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Behind two masks

Chapter 1

Hermione Granger looked out her window. Soon, she would be returning back to school, to her friends that loved her, and those who cared. So why wasn't she happier? She crossed over to her king size bed with the satiny green comforter, and sat at the edge. She pulled her guitar out from underneath. She played a slow little tune. Something she'd written herself. She opened her mouth to sing-

"Hermione, love!" her mothers voice rang through the halls of their two story red brick home, "Time to go!". Hermione put her guitar into its case, grabbed her trunk, along with Crookshanks, and hurried downstairs.

The family took off in their red mini-van, and headed to Kings Cross Station. Hermione's mother and father had to get to work, so with a quick hug and a horn honk, they had dissappeared, leaving Hermione alone. She walked over to a dark alley. She stepped into a hidden passage way. She entered into a little wizard cafe few knew of.

George greeted her, "What can I get for you today, dear?"

"A cup of tea please?" Hermione replied. About a minute later her drink was brought to her. As she sipped the warm liquid, she felt it course through her mouth to her throat, giving her a divinely warm feeling. She finished her drink, tossed a few Knuts on the counter and walked to the restroom.

She looked in the mirror. She saw a slightly tall girl. she was wearing a V-neck silvery shirt that looked almost like mercury. It fit her snuggly, but perfect. She was wearing a pair of green baggy jeans that also hugged her nearly flawless figure. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat. She had the curves some women dream of. She had really developed since she first set foot in Hogwarts. She had straightened her hair, died it a nice auburn, with a few streaks of cotton candy pink. She knew the guys would stare at her in awe. Ron would faint. Harry would smile. She applied a light layer of mocha frosting lip gloss and walked out of the restroom. She headed towards the invisible barrier, she leaned against it as if waiting for something and slowly slipped onto Platform 9 3/4's. She was rushing toward the steaming train, when her trolley, holding her trunk, along with Crookshanks cage, caught onto a crack in the pavement, causing everything to spill onto the ground. Crookshanks hissed angrily and swatted at Hermione when she went to pick up the shaken ginger cat.

"Need some help?" a man said from behind her.

" Yes, that would be most appreciated, I'm so......," Hermione paused mid-sentence as she saw the face of the chivalrous gentlemen. He was tall, around 6'5". He had a semi-pale complexion, and midnight black hair, short and spiked out here and there. She looked into his eyes, seeing the type of blue that no artist could ever capture, a deep glass blue. He wore black jeans with a chain or two crossing on the sides. He wore a tight hunter green shirt, showing not a six pack, but a twelve pack. He laughed at her. Hermione suddenly realized she was staring at this gorgeous specimen, openly.

"I'm sorry, I-" she started, "No, it happens a lot." the gentleman replied. He picked her trunk up and set it back on her trolley. "Thank you." Hermione said.

The scarlet steam engine sounded its time of departure had arrived. Hermione smiled and turned to run toward the gleaming train.

"I didn't catch your name!" the young man shouted after her.

"Hermione Granger!" she shouted back.

And with that, the scarlet engine sped out of the station, leaving a very upset, confused, and slightly embarrassed Severus Sertio Snape.

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