SMile for me, Harry

By Sumisweet

Beta-ed by Spideria

Disclamer: "Harry Potter" belongs to JK Rowling.

Author notes: This story is dedicated to a lot of people who had helped me through rough time. I would like to thanks Mon for encouraging me to post this story up again. Thank Mon! You're the best!


Chapter one

Anything for you

The warm summer breeze swept into the room. White curtains were swaying in the breeze like it was dancing in joy. The faded patterns of Daisy almost seem like they were real flowers flying in the air. Everything in the room was white. There were old, dirty, white tiles on the floor matching with a stale color of the gray paint on the walls.

The room was almost bare with only a small white bed in a corner. There was a person lying on it though. The person was in a deep slumber with a dreamless spell was cast over him. His black hair was spilled over a white pillow, framing his pale face. The bright green eyes were closed. His cheeks were colorless as if there was no blood there. There was a white blanket that was covering from the shoulder down.

There was silent upon the air though once in a while, one could hear a bird chirping. The silent were broke when two people entered the room. One was a young doctor dressed in a white robe. There were concern and sorrow in the doctor brown eyes. Her hands were shaking visibly even though she clasped her hands together firmly. Her companion was a man around twenty years old. His blue eyes seem so sad and concern. The silver hair flow freely down to his shoulder and sway slightly as he approached the white bed.

" He lost his eye sight?" Draco asked sadly. His pale hand reached out and barely touched the asleep boy's chest. Tears started to form in his anguished blue eyes, threatening to fall any seconds.

The young doctor suddenly broke out crying, burying her face in her hands. Her wild curly brown hair shook violently as she cried. Draco wrapped one arm around her shoulder and lent her his shoulder to cry on. She accepted gratefully and poured her sorrow out. After she was stopped crying, she smiled painfully up at Draco.

" Thank you."

"Harry is really blind then?" Draco asked painfully, turning away from Hermione and touched the sleeping boy's hair softly.

Hermione looked sadly and nodded. Draco said nothing as he began to play with the boy's soft black hair. There was a moment of silent between Draco and Hermione for a few minutes before Draco asked softly.

" Is there any cure?"

" Not that we had know of. Well, there is . . . no I shouldn't." Hermione said quickly.

" What is it? Is there a cure?" Draco asked hopefully.

" There is but, I'm not sure if I should tell you or not." Said Hermione uncertainly.

" What is it? I'll do anything." Draco pleaded.

" The only known cure right now is for Harry to get a sight transparency. The ability to see is very complicated. Once it is destroyed, it is hard to replace. So at St. Mungo, we have found out that a person can transparent their sight to another person. But after giving their sight away, they will be blind. So it's sort of like switching the blindness with another person. Currently we haven't found anyone who is willing to give up their sight." Hermione said while observing a Blue Jay that just had landed on Harry's window.

Draco smiled painfully at Harry and closed his eyes. He had love Harry Potter for so long, but was unable to tell him. Hermione was the first to found out in sixth year about his love. Hermione and Draco began to become quick friends after the discovery. Hermione had promised Draco that she'll help him win Harry's heart. No matter how much Hermione tried to get Harry and Draco alone, Harry always started to insult Draco before he could ever confess his feelings. After two years of failing to win Harry's heart, Draco still never gave up.

Even after they had graduated from Hogwart, Draco still tries. Keeping in contact with Hermione, he would always know Harry status. Who he's going out? Where does he go at weekends? Draco sometime would go to parties that Harry would also be there. But every time when Draco to create a conversation between Harry, Harry would always turned it into a quarrel.

It was that cloudy day when Draco was doing one of his assignments at the Ministry when he suddenly got a letter from Hermione. The letter wrote that Harry had been in an accident during one of his auror's training, and is in a critical condition in St. Mungo. Draco immediately asked permission to leave from work and apparated right away to St. Mungo.

Because Hermione was a doctor there, Draco was allowed to see Harry. When he got to the ER room, Harry was laying in a white bed with tubes connected on both of his arms. Harry's skin was covered in bruises and there was a huge tube from a device going to Harry's mouth to breathe for him. Draco swept down onto the floor and grasped Harry's bed sheet tightly, crying his heart out.

After when Hermione had managed to calm Draco down, she told him that Harry was in a coma. After words of assurances, Draco went home. Hermione had told Draco that when Harry is conscious again, she'll report to Draco.

It was today that Hermione owled him, three weeks after the incident. In her letter, there were water blots everywhere, said that Harry had just gain back his conscious, but the doctors had found out that Harry is blinded. After reading the letter, draco waste no time to get to ST. Mungo. When Draco had got there, Hermione said that Harry had fainted at the new. She also had put a dreamless spell over Harry so he could sleep in peace.

Would he sacrifice his own sight for Harry? Draco thought. Yes. He loves Harry more than anything in the world. If Harry suffered then he would too. He would rather have Harry see again and he is blind than Harry blind with him still seeing.

Draco opened his eyes and smile softly at Harry. Leaning down, Draco gently kissed Harry's left cheek. A small droplet of tear fell from his eyes and drop on Harry's cheek. Draco licked the drop of a tear away and kissed Harry's cheek again.

" I'll do it. I'll give anything for Harry to see again even if I become blind." Draco said softly, turning to looked at Hermione, before tears fell from his eyes.

" Oh Draco." Hermione gasped before she hugged Draco, crying with him, too.

" When can you start the operation?" Draco asked as his tears stream down his flushed cheeks.

" Whenever you want, even tomorrow." Hermione said while wiping Draco's tears with her small pink handkerchief.

" Tomorrow sounds good." Draco smiled. " But before I go, I want to see Harry's eyes for one last time."

Hermione broke the sleeping spell and waked Harry up. The black hair boy stirred before he opened his eyes. Still the same beautiful green eyes that had just opened, except that it was lifeless.

" Hermione is that you?" Harry asked drowsily.

" Yes, Harry. Someone is here to see you." Hermione managed too croaked out.

" Hi Harry." Draco whispered as he sat down on Harry bed.

" Who are you?" Harry asked sleepily, reaching his hand up to touched Draco's face.

" A friend." Draco said as he leaned into Harry touch.

" Your skin is so soft." Harry murmured.

Draco stared at Harry for a moment before he leaned in and kissed Harry on the lips softly. Harry was surprised, but didn't show it because drowsiness swept over him. Harry leaned a little closer to Draco and kiss him back. Draco's heart fluttered as Harry softly kissed him back. Leaving Harry's lips, Draco felt content. He had never kiss Harry on the lips before.

" Go to sleep okay, Harry." Draco whispered and smiled when Harry gave him a sleepy nod and fell asleep.

Getting up, Draco looked one last time at Harry before he got up. That was the last time he'll ever see Harry's eyes. Draco started to cry again silently. Draco turned to Hermione and bid her goodbye before he apparated out of Harry's room.

The next day in the operation room

There were doctors surrounding Draco, saying things that he didn't really care. Draco was laying on a bed with Harry in another one next to him. Hermione was one of the doctors that was going to do the operation on him and Harry. Before Draco went into the operation room, there was a small get together. Ron, Ginny, and Hermione were thanking Draco. Ron was shocked at first, but then realized that Draco was serious. Ron shook Draco's hand and said that Draco wasn't so bad and he would be in Draco's debt forever. Ginny just burst into tears and thank you Draco over and over again. Hermione did the same thing and soon everyone was crying, including Ron but he just said that there was something in his eye. Then they chat about a few things before it was time for the operation. Draco could see that she was still crying from their little chat. Draco just looked at Hermione and smiled.

" Don't cry Hermione. It's all right."

Hermione just cried more and hugged Draco really hard.

" You must love him so much Draco." Hermione cried in Draco's arms.

" I do. Hermione, will you do me a favor?" Draco asked.

" Anything Draco."

" Don't tell, Harry. I don't want him to be in pain and regret because of me. Tell Ron and Ginny that, too."

" But Draco."

" Shh, it's okay. Just don't tell him I'm the one whom he got his sight. Promised me, Hermione."

" Oh I promise Draco. I promise you." Hermione broke out crying again.

Soon the doctors began the operation. Hermione cast a sleeping spell over Draco. Draco felt sleepy at first, then his eyes became heavy. Looking over at Harry, who was also put to sleep, Draco smiled. Because his bed was right next to Harry's, Draco reached over to Harry's bed and hold his hand. Looking at Harry one last time, Draco smiled painfully, knowing this is going to be the last time he will see Harry. The last time he will ever see anything again. Tears, that had formed sometime ago, started to fall again.

" I love you." Draco whispered before darkness took over him, with Harry's hand still in his own.