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Leonardo stretched after completing an hour long kata in the dark dojo, his brothers would be getting up soon and his sensei would already be up and drinking his morning tea. Leonardo would seldom sleep in late only on rare occasions mostly when he wasn't feeling too well. Even when Splinter gave them a day off from training he would still get up early and practise.

He walked over to his towel laying on the floor at the edge of the dojo mat and picked it up dabbing at his forehead. His senses peaked. Something was wrong, he pulled his katana reflexively. Something definitely didn't feel right. A sudden noise caught his attention and he spun around. A whistling noise pierced through his head, he dropped his katana and covered his ears defensively. Suddenly a whirlpool of multi coloured lights appeared before him. His vision blurred and he looked at the whirlpool to see a silhouette of someone or something standing in front of him then he felt hands grabbing at him. He was forced to his knees, a combination of the piercing sound and the figure pushing him down. He felt a prick on the side of his neck and the room instantly began to spin. The stranger picked Leo up and carried him towards the vortex before him. His vision was consumed with blurred colours and lights then everything went dark.

For a few brief moments the dojo was silent the vortex had disappeared as quickly as it arrived. The silence was short lived as another vortex opened up in it's place. There was a silhouette within it that moved towards the edge of the vortex and stepped through. The figure moved towards Leonardo's fallen swords and picked them up placing them into sheaths on their back. He turned towards the vortex with an evil grin spread across his face then the vortex disappeared.

The figure stood there in silence but turned to the dojo door as it slid slowly open. A tired looking Donatello stood there and rubbed at his eyes yawning loudly, "Morning Leo"

"Morning Don, sleep well?" 'Leo' answered smiling at Don.

Don simply nodded and headed onto the mat. He moved to the edge and picked up his bo staff and began checking the wrapping. With his back to 'Leo' he didn't see the evil glare staring at him.

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