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"I'll see you later, Ron." Althia said shutting the car door.

"I'll be home around five thirty." Ron told her from the car window. "Ralph's going to close up tonight."

"Alright. Bye." she told him.

"See ya!" Ron replied driving off. Althia hurried inside to clean up a bit before Kimberly got there. It wasn't that much longer until she arrived. Monique had to drop her off in the driveway because they were running late for Blake's dentist appointment.

"Hey Kimberly!" welcomed Althia when Kimberly got to the door.

"HI!" she said with her perky smile. "Where's Daddy?"

"He's not off of work yet. He'll be home soon." she told her.

"Oh. Ok." she said walking in and sitting on the couch. Time went by fast as the two watched movies and played.A little after four Althia asked Kimberly to go ahead and get her bath.

"You need to go ahead and get your bath so you'll have it out of the way." she told her.

"Ok." said the red headed child as she ran upstairs. Althia walked into the kitchen and just stood there for a minute or two pondering what she could do while Kimberly took a shower. She suddenly had the urge to go upstairs and explore the only room in the house she'd never been in. She made her way up the stairs and to the door to the room across the hall from Ron's. She hesitated before opening the door. It looked like a normal guest bedroom. Nothing special, but then the thought came to her. 'Why didn't Ron let her stay in here instead of sleeping in his room and him on the couch.' She walked in and looked around the room. Then she opened the closet. Inside was nothing but a hanger or two and a wooden block on the floor. She stepped in the closet to look around the corner. Stepping on the wooden block, and moving it just a hair, she heard a door open. She turned around to see a door inside the closet leading to a secret room. She didn't want to go in, she really didn't, but something was calling her.Inside there was a long table with little models of houses on them. She studied them for a moment, until she realized they all had something in common. Every second floor window had a balcony on it. Against the walls of the room she saw signs with writing on them saying, 'Balconys on every window' or something similar to the sort. She didn't know what to think of the sight until she turned around and a saw a computer. Immediately the computer screen clicked on. A man, who looked a little younger than she was on the screen.

"Hi!" said the figure on the computer.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Wade, and I'm guessing you're Althia?" he said.

"How'd you..." she began.

"Ron's told me about you." he said. "This is where he comes and thinks."

"Does he like to build things, too?" she asked looking at the little houses.

"No. It's a thing he's working on." he said. "He wants all houses to have balconys on their upstairs windows."

"Why?" she asked sitting down in a chair near the computer.

"He didn't tell you?" he asked.

"Tell me what?" she asked.

"About his wife's death." he said.

"No." she said. "What happened?"

"She fell outthe window in their bedroom." he said. "Ron blames himself 'cause he wasn't home."

"Well that's not his fault!" she exclaimed. "Someone's got to tell him that."

"Try to find someone who hasn't. Ron just won't let it go." he said.

"Althia!" came a yell.

"Kimberly's done with her shower. I've got to go." she told him.

"Goodbye." he said.

"Bye." she said. Althia left the room and figured out how to close the door back. Shewalked out into the hall and helped Kimberly brush her hair.

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