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Duo took his face in his hands, still too shocked to feel anything but sure enough the confusion soon set in, then the anger, then the burning desire to cause something, or someone, complete and utter bodily harm. He was so far beyond furious that he couldn't see straight as everything his eyes lay upon took on a shade of red and his blood felt so hot he was sure it could have burned straight through his body from the inside out.

He couldn't believe what he'd seen and heard. He couldn't believe what had happened right in front of him, and what made it even more infuriating is that he'd orchestrated the whole thing himself without even realizing it. The only thing he could compare it to was the feeling of anger you got when you accidentally bit your tongue….only times infinity. Hilde and Heero, after all, weren't innocent but they weren't the one's who'd instigated the madness. He'd cheated, he'd lied, he'd taken his friend for granted by putting him in endless uncomfortable situations and betraying his trust many times over. He knew this but it didn't make him feel any better or less furious for that matter. All he could think about was strangling Heero, no matter how much of a suicide mission it might be.

Duo ran another red light, the third once since leaving Hilde's apartment, but he didn't even see them anymore. The only thing he saw was the signs leading up to Heero's barracks. His phone had been ringing nonstop for hours, undoubtedly Une looking for him for some frivolous document or briefing, but he didn't care about his job. Another ring and Duo managed to free himself from his thoughts just long enough to look down at the caller ID.

"Relena!" He growled between clenched teeth. She always had a way about her, even finding a way to upset him even more without saying a single word. Angrily tossing the phone out of his sight, Duo finally pulled into the parking lot of the plain building. He spied through squinted eyes for Heero's car but it was obvious that he hadn't arrived as yet. It was as if he knew what awaited him and he was taking the coward's way out. Duo didn't care thought. He would wait all night if he had to but thankfully he didn't have to wait long.

A few minutes after Duo had pulled into the complex Heero drove up, still caught up in everything that had happened. On a normal day he would have heard Duo sprint towards him in his flawed rage filled charge but he only saw him a split instant before a steel fist collided with his stomach earning him a sickening crack of a few of his ribs before he instinctively countered, successfully flipping his friend to the ground and nearly dislocating his should and breaking his jaw in one swoop. It was only due to quick reflexes on his part that he was able to pull back just in time to avoid inflicting any serious damage to the other man.

"Duo!" Heero said still in shock as he loosened his vice grip slightly but continued holding him to the ground. He couldn't believe he'd attacked Duo, undoubtedly adding insult to injury, but he didn't have a choice. Duo could easily take him out if he went easy on him but almost as if his guilt took over, Heero's hand slipped slightly and Duo sprang free and swung quickly towards Heero, narrowly missing him.

"I can't believe you Heero!" Duo screamed, and although Heero wanted to desperately apologize no words came as a flurry of fists and kicks came flying his way. Thankfully no one was nearby to witness the shameful spectacle of the two Preventers, but seemingly sent from some God Heero saw a glimpse of black hair rush past him and take his attacker in a firm hold by the arms.

"Maxwell! Control yourself!" Wufei ordered as he seemingly shook some sense into Duo before tossing him free.

"I am in control Wufei. I'm controlling the fact that I'm gonna beat the hell out of this piece of trash. How could you? My Hilde….My Heero. How could you both?"

For the first time since he could remember Heero let his eyes fall to the ground in shame. "I'm sorry" he said barely above a whisper and at that Duo seemed to turn into a completely different person as a fit of hysterical laughter escaped his mouth.

"Of course you are. It was an accident right?" Duo suddenly sounded like he was about to break down into tears. "I hurt her and she was depressed and you took advantage of her." Duo looked to punch Heero again but turned on an unsuspecting wall instead.

"No! You wouldn't do that. She knew what she was doing. She wanted revenge. No Hilde no. I could deal with a stranger but not you Heero." Again Duo twisted in a different array of emotions until he looked to have calmed down a bit.

"Hilde's too hot to resist right? Right?" For a moment he stopped and placed his hand on his head before he started up once again. "You slept with her didn't you? Don't spare my feelings. You slept with my Hilde didn't you? Did she like it? Taking my best friend away from me."

"Duo…..I didn't sleep with her …..I …." Heero didn't know what to say to calm Duo down but Wufei seized the chance to justifiably slap Duo hard across the face to stop his ramblings.

"Maxwell. Compose yourself. This is exactly what I was referring to Yuy. You should have broken free of this fool a long time ago." Wufei took the rare stance of getting between the two feuding friends and gave Duo a silent dare to try something else.

"Now Maxwell, I will not have this nonsense continue at my home. Let's deal with this with what little dignity that can be salvaged from this situation. Yuy did you initiate this contact with Maxwell's little girlfriend?"

"…No." Herro knew that was the truth but he also knew it wasn't the truth in its entirety. However, no good would come from rehashing the events from just a few hours prier.

"And have you divulged the complete extent of your physical interactions with her?"

"I suspect that Maxwell has discovered the full extent of what happened with his won eyes" was all Heero said. It was increasingly obvious that Heero and Hilde hadn't been completely alone during their little lunch date and he wasn't about to share any more details with Wufei than need be.

"Ok. Now, Maxwell, are you completely innocent on your end of this equation?"

"…..No, but this is the woman I wanted to marry. I wanted Heero as my best man but that's not gonna happen now is it."

Heero could feel another outburst brewing inside of Duo but Wufei sensed it too and slapped Dup once again, the other man not even bothering to block the stinging hits.

"Fine." Dup finally said as he seemingly reigned in his emotions enough to speak coherently again. "I'm not innocent and I realize Hilde and Heero, maybe even more so than both of us, is a victim in all of this as well, but don't be naïve. She's only using you to get under my skin. She'll only end up wrapping you in this false sense of comfort and then consume your soul like some sick black widow. It's sad Heero. You have all these soldier instincts that never fail you yet you've let someone manipulate you so badly. I can't even be mad at you any longer. I feel bad for getting you mixed up in all of this and I still want to iron out our friendship. The sad part is that that might not be possible until she's completely ripped both of our hearts out."

On the inside Heero felt like a complete bipolar. He had to admit Hilde was great, and as much as he hated it he was slowly growing to adore her, but on the other hand he had to wonder if what Duo had said was more than just a jealous rambling. He couldn't afford to be fooled. It was too late to escape the situation unscathed. He was confused and he didn't want to deal with it anymore. Without another word Heero decided he'd had enough and quickly retreated with his tail between his legs as we watched Duo finally speed off, a trickle of blood running down his face and a black circle slowly forming around one of his eyes.