Title: Aoi
Gloomy Bumblebee
DaixDark (mainly)
It's the first year of upper high school for Daisuke and Satoshi. The boys have a new classmate who calls himself Dark and Satoshi's cousin, Krad, changed to their school. Trouble, confusion, angst, denial and cheesy romance ensues, enjoy! By the way, Aoi, as far as I know, is a colour. It's a sort of blueish green or greenish blue... I though it represented well the idea for this story... aaaaaaaanyway...
What can I say...? I just HAD to do this... Couldn't resist the idea of having Daisuke, Satoshi, Dark and Krad all together in the same school... not to mention the crazy stuff that will happen in the future... Oh, and Krad doesn't want to kill Daisuke here; in fact, they're kinda... friends. He, I hope he won't seem to OOC. I also hope you like this and if you do, please, review!!
A/N2: in Japan the educational system is organised into 6 years of primary-school, 3 years of low high-school and yet another 3 more years of -dun-dun-dun- upper high-school. Just wanted to let you know that bit... I took this information from the Slam Dunk mangas I'm reading (those aren't mine, my best friend lent them to me). Hai, hai... he lends me Slam Dunk and Rurouni Kenshin and I lend him DNAngel and .hackUdeDen... we are such hopeless nerds... sorry, got off track, as usual...
Heh, so funny... guess what: I'm NOT Yukiru Sugisaki, therefore, I don't own DNAngel!! Can you believe it...? No, seriously, I'm not, I swear.


Chapter 1: Dangerous kids

Daisuke looked up at the clock on his bedside table. He was running late for his first day of school! He pulled out his uniform from his wardrobe and got dressed hastily, getting his shirt on backwards and non-matching socks. Backpack in hand, he dashed for the stairs to go to the kitchen; his mother was humming happily as she laid the table for the Niwas to eat their breakfast. Daisuke was in such a hurry that he just yelled his greetings to her as he left home, toast held between his teeth. It was a very important day to the boy, since he would be starting upper high-school. He couldn't forgive himself for being so late in such an important date... he was sure Satoshi was already there, waiting for him to enter their new classroom.

And he had been right; Satoshi was, indeed, waiting for him in the corner of the street where Azumano College nº2 stood. "It was about time!" said the blue-haired boy with his usually expressionless features twisted into a smirk as his friend jogged in his direction, seemingly out of breath. "Did the sheets glued to your body as you slept?"

"Funny... ha... ha..." Daisuke responded sarcastically between gulps of air.

"Are you alright?" asked Satoshi as he laughed at his friend's flushed face. Daisuke nodded and they made their way to the institute for another year of schooling.

The school's halls they were walking through were packed with students of all ages. The two friends headed for the playground, where all the different classes gathered to be directed to their respective classrooms. Daisuke was nearing hysterics; he hated overpopulated spaces. Satoshi was the same as usual; cool looking and apathetic, staring from afar at the chatting students and the giggling girls who squealed each time he looked past them. Daisuke chanted curses under his breath as a professor started calling their classes, one at a time, naming each student and taking notes on who was present and who was not. This will take forever...

"Daisuke-kun! Long time, no see."

Daisuke turned around to see who had called his name with such familiarity. Krad Hikari, Satoshi's cousin and roommate, smiled that smug smile of his as he hugged him. He was looking as impeccable as he last saw him with his light-coloured clothes and his long, blond hair that seemed to sparkle under the morning sun. Of course, Daisuke wasn't the only one to notice the boy's charms; a group of fangirls were waiting in line behind the boy's back to give him their perfumed pink envelopes with god-knows-what inside that would make anyone's neck hairs stand on end. Still, Krad seemed immune to the girls' harassment.

"I know I'm terribly attractive, but... stop staring at me like that, you're making me feel uncomfortable." Those words brought the distracted boy back to Earth. His cheeks burned and his hands had clenched into fists. He hated when Krad made that kind of... insinuations.

"I wasn't staring at you, baka!" Daisuke defended himself. "I was lost in thought." And it was true, he had been thinking... about Krad's attributes. "Say..." the boy started saying, looking pensive with his brow furrowed. "Didn't you attend Azumano High nº4? What are you doing here?"

"Well, I think it's pretty obvious. I switched institutes."

"Is this the let's-all-laugh-at-Daisuke holiday?"

"Krad is here because his best friend left the country and he was bored all alone, so he changed to this school," Satoshi explained flatly. "And now he has me to spend lunch break. As if we didn't spend enough time together..."

"Lucky you," Daisuke teased him. Meanwhile, Krad had left to his own class. The professor was now calling the students from the boys' year. All of his friends were there as they had been the previous years. Everything was the same; except for...

"Mousy Dark"


The professor looked slightly displeased, though he was used to that kind of reaction. Daisuke turned to look at the source of the bored-sounding voice. A boy with dark purple hair and pale complexion, thin but well-built stood by the flagpole, chewing gum like a horse eating alfalfa. How appealing of him, thought Daisuke as he watched the boy's jaws go up and down. Said boy just had to look in his direction then, making the boy nervous without apparent reason. Dark waved at him and smiled as if he had known him since childhood. Daisuke waved back, his eye twitching. This guy is weird...

"What are you looking at?"

Daisuke snapped out of his trance to the voice of Satoshi Hiwatari. "Nani...?" Satoshi shook his head and pushed Daisuke to the direction of their new classroom. Throughout the entire trip, Daisuke kept looking back at the strange boy who each time returned the stares, always smiling and waving. This boy is freaking me out! He looks dangerous, maybe he's a psycho or something. I wonder how he managed to enter the institute...

A wall he hadn't seen was what forcefully took him back to the real world. Or rather Daisuke's face smashing against it. Satoshi was nowhere to be seen amongst the horde of fangirls that had dragged him inside the classroom and he seemed to be the only one left in the hall... the only one except for a certain creepy guy. "Are you alright?" Dark asked concerned as he approached the boy with the bruised nose.

"I- I'm fine..." Daisuke stuttered unconvincingly, all the while thinking the worst things about his classmate. He was just too weird...

"Are you sure? Your nose is swollen and red and it looks like it's about to bleed..."

"I'm fine, I'm telling you..." Daisuke's nose chose that exact moment to start bleeding, as it had been predicted. Dark shook his head and dragged the struggling Daisuke down two flights of stairs into the infirmary, where the nurse stopped the bleeding and then applied a band-aid on his nose. Then the boys headed back to their classroom. On the way there, Dark introduced himself politely, something Daisuke wasn't expecting, and chatted happily about nothing and everything. Inside the classroom, Daisuke sat next to Satoshi who had saved a seat for him. Dark flopped down in the seat behind them, making Daisuke think his weird thoughts again. Is he a stalker or something?

"What happened?" asked him Satoshi and Daisuke explained to him about the wall and the bloody nose and Dark dragging him to the infirmary. Satoshi shook his head in amusement, trying to hide his snickering from his short-tempered friend. The professor said nothing, having noticed the band-aid on the boy's nose and the class started.

Just a regular day of school...


When the bell rang and lunch break begun, Daisuke and Satoshi went outside to the school's gardens to have a quiet meal under the shade of a tree. Krad joined them minutes later after they had arrived, carrying a neatly prepared bento. "Hello," he greeted the boys as he sat down cross-legged on the floor. Turning to the redhead, he feigned concern, making Daisuke squirm in anticipation. "Dai-kun, I heard about the... incident."

Daisuke had expected him to burst out laughing but, surprisingly, he didn't. Instead, he asked Daisuke what had he been thinking about to miss the wall he'd walked into. It was the redhead who started to snicker then. He told his friends about Dark and how he thought he looked dangerous and weird and that he'd been so lost inside his thoughts to notice anything else. Krad, once he'd recovered from his sudden and unexpected fit of laughter, dismissed Daisuke's suspicions.

"Nah, he might seem a bit odd, but he's a nice guy. He wouldn't hurt a fly, he's like a wounded puppy..." Both Satoshi and Daisuke stared at him. How could he be so sure, it's not like he knew him or anything... But Krad stood up and started walking in the building's direction. "Don't touch my bento!" He warned menacingly as he disappeared from view. Only minutes later, he returned to his spot, dragging someone else with him.

"I asked Dark to come and join us, I hope you don't mind..."

"Konnichiwa!" the boy smiled.

"Hi..." the two boys answered in unison. Satoshi was the same as usual, expressionless, and Daisuke was nervous, again, for no apparent reason. Dark looked at him and smiled at Krad, as he pointed in their direction. Before he could say anything, Krad, who wasn't exactly known for his social skills, shut him up with a wave of his hand and nodded. The other spoke no further, he just sat down on the grass and took out his lunchbox.

As they ate in silence, Daisuke kept staring at Dark. Krad told him the boy was far from dangerous and he believed him, so that fact was out of the question. However, there were still a few other things that intrigued him about Dark. For example, what was he doing in the first year of upper high-school? He looked as old as Krad and the latter was already in third year. "Excuse me..." Dark looked up to the boy in front of him. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen," Dark told him. For an instant, Daisuke could swear he saw a flicker of insecurity in his eyes. Maybe he didn't like talking about certain things... the boy couldn't understand why, since the only thing he'd asked him was his age, but who was he to judge?

Lunch break ended as silently as it had begun. The four boys made their way into the building, Krad parting ways when he reached the third year corridor. Dark and the two friends returned to their classroom, talking about Krad. Or rather, Satoshi asked him how did he know his cousin.

"We used to go to the same school," he simply said. That seemed to be enough for Daisuke, but Satoshi was a different matter. He wanted to know more, for instance, he wanted to know why Dark was two years late in his education. He shrugged it off anyway, as soon as he entered the classroom. He'd have enough time to find things out.

"Hiwatari Satoshi"

...or maybe not.


Well, the first chapter's done. I know it's a bit short and I know it's messy, but it was the best I could do for an introduction. This story will take shape later on, don't worry. There's a warning, though: this explores the cheesiest side of Dark Mousy and Daisuke Niwa, all action be gone. Also, I intend this to have lots of angst, so beware. Oh, by the way, each chapter will be named after a J-Rock song. This time, it was an old Buck-Tick track. Just wanted to let you know... Ja ne!

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