ever have. He jumped above Haru, just as he was about to make contact, and kicked him in the head. Haru stumbled forward, crashing headfirst into the wall where Kietaro was supposed to be pinned.

With the grace of an acrobatist, Kietaro landed behind Haru, gracefully on his feet. He felt a sharp prick along his left cheek as something hot and fast rubbed across it. Seconds later, the gunshot registered. Kietaro slowly turned his head to find a shaken Sakura pointing a Bretta 92 at him.

"G-g-get away from here," she said nervously, her eyes tearing. "I swear, I'll shoot!" she pleaded. What Kietaro did next surprised her so much, that she lost hold of her gun.

His eyes suddenly dilated as his scary grin turned into an evil smirk. Before the gun even clattered off of the floor, Kietaro was behind her. His left arm was pinning her arms to her side, while his right arm held a shard of glass millimeters from her jugular. She felt a sharp prick as the tip of the glass penetrated her skin.

"Now…" Kietaro said evilly. "We can do this the easy way," he said, putting his left hand on her breast. "Or the hard way," he finished, putting more pressure to her neck.

"I'll do anything you want!" she pleaded, scared out of her mind.

When she joined Azuka's gang, it was merely a hospitality the Yakuza had done for her father, one of its prominent figures. She was sent to learn their ways for when she would take over. She had just started and was still used to being pampered and getting what she wanted. She was just there to watch at this point, she was never supposed to do anything. Or get anything done to her…

"Good…" he said, relaxing the pressure of his right hand. "I'm going to let you go. If you try to run away or scream… lets just say that you don't want to find out… Okay?"

"Uh-huh," she said, crying. He let her go and she stood in front of her while he checked her out.

"Nice," he said after examining her perfect curves. By now, she had stopped crying, too proud to let him see any more of her fear, though it was still there. She stood there silently; she glared at her captor while, she assumed, his eyes stripped her. He took a step forward, causing her heartbeat to go from zero to sixty in under a second. He took the shard and slowly traced her collarbone down to her breasts. For some strange reason, she found herself turned on, noticing it when she felt wetness near her crotch. Kietaro stopped the shard where it met her shirt and looked her in the eyes. Gazing into them, she could tell he was thinking something. Suddenly smirking, he made a swift move and made a perfect vertical cut down her shirt, splitting it and her bra in two.

Naturally, she turned around and covered her chest with her arms, but stiffened when she remembered her situation. She looked back and saw all of Kietaro's malice gone. Instead, his face was completely professional as if he were doing a business deal. He walked towards her, paralyzing her instantly. Her head was still turned towards his face, so she could see that evil smile coming back to his face. He gently hugged her from her back and put his mouth close to her ear. Her body shuddered from the sensations that her ears felt from his hot breath caressing it.

"Remember, you said you'd do anything, correct?" he breathed, bringing his hands down lower.

Overwhelmed from too much input, she could only nod.

"Then you're gonna do exactly what I say, okay?" She nodded again. He moved his lips mere millimeters from her ear. "Get… the fuck… out of my face!" he said, shoving her away.

The sudden movement had caught her by surprise, so she stumbled forward, crashing into a wall. She did her best to get back on her feet and looked at her captor with confusion.

"What are you waiting for?" he screamed at her. "You wanna die?" he said, showing her the glass shard again.

Her eyes opened into circles as she remembered the feeling of the glass on her neck and was paralyzed again. Seeing that she wasn't moving, Kietaro walked up to her, giving her a look that could kill.

She begged her legs to move, but they wouldn't budge. Defeated, she just closed her eyes and started to cry again, apologizing to all those she had wronged. Once again, she felt his hot breath against her ear again, causing her heart to flutter.

"Remember to tell your boss what happened here," he whispered. "Remember to tell him about me and what happens if you screw with me."

"W-what's your n-name," she asked, her training starting to come back to her.

"Its Kietaro," he whispered into her ear. "Urishima Kietaro." Hearing that, Sakura broke into a sprint and left the alley before he did anything else to her.

Satisfied with his work, he took a step back and surveyed the rest of it. He grinned with satisfaction. He had taken down three armed and experienced Yakuza soldiers and accrued damage slightly on par to that of a Naru Punch/ Motoko Slash combo.

The girl wasn't important. Her only use was to keep the Yakuza from following him, at least in the open. Because of his actions, the Yakuza would no doubt try and jump him from now on, but that's exactly what he wanted. This little game had been… fun. Kietaro had never felt this powerful before. Certainly not with the bitches he lived with.

Out in the streets, he had just had his way with a woman. Did he act perverted? NO! Kietaro was never that perverted, just clumsy. Besides, he wouldn't fuck the bitch even if she begged him. Shit like that belonged in the gutter.

If only they could have seen… he thought with a pang of regret. Not only did he not rape the slut like she deserved to have been, he had just made her his bitch. If the girls had seen that, they would definitely treat him with respect, or at least be wary of their actions. (At this point, when he thinks girls, he thinks of only Naru and Motoko).

Feeling sweaty, he wiped his face with his shirt, only to notice how bloody it had become. Fuck! he exclaimed angrily.

With no other way to vent his anger, he went up to Nanise's body. Miraculously, he was taking quick short gasps.

"Look what you did!" he yelled at him, kicking him hard in the ribs, moving his body forward a foot. "You got my shirt dirty you pieces of shit!" he said again. His face contorted into something that would be described as inhuman because of how much hate it expressed. He continued kicking Nanise until his leg got tired. Then he noticed Azuka's crumpled form and walked up to him. He remembered how he had stolen his wallet.

"I guess I'll be taking this," Kietaro said, stripping Azuka's surprisingly clean jacket and wore it himself. In after thought, he went through all of their pockets and took whatever seemed interesting. "For the free training lesson," he assured the unconscious, if not already dead, trio.

He chuckled for some reason and walked out of the alley, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. By the time half of his train ride home was done, he didn't feel any more pain from inside, and when he inspected his wounds from under his shirt, found that they were already closed. His shirt was still somewhat damp, but mostly brown from the blood that had already dried. After this little self-inspection, he kept his hands in his pockets, where he kept on fingering his… souvenirs.

He felt the packet in his left pocket with anticipation. He had always wanted to try its contents because of the headache he always got from Hinata-Sou and studying for Todai, but never thought it was worth it, nor did he trust buying it off the street. But he got this stuff from the dealers themselves, so it had to be clean. He felt a little lower, feeling a sense of happiness from having such a large roll of bills for himself.

He rubbed the object in his right pocket most delicately. It had a long smooth shaft and a custom built butt. It was perfect for people Azuka's size, which coincidentally was the same as Kietaro's, explaining the perfect fit of his jacket. He did his best to keep his new jacket from showing any part of his shirt, since he already had had enough 'fun' for one day.

Not surprisingly, people kept a safe distance away from him. He couldn't figure out why, exactly. He had rented a hotel room and cleaned himself up after the battle enough so that no one would notice. But, in essence, this is the same old Kietaro.

He was too dense to figure out that the jacket he was wearing had the Yakuza's symbol on its back.


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