Authors Note: This doesn't rhyme, but a friend of mine begged me to post it... so here it is... :D

Title : My Story

God, I am a sinner

but your perfect in every way,

I know I could be better,

but yet I am ashamed.

I sat there all alone,

I knew what I should do,

But yet I pushed the book away,

And I refused to know you.

Then one week I went to camp,

To learn more about my God,

I knew in my heart I wasn't saved,

But I pushed you away without another thought.

But on that second day,

When Chris and Amber made that change,

I thought about it in my head,

Knowing I would be in Hell instead.

That night in my bed,

I sat there thinking long and hard,

Then I said a prayer with friends,

and Now I am forever yours.

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