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Chapter Nine

Silver, Peter, and Athos drew their swords and charged Q. McCoy and Malcolm ran every which way, drawing the robots away from the main group. Noka and Avanwe aimed at the robot with arms. Soon, he was down.

Blocking out the pain from the stun beam, Spock forced himself to his feet and ran over to McCoy and Malcolm.

As good a swordfighter as Q was, he couldn't hold out against five good swordfighters. He needed help.

Suddenly, each of the six robots' heads popped open and three human-size robots with swords sprang out of each. The larger robots fell to the ground.

"Pair up!" Silver shouted. Spock quickly paired up with Dr. McCoy. Peter paired up with Athos, Silver with Malcolm, and Noka with Avanwe. Four robots took after each pair. Two stayed behind with Q. They had guns instead, loaded, Q knew, with a poison, strong enough to kill if untreated, and they had five shots each.

"Shoot Morgan only if she starts to come around," Q ordered.

Indeed, Morgan had just started to open her eyes when she saw two robot guns pointed at her. She froze. It would do her team no good, she knew, if she got herself shot.

Telepathically, she told the others she was okay. Peter and Athos exchanged glances. They knew what they had to do.

The others had moved into the forest. They were holding their own, but no better; they'd been forced to stick to defense.

Peter and Athos decided to charge. They quickly had two robots down; the others were circling them at a distance.

"You know, we're going to die," Athos said quietly."

"I know. It's been a pleasure serving with you."

"Do you believe in God, Peter?"

"I do, indeed."

"Should I be afraid?"

"Not a man like you."

"Even a pirate?"

Peter grinned. "Especially a pirate. Ready?"


They charged at Q. The robots fired again and again. Some hit. Some missed. Some were deflected expertly by their swords. The two friends didn't care. The robots were out of fire, and were soon gone, along with the two with swords.

Morgan saw her chance. She sprang up, drew her swords, and, rushed at a startled Q before he had time to recover from the surprise of her friends' attack. She easily knocked him down.

"You cheated," she accused. "Call off the game, Q. You've lost. Return the ships and people to where they belong. And stop my friends from dying!" She gestured at Athos and Peter on the ground behind them.

Q snapped his fingers. "Done." Everything went spinning, spinning into darkness. Then it was gone. Only the two of them, brother and sister, in the limitless dimensions of time and space.

"Your friends did well, Morgan."

"Of course they did. Have you learned nothing of humans, Q."

"Such courage is rare in their race."

"But not impossible to find."

"I'm impressed."

"Care to join me?"

"No; that is your place, not mine."

"It could be."

"No. Humans are too weak for my tastes."

"Weak, yes, compared to you and me. But they will grow. They will learn. They will evolve."

"Your teammates will return to the ships they belong in, in the condition they were in before I brought the Borg. You have done well, Morgan le Fay. You know I let you win, though."

"You cheated."

"So did you."

"You knew?"

"Oh, yes. Your team hid it well." He held out his hand. "I believe this is a custom among humans."

Morgan shook it. "Other hand, usually, but yeah."

"A strange bunch, these humans."

"Agreed, but I like them. Farewell, brother."

"Farewell, sister."

Morgan looked around. She was once again on the Flammifer. None of the Enterprise ships were anywhere in sight.

She looked around, but, to her surprise, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were still there with the crew of the Flammifer. "Why that--" Morgan started. "He said he'd send you back to the ships where you belonged!"

"Apparently," Spock said evenly, "he thinks we belong here."

"Are you saying you want to stay?" McCoy asked.

"It would appear that we are staying, no matter who likes it or not," the Vulcan pointed out. "Q is gone, and though Morgan is capable, it is highly unlikely that she will send us back."

"Morgan!" Balo exclaimed suddenly. "Look at our flag!"

Morgan looked up. The background was dark green and the skull and crossbones were light gray.

"Well," Silver shrugged. "All in favor of proudly flying the flag of the Green Pirates, say 'Aye.' Aye."

"Aye," Morgan, Peter, and Athos said immediately.

"Aye," Nora, Rona, and Avanwe joined in.

"Aye," Eric, Latano, and Tandro cheered.

"Aye," Balo and Noka agreed.

"Aye," squawked Captain Flint.

"Aye," McCoy said after a moment. "That is, if Nora might need some help in sick bay."

"I might," Nora smiled. "Glad to have you."

"Aye," Spock said. Then, to Captain Kirk, "It is preferable to living in their brig forever."

"All right, you win," Kirk laughed. "Aye."

"Thank you," Morgan whispered. "Hannon le, brother."

Okay, cheesy ending, but I couldn't help it. And I can so write a fanfic where people don't die. See? :)