Spoonful of Sugar

Chapter 17: Tri-story


A/N: This chapter will be a bit different from the rest. It is divided into three different sections and will focus on each owner and their respective nehkohs. Hopefully reinstates the 'Sugar" portion of the story. Enjoy.


- - - -

It had been a tiring day. Two new interns had caused a downsized version of the apocalypse in the Mech Room by simply being horribly incompetent—how the two got the internship was beyond him. He would have to talk to Treize about admission or simply stalk over to the admissions department himself and reign hell—he did have a reputation after all.

As if cleaning up and smoothing over the mess caused by the two interns wasn't tiring and frustratingly enough, someone had programmed all the screens in the Invention Room to play the Barney theme song…on loop. Reflecting back on it now, Duo realized how pathetic it was that the solution ended up being random thwacks and kicks to the central drive with crossed fingers.

As if that wasn't enough, Duo had been locked out of his own office by his own boss. Treize seemed to have deemed Duo's office as his office away from office and had locked him out, claiming that it was for the good of the company. Duo saw very little evidence to support this claim but left it alone. The man was mad, and why bother with a madman so early in the morning?

After that incident Duo found himself finishing up his paper work and outlines in the cafeteria. The constant chattering was hard to mute but Duo plowed on, knowing the consequences of delayed paperwork and outlines.

So now, 9 hours later, Duo found himself angrily jabbing at the elevator button which seemed to take its sweet damn time. A small ping announced its arrive and Duo stormed in, blatantly ignoring the slumped floor of Hiroyuki on the elevator floor—he wasn't dead, a distinctive snore broke the otherwise silent elevator.

Duo got off his floor, gaze slightly lingering on the still snoozing figure on the elevator floor before the doors closed once again. Shaking his head out of sheer habit, Duo trudged over to his apartment, unlocked the door, and tumbled it—only to have a rubber ducky smack him right in the face.

"WHAT THE H—" Duo sputtered looking wildly to find culprit. Blue eyes calmly met his in a level and cool stare. Duo stared dumbly back, aware that he looked like a fish out of water with his mouth hanging open in mid rant. Heero gave him a moderately bored look before walking calmly over and tugging on Duo's pants. Stooping down Duo stared quizzically as Heero simply stared back at him. Losing himself in the curious shades of blue, Duo was startled to find soft paws gently prod his forehead in a soft, fleeting, delicate manner.

"It doesn't hurt." Duo whispered, awed at the surprising show of concern from his usually stoic pet.

Heero continued his gentle inspection before he was satisfied that all was well.


Duo laughed, the stress and fatigue from the day vanished and a feeling of comfort and peace settled in. To an outsider the 'hn' may have been nothing more than a sound of nonchalance but to Duo it meant the world.

Welcome home.

One Lump or Two?

- - -

The sky was cloudless, an endless sea of wispy blue that dominated the sky—a perfect day to have tea outside. A table was set underneath the oak tree and in the cool shade of the towering oak were two occupants.

"It's a lovely day," Quatre sighed in content as he poured the tea. Trowa simply smiled his reserved smile and nodded in agreement. To him, any day with Quatre was a lovely day. "Don't you look cute today, Trowa!"

Trowa blushed and fidgeted in his chair. It was much to the delight of Quatre's sisters that they had a new victim to play doll with. Today they had dressed him neatly in dark grey pinstripe slacks and crisp white, un-tucked button up with an emerald ribbon neck-tie that brought out his eyes. The top 3 buttons were undone, proudly showing the leather collar that rested around Trowa's neck.

Quatre smiled at his pet's obvious embarrassment, Trowa's cheeks were still tinged with a light dust of pink—even though Quatre complimented him everyday. Trowa was just too sweet.

A companionable silence settled between the two, a gentle breeze rustled the leaves and the sun's rays smiled upon them.

"One lump or two?" Quatre asked holding up the tongs for the sugar cubes.

None, thought Trowa, All I need is you.

Man's Greatest Invention

- - -


Treize stared blearily at the ceiling.

"Not again," he groaned as he tried to shuffle deeper into his blanket, ignoring the fact that it sounded like a xaolin temple decided to relocate into his living room.


"Pleaaasse," Treize moaned as he tried shuffling deeper, clawing at the last strands of sleep that easily slipped through his fingers like water. He didn't know what time it was but his internal clock told him it was far, far too early to be awake. This is rather impressive for a man who wakes up at 5:30 everyday.

A blood curdling screamed filled the air and was soon followed by a horribly corny evil laugh that filtered through the door.

"Wufei! Turn down the volume!!!"

The volume was instantly lowered to a tolerable level. Even so…


Really, Treize thought, I need to take out the batteries of the damn remote and unplug the T.V. before I go to bed.


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