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"What do you mean you're not coming? I can't go in there by myself. I don't have anything in common with those people…. Duo... Duo..." It was no use. Hilde's comments lingered with no one there to listen any longer. The phone line rang in her ears signaling that the other person on the line had long since hung up. She wasn't one to lose an argument so easily and was just about to leave when a tall young man came up beside her.

"You're Duo's friend aren't you? Hilde wasn't it? I remembered you from the last anniversary from the Eve Wars." The young man had politely kissed Hilde's hand and was leading her into the large ballroom before she could protest. He looked very familiar, but she could not place his face and was too embarrassed to ask. He must have caught on by the very puzzled look on her face and quickly stopped in his tracks. "Oh I'm so sorry. Where are my manners? I'm Duo's friend, Quatra. Quatra Winner." She immediately turned a deep shade of red after realizing who the young man, in fact, was.

She had danced with him at a function a few months back and had had a very nice conversation with him. She was almost ashamed with herself that she couldn't even remember his name.

Without waiting for a response from the young lady beside him, Quatre again started up the one-way conversation they had been having. "Well, from the fact that Duo left such a beautiful woman alone tonight, I'm guessing he's not coming." It was a statement, not a question. Hilde frowned slightly but immediately replaced it with a bright smile that could easily rival that of Duo's.

Upon entering the ballroom, Hilde immediately wished she hadn't. The gaggle of rich phonies with their plastic smiles and icy stares made her aware that she didn't belong. She felt like an intruder. She wanted to make a run for it, but she knew the handsome man beside her wouldn't allow it.

The pair had made their way halfway through the crowded room when she saw a familiar head of blonde hair coming her way. She didn't know its owner personally but she had seen the thousands of news briefings and newspaper articles she appeared in. "Hello Quatra. I was wondering where you disappeared to, but now I see you found yourself a friend. My name is Relena Dorlian, and you are?" Hilde quickly supplied her name and was greeted with the same bright, yet diplomatic smile that Quatra received.

She seemed to think for a moment before adding, "Duo's girlfriend am I right?" Once again Hilde gave a curt nod, and, with one last handshake, Relena was gone.

The evening had progressed without incident, but Hilde wished something, anything would happen to liven up the mind numbing gala. It had been an hour since Quatra had been dragged off by a rich heiress, leaving her to her own devices. She was nearly bored to tears and just wanted to call it a night. She couldn't help but notice that most of the other Gundam pilots had either chosen not to attend the function all together, or had only made a brief appearance. She decided they were the smart ones. Hilde figured that making her way to the other side of the room would result in a possible conversation with one of the many drooling men who had been dissecting with their eyes all evening. She decided it best to simply hide out on the balcony for the remainder of the evening.

Stepping out into the cold winter air, she decided she had made the wrong decision. Looking back into the ball rooms she though it might just be better bare the cold instead of heading back inside. To her surprise she felt someone place a warm coat around her. She figured it was Quatra and turned around to thank him, but was greeted by someone completely different.

The person towered over her, and she figured it was one of the men from inside, but as he spoke she recognized the voice. "Duo didn't come did he?" It was Heero, and she was quit used to his unique way of saying hi by his many conversations with Duo. She had never really seen his face, but his voice was unmistakable.

Answering Heero with a nod he seemed to understand. She knew he wasn't one for words so she didn't push the issue. She figured he was hiding out, as well, and just stood there enjoying the much needed silence.

It had been a week since that night at the banquet and the last time she had last seen Duo or Heero. Duo had called a few times telling her that he was at a friend's house and that he would be back in a week or so. She knew it was a lie of course, but after a year of being with Duo, she got used to it. The funny thing was she had stopped caring. It was clear that Duo knew their relationship was over, but, up until a week ago, she hadn't.

After the banquet was over and she thought it was safe to leave, she made her way outside of the massive mansion. Cursing inwardly, she remembered she didn't have a ride since Duo had taken the car. To her surprise, for the second time that evening, Heero came to her rescue. Pulling around the bend in what was obviously a rental car, he offered her a ride. If it were anyone else she would have refused a ride from a near stranger, but she felt like she already knew Heero in some strange way.

She would have thought Duo and Heero had nothing in common, but as Heero pushed the gas petal nearly to the floor, she realized both of them could be taught a lesson on obeying the speed limit. As the car sped down the deserted road Hilde decided to break the silence.

"So Heero, are you just here for the banquet or some other reason?" She knew she was sticking her nose in where it didn't belong, but she really didn't care. She was bored, and she knew Heero wasn't the kind to make conversation. To her surprise, he answered her. "It was mandatory since I work for the preventers."

Hilde knew that the two had a pretty long ride ahead of them, even if Heero was going over 100mph, and the silence in the small car was beginning to get to her. I was then, that in spite of her better judgment, she decided to have a little fun with Heero. After all if Duo did whatever he wanted, why couldn't she?

Noticing a small town coming up, she asked if they could stop. She was ready to have him put up an argument, but, unlike Duo, Heero wasn't the kind to make a fuss. Parking in an empty parking lot near a small café, Hilde jumped out, dragging Heero with her. He didn't protest, but he did seem a bit suspicious of her. After getting a cup of coffee, she decided she would leave him alone, for now.

It was about an half an hour before they finally reached Hilde's small apartment. She lived alone since Duo never wanted her to know what he was up to. Like a sign from some mischievous deity, as soon as Heero pulled into the complex's yard one of the car's tires got punctured and went flat. A large smile suddenly took over her face, and she could tell Heero was confused even though he didn't show it. Heero quickly went to check for the car's spare but it was also busted. Taking it as some odd sign, Hilde told Heero to come in until he could think of something better to do.

Heero was a bit apprehensive about coming into her apartment when Duo wasn't there, but figured he had no choice. After all, he was no fool, and had a pretty good idea of what she was up to. He also knew that Duo was probably up to the same thing. He knew about Duo and Relena, and had known for some time. He hated not telling Hilde, but he figured if he knew, and was hardly around, she had to know. And besides, it was none of his business. He just hoped that she didn't see when Relena snuck out of the party early to go see him.

After making their way up the stairs, Hilde motioned for Heero to have a seat. Hilde immediately went into the kitchen, after discarding her purse onto the sofa, and came out with two glasses in her hand. Hilde wasn't one to beat around the bush and before Heero could figure out what she was up to exactly she was kissing him. Under any other circumstance he would not have allowed it to continue, but he figured what the hell.

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