Chapter 1

Viel geschieht sofort...

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Note: Throughout this fan fiction, some of the characters I have made up talk in a different language most of the time, so instead of constantly telling you people what each thing means, I will just do this, [this means it is translated!] Nah cloh hav! (This is my own made up language btw, so please, don't go around trying to translate it...)

Background: After the defeat of the Red Pexis; Hibiki, Bart, Duero, Pyoro, BC, and Dita had left for Taraak (Not sure what happened there...) After some time, they returned to the asteroid base ... thingy (sigh I'm really not good at remembering things...) with the men from Taraak. Time pasted and the next generation came as the generation before grew old. It was soon realized that the new home would quickly be too small for the growing population, so it was decided that the Nirvana was going to be what it was originally designed for, a colonization ship. Some of the old crew decided not to go on the new mission while some of the new generation takes their place.

Now for the story! Yayness!


The cold depths of space consumed him; dressed in cloak and appearance in obscurity, at sight he would be thought to be nothing more then an illusion. He moved his eyes about, trying to catch a glimpse of something, but saw nothing but the dark emptiness of space. '[Doure...]' He said in his head, '[Doure, where are you? You're searching for me right? You and I both know I won't last much longer out here! Find me already!! I couldn't have drifted that far! Right?]' He slowly moved his right hand to his left forearm, opened up what seemed to be a piece of armor, and started to push around the now unprotected area. Two thin looking metallic rods then shot from his hand as he closed the piece of armor. They began to spin, sending out a beacon of green light as he thought to himself, '[Damn it! This will take up the last of my energy supply! Doure, hurry up and find me...]' The green light had shed some light on his appearance; his hand looked scaled and his armor looked like that of a beetle's shell, rather then armor. He wore a black shirt made of heavy cloth, a pair of red jeans, and what looked to be a dog tag that said on it, "[Morvagor]" The light slowly began to fade as Morvagor's eyes became heavier and heavier, he wanted to yawn, but that would be a pointless action in the vacuum space. He frantically looked about, but his action was a fruitless attempt, that is, until he felt a dull pain in the back of his head and spine. He turned round to see that he had drifted straight into a large ship that he had never seen its design; it had been none other then the Nirvana.

Meanwhile, in the Nirvana's engine room...

"Eh!?" Exclaimed Parfet as she looked down at her screen, her now having an older face and thicker glasses, though the same clothes, "P-Pexis-kun?" One of the other engineers looked over to Parfet and said, "What? Is something wrong with the Pexis again?" Parfet shook her head and said, "N-no, Pexis-kun is starting to give out more energy then ever before..." The engineer blinked at her, then looked down at Parfet's screen. Her eyes widened as she looked at the percentage of energy output; it was 200% and rising. Parfet looked up at the Pexis, it glowing brighter and brighter with every second. The other engineer looked to Parfet and said, "What's going on?" Parfet looked to her, then back to the Pexis and said, "I don't know, but I don't like it, there is something definitely wrong with Pexis-kun..." At that exact moment, the Pexis had reached 300% output, and yet, all the lights and power on the Nirvana had gone out. The Pexis began blinding Parfet and the other engineers as they all turned away and guarded their eyes. The Pexis then quickly drained itself of all its light and shot forth several bolts of energy at the glass in front of Parfet's work station. A swirling vortex, that's color is the same of the Pexis itself, opened up in front of them. A young woman with long, red hair, dressed in a white robe that covered her whole body, shot out of the vortex, followed by a tall, pale, young man with short brown hair in a blue over shirt, a white tee shirt, and a pair blue jeans, then followed by an older looking man with long, beer foam white hair, wearing a black cowboy hat, a cowboy's vest, a black shirt, a leather belt with holsters (carrying two revolvers), a pair of dark blue pants, and a pair of cowboy boots. The young woman flew forth, facing backwards, and hitting the back of her head to the wall, she slumped down onto the floor as the young man flew head first into her chest, both now having a slight concussion, were knocked out for the time being. The old man, being the only one with some sense, lands on his feet, but the force of being thrown from the vortex caused him to stumble forward some and bash his shoulder into the wall. He stumbled back some and leaned onto the opposing wall and mumbled to himself, "If I wasn't so drunk it would probably hurt more..." The lights then went back on in a flash and Parfet looked around at the three newcomers and slowly walked to a communication console and opened up a link to the bridge and said, "Umm ... Sub-Commander, I mean Boss, I think we have a problem..."

To be continued...


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I thought it was good!

Anyway, You might notice that I didn't describe any of the character's eyes, but that is because I am a really lazy person and will just say they were closed and out of sight...

Okay, it was kinda short, but I promise to have longer chapters from now on, this was just kinda of an opening, and was kinda rushed...

And remember...

Der Schmetterling ist Flammehosen.

Isn't German fun?