Author's Note: Well... they say some of your greatest ideas just pop in your head... well... this popped in my head, but it might not be great! Oh well review anyways! This is the prologue.

Kim stood there looking at herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe this day had come so fast. College was over already and she was standing there in front of the mirror about to embark on her new life... Their new life. She pressed her hand down on her dress and smoothed a wrinkle out of it. Her dress was long, sleaveless, and white with beaded decorations at the torso.

"Kim... Are you ready?" asked Mrs. Possible. The joy on her face shown through.

"Mom, how do I look?" she asked.

"Lovely... Honey. Come on... It's almost time!" she rushed.

"Alright..." she said walking out the door.

"You look beautiful..." complimented Mr. Possible as he took her arm. "Nervous?"

"Yes..." she replied.

Kim stared down the isle at her future husband. Now a few years ago she would have expected Josh Mankey to be there, but now she didn't know why she ever wanted Josh there. When the guy who was all she ever could possibly want was right there under her nose.

The music began to play as Kim began to walk down the isle. She looked over to her dad out the corner of her eye just in time to see a tear run down his face. She looked over to the Bride's maids to see her Mom and Monique smiling. Then, she looked over to the Best man. There was Wade... in the flesh! Finally, to the love of her life... Ron Stoppable. He looked serious... which wasn't like him at all... then she noticed Rufus in his front pocket. This made her want to laugh, but she held it back. As her dad gave her away she stepped up beside Ron knowing, without a doubt, this was the best day of her life.

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