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Fic started: November 7, 2003 (original idea, original concept) / May 3, 2004 (revised)

Well, I've decided to try something different...since I don't see that many Galaxy Angel fics out there. This is technically my second fanfic and third fiction, but I got my Vandread one going before really fixing this up, so...this becomes the third fanfic, and the fourth piece of fiction.

This one's based solely on the anime season 1, since I haven't read any of the manga or watched the other seasons. A lot of things are just assumptions of mine, and are, most probably inaccurate to what the official facts state. That's the way it is, though, this being my fic and all. It's also a little less serious than my others...I think.

And Jai Akira here's different from Jai Akira in my Vandread fic. LAZY...(to think up more names).

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"You're what...?!"

The general's desk shook as I slammed my fist down on it. The conversation had gone to a point where I could no longer hold back my irritation.

He spoke rather nervously, even if he was the higher-ranking officer, and because he knew that it took a lot to get me mad. "There's no need to get all riled up...it's not that you're going to quit the Transvaal Empire military or anything...well...not that you're even formally in it..."

I slumped back in the chair, my slight anger already beginning to subside.

The old man's face lightened a bit. "Now, you had better learn to take better control of your temper, Colonel Jai Akira..."

"Stop calling me that. We both know that I don't really have a position in the military, be it in the Covert and Spec-Ops Department or otherwise...it's just for show," I replied glumly.

He laughed despite his situation, scratching at his grizzly beard. "Honestly though, you do have what it takes to be one, and much more, in fact! Your performance in military school proves that! It's just because you lack records and credentials that you're an agent and couldn't totally enter the military..."

"Yeah, yeah...no more beating around the bush, will you? Get to the point."

"Erm...as I've said..." he was beginning to stammer again, "...that bet I lost to the general of the Bombs and Explosives Department...well...his nephew's transferring here. And now we're one man over the member limit...and I was thinking...if you could transfer to make way..."

"...even hearing it the second time makes it no less annoying. And it's all because of a lousy bet...?"

"It's to protect the image of our department! You don't know how much pressure's on my head...and besides...it was a big bet, actually..."

"I can't believe you're doing this...well, actually I can...since it's what you've been doing for the past...oh, I don't know...a really long time. And now you ask me since nobody else will help you, right?"

"I asked you since you're like family to me..."

I interrupted. "Um...don't you ask those kinds of people last, instead of first?"

"And you have the lowest ranking in the entire squad..."

"Yeah...and the rest are fake generals..."

"Look...what are you getting so upset about? You're not actually part of the military, even if you did get through and graduate military academy two years back with flying colors, even qualifying for 4-star general and all. And you've been instated here only for less than a year. You know that..."

This was getting nowhere. Instead of pushing the conversation any further, I just gave an exhausted sigh. "Well, being an independent entity does have its ups and downs. Alright, I'm up to it. Where do I go?"

"That's great!" The general almost jumped through the roof. He then handed me an envelope from inside his desk, the contents of which I quickly scanned over.

"Angel Brigade...?! You're transferring me there?!"

"They're almost the same age as you. You're about 19, right, or 20? And you'll still retain your position, so it's not so bad..."

"Oh, I see. It's in the bet, right?"

"NO! No...! Well...kind of...I bet my best man into Angel Unit if I lost..."

The argument was over, and I had already decided. How could transferring there make any difference anyway? Sure, it was one of the newer squads of the Transvaal military, was only assigned menial tasks like making deliveries and 'Lost Technology-hunting', and most, if not all, of its members were teenage girls...or so we were informed; I would have to see for myself. At least it would be far less stressing than my assignments here at Covert and Spec-Ops. I would miss the thrill, though...

I neatly tucked away the papers into the envelope. "I am to leave first thing the day after tomorrow...and whether you like it or not, and since there's no specification here, I'm taking my own fighter ship, the Avatar, with me. Well...you take care of things here."

"Sure. Absolutely...and Jai..."

I looked back as I began to leave the room.

"...thanks. You've grown so much since I first met you way back fourteen years ago..."

"Whatever. Be seeing you..." I replied, a half-grin on my face. With that, I left the office and began my way towards my own room to begin packing.

I never could say no to him when he sincerely needed something, no matter how ridiculous it sounded now that he was growing old. I never could, not after all that he had done for me in the past...