Chapter 3

Krise: Part One

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A group of four children waited in the halls of the Nirvana, just outside the door to the docking bay. "They're late again!" Yelled the oldest of the group, looking to be about the age of thirteen, she had long brown hair and wore a white dress.

One of the younger kids then looked to her and said weakly, "M-maybe they're being yelled at by their parents again…" He was the youngest of the group and had blonde hair, brown eyes. He dressed in a light brown jacket and black shorts; he also carried around a small stuffed bald person with blonde eyebrows.

The oldest one then sighed and said, "Them too!? How do they always know whenever we do something!?"

One of the children then slowly looked up and said, "I heard my parents saying that Miss Underberg once knew everything that happened, maybe…" He trailed off into thought, his light brown hair falling over his dark brown eyes.

The eldest then laughed and yelled out, "Paiway!? She wouldn't be able to find out anything, even if she had the most expensive surveillance equipment ever!"

The last one looked at her with a glare, she brushed her dark blue hair out of her emerald eyes and said, "What are you talking about!? I've seen Miss Underberg almost every time! She is like a ghost! Why don't you people ever believe me!?"

The oldest one then grinned and said in a mocking tone, "Of course you did, and I'm sure next you're going to start seeing those creatures our parents keep telling us about…" At that point the oldest turned around to see Paiway glaring at her. "Umm … Hello Miss Underberg! Nice day isn't it?" The girl said nervously, "We weren't doing anything suspicious, right everybody?" She then turned to them and the all smiled and nodded.

A voice came from behind Paiway saying, "I'd be truly amazed if that actually worked on any living being who can comprehend what you're saying…" The children and Paiway, then turned to see Leahtt leaning on the wall, his eyes closed.
Nido then sighed and said, "Is there a special reason you are trying to look cool, or do you just do that every so often?"

Solin then added, "Everyone used to think I was cool, but then I became sober, then everyone disappeared cause they were all in my head…" Nido blinked at Solin for a second then took a step away from him. Leahtt then turned his head towards everyone and opened his eyes, revealing them to be blue.

Nido then squinted at Leahtt and said, "Weren't your eyes brown before?"

Leahtt blinked at Nido and said, "I have no idea what you are talking about…" He then smirked, looked to Paiway and said, "By the way, those little jijawijawahs have snuck away, and you should probably go after them before the cause something to explode, but if you do, then you will leave us here, thus aborting your mission to bring us where ever it was you were suppose to…" He then chuckled and said, "Decisions, decisions…"

Paiway glared at him and said, "I don't know about the children in your time, but I doubt these children are that stupid!"

Leahtt chuckled again and said, "What ever you want to believe, I'm not here to judge…"

Nido then poked Leahtt and said, "Weren't you just judging her a minute ago?"

Leahtt closed his eyes in thought, then reopened them, revealing them to be brown again now, "You know what, I'm not sure, I might have, but I forget…"

Nido then instantly yelled out, "Ah-ha! I knew your eyes changed colors! You can't fool me!"

Leahtt then mumbled a small addition to her last sentence, "There is no santaty clause!"

Nido then blinked and said, "What did you say?"

Leahtt then sighed and said, "It's a quote from Night at the Opera; it was a Marks Brothers movie…" He then went back into thought and said, "At least I think it was Night at the Opera…"

Nido then blinked and said, "What in the hell are you talking about?"

Paiway then coughed and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt your obviously very important conversation about nothing, but we should be going now…" Paiway then began to walk forward again and the group followed. They soon came to a metal door that slid open, though it was a huge room filled with control panels, maps, a large narrow bridge that went to some kind of teleportation unit, and at least one person for each panel in the room. There was a woman with dark skin and silver hair that seemed to be commanding them; it was obvious that she was the one in charge. Paiway then looked to the group and said, "Please wait here…" She then walked up to the woman, saluted her, and then the two exchanged some words.

Leahtt turned around and started counting, "Ten … Nine … Eight … Seven … Six … Five … Four … Three … Two … One…" At that exact moment a loud explosion could be heard throughout the ship. Leahtt smirked and said, "Damn I'm good…" A screen then appeared, on the large window that used to show the stars, and showed the engineer from before.

The woman with the silver hair yelled out, "What is going on, Parfet!?" Parfet then answered with, "I-I don't know, there was a hull breach in the hangar…" The woman hit a couple of buttons on her control panel. The screen with the woman was moved to the side and a screen that was obviously a security camera for the hangar. There were seven panicking children in the room, the four from before, and three new ones. The one of the three was a girl with long, dark blue hair and light blue eyes and another being a boy with short, light red hair and brown eyes, and the last one being a girl with long green hair and green eyes. All of them were hanging onto the doorframe, that is, except for the red haired boy who was hanging onto the dark blue haired girl with the emerald eyes.

Leahtt quickly blurted out, "Who can call it? I can!" Of course by the time he finished his statement, Paiway and the silver haired woman had already left the room, as well as Parfet had already left sight of the camera that was on her.


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Red haired boy: Roswell

Parents: Dita/Hibiki

Blue haired girl with blue eyes: ???

Parents: Dita/Hibiki

Green haired girl: ???

Parents: Jura/Barnette

Blue haired girl with emerald eyes: ???

Parents: Misty/Meia

Blond haired boy: ???

Parents: B.C./Bart

Light Brown haired boy: ???

Parents: Parfet/Duero

Brown haired girl: Kahlua

Parents: Ezra/Rebecca